I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 2

Cheng Yu quickly steadied his mind, drew a piece of tissue paper and picked up the bamboo shoot that had fallen on the table, wiping away the oil stains on the table in the process.

“We haven’t had much hotpot together before. As you know, we only established our relationship a week before you lost your memory, when you were busy and I was busy, and the occasional get-together for a stir-fry was a good idea,” he said.

Lin An Lan didn’t doubt it and said, “So it’s like this.”

He blew on the vegetable between his chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth, his cheeks instantly puffing up like a little squirrel, puffing out in a cute way.

Cheng Yu looked on tenderly, took a tissue to wipe the grease stains from the corner of his mouth and unable to restrain himself, stood up, bent down and kissed his puffed up cheek.

“Yes. I’ve been chasing you for a long time,” he said softly.

“A long, long time.”

Lin An Lan instantly felt a little weak, and hurriedly put the beef in the pot into his bowl, saying pleasantly, “Eat this.”

Cheng Yu smiled and ate, only he didn’t take his eyes off him.

He still remembered that night, the night that changed everything.

It was raining heavily that day, so he didn’t go out and stayed at home to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie, he suddenly heard a knock at the door.

At first it was weak, then it seemed that the person knocking on the door was firming up his courage as the sound grew louder and more rhythmic.

Cheng Yu frowned and went out to open the door only to see Lin An Lan standing in the doorway. He was obviously drenched in the rain, his clothes and hair already wet.

He was wearing a white shirt that fit him and as it he had been beaten by the rain, it clung to his body convincingly, outlining his slender waist in a haze that had an almost transparent allure.

Cheng Yu averted his eyes as if to escape, but saw that his already fair complexion had grown paler, and his rain-soaked face had a fragile look.

He stood in front of him, his ink-like hair soaked in moisture which only enhanced his delicate lips, like a rose of the dark night.

He opened his mouth and asked cautiously, “Hello, do I live here?”

Cheng Yu didn’t understand why he suddenly asked this question, hence he didn’t make a sound.

When Lin An Lan saw that he didn’t say anything, he had to ask again, “Sorry, I can’t remember some things. Excuse me, are you my boyfriend? Do I live here?”

His eyes were full of confusion and his tone was one of unconscious innocence.

Cheng Yu seemed to have understood something in that moment.

He looked at the man in front of him in disbelief, unable to believe that such a dramatic event had happened to him, yet his body was trembling slightly.

Great elation overwhelmed him, and even made him play the actor as he should for a moment; he didn’t show his surprise, nor did he exude his excitement.

Even though huge waves had long started rolling in his heart and his shoulders were trembling slightly, at this moment, Cheng Yu was perfectly presenting the posture a lover should have.

He smiled and reached out to lead Lin An Lan inside, closing the door behind him.

He looked at the person in front of him tenderly and said with love, “Yes. You’re back too late, wife.”

Lin An Lan then sighed in relief, knocked himself on the head and asked him, “I’m having some memory problems, so I can’t remember certain things clearly; was I going to do something before, that’s why you said I’m back too late?”

Cheng Yu smiled, the smile on his face becoming even more gentle.

He answered, “You didn’t tell me. Oh, you said you had to go out for a while, but you didn’t say what you were going for, so I guessed it was probably something you were doing at work, that’s why I didn’t ask much.”

“Then why didn’t you answer when I just asked you the first time?” Lin An Lan asked cautiously.

Cheng Yu replied skillfully and with ease, “I was surprised by your sudden question. You said you wanted to move in with me, but you hadn’t officially moved in yet, so I was caught off guard by your question.”

Lin An Lan frowned.

Cheng Yu said in a warm voice, “Alright, let’s not talk about that, I’ll go put some hot water on for you so you can take a hot bath and drink some ginger tea, otherwise you’ll catch a cold.”

When he finished, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s raining so hard, you should have called me to pick you up. Remember to do that next time.”

Lin An Lan nodded then asked again, “Is your name Cheng Yu?”

Cheng Yu was surprised. He hadn’t expected him to remember his name even after losing his memory, “Of course.”

He couldn’t resist hugging the man in front of him, holding him tighter and tighter, and finally, greedily and with restraint, kissed his ear.

“I’m so happy that you remembered my name.”

Lin An Lan was also relieved. His memory was just too much in a state of confusion. It seemed as if all the information was disrupted, some had became blank, some couldn’t find the right place.

In the confusion, he only remembered that he had a boyfriend, his boyfriend’s name was Cheng Yu and he lived on the 16th floor of the White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road.


He pushed Cheng Yu away slowly. Although he was already almost certain that it was the person in front of him, he still wanted to be more certain.

“I would like to see your ID card. It’s embarrassing, but I want to be more sure.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu nodded cooperatively, “I’ll go get it for you.”

He walked briskly back to his bedroom, took his ID card and handed it to Lin An Lan, staring at him with unblinking eyes.

It was only after Lin An Lan looked at the ID card carefully and made certain that he was indeed Cheng Yu himself, that he finally put his mind at ease.

He raised his head and was about to speak when he saw the tenderness and infatuation in Cheng Yu’s eyes.

The unconscious feelings of a person didn’t lie. Documents could be falsified, looks could be retouched, but the feelings contained in the eyes didn’t lie.

Lin An Lan thought in his heart, he was his boyfriend as he really liked him, right?

He returned the ID card to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu took it and asked, “Can you take a shower now?”

Lin An Lan nodded. He had actually wanted to take a shower and change his clothes long ago, it was too cold.

Cheng Yu took him to the bathroom, put hot water on for him and helped him find his pyjamas and new underwear.

“Wash up first, I’ll go and make you some ginger tea.”

“Thank you.” Lin An Lan responded.

Cheng Yu laughed and rubbed his hair, “Still so polite with your own husband.”

Lin An Lan was a little embarrassed but felt that he was right, so he smiled at him.

Cheng Yu had never seen him look at him with such gentle eyes, let alone smile at him.

He looked on cherishingly, thinking that if this was a dream, then he could live in it forever.

He hugged Lin An Lan again, rubbed his ear and whispered, “This is really good.”

“What’s really good?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Yu scratched his nose, “It’s good that you still know the address of your home after losing your memory and that you know to come back to me.”

Lin An Lan also found it amazing. He obviously had no memory of the person in front of him, yet he still remembered his name, his address, and that he was his boyfriend.

“I thought it was a bit amazing too.” He admitted.

“It’s probably because I like you so much.” Cheng Yu made no bones about it.

Lin An Lan could naturally feel the love in his words, he found it very metaphysical but a little uneasy in his heart, he asked again, “What’s my name?”

Cheng Yu was surprised, “You’ve even forgotten your name?”

Lin An Lan certainly hadn’t forgotten. He was just testing him.

Looking at his well-behaved face, Cheng Yu answered honestly, “Your name is Lin An Lan, the Lin in Shu Lin, the An in Ping An, and the Lan in Bo Lan.”

Right answer again.

Lin An Lan felt that he should let go of the uneasiness in his heart. After all, Cheng Yu had gotten every single one of them questions right, which that meant that he really was his boyfriend.

He had already let down his boyfriend now that he had lost his memory and had forgotten about their relationship, so how could he continue doubting him again and again?

And it wasn’t like Cheng Yu had come to him, he had found him with his own memory. Even if he didn’t trust Cheng Yu, he should trust himself, so there was no need to try again.

Lin An Lan smiled and moved to push him, “Go out, I’m going to take a shower.”

“Okay, call me if you need anything.”

“Hmm.” Lin An Lan nodded his head.

Cheng Yu pinched his face tenderly before retreating reluctantly.

The moment he closed the door, the smile on Cheng Yu’s face disappeared instantly and was replaced by doubt and seriousness.

He walked to the study furthest from the bathroom quickly, closed the door, stood on the balcony of the study and made a phone call.

“Go and find out what has happened to Lin An Lan.”

“Okay.” The other side responded.

“And Jiang Xu, check his movements during the week, then from today onwards, keep a close eye on his every move and report back to me every single day.”

The other side said in surprise, “Every day?”

“Yes, every day. If you get the chance, bug his phone to see if he will contact Lin An Lan, if he does, let me know. If not, no need to tell me.”

“Do I need to tell you what the conversation was about, if any?”

Cheng Yu froze for a long time and replied, “No need.”

The conversation was private to Lin An Lan and he wouldn’t want his privacy to be known by others.

“Got it.” The other side replied.

Cheng Yu hung up and looked at the rainy scene outside the balcony, always feeling that everything that had just happened was unbelievable.

Lin An Lan had lost his memory, yet he still remembered his name, and not only did he remember but mistook him for his boyfriend.

He couldn’t believe it, was there really such a good thing in the world?

Or was Lin An Lan deliberately lying to him?

But if it was a deliberate deception, who was it for? Jiang Xu?

He took a cigarette out, put it in his mouth and lit it slowly.

The scarlet fire was visible in the darkness, bright and shining.

Cheng Yu discovered sadly that even if Lin An Lan was really lying to him and disguised his memory loss to help Jiang Xu against him, he would jump into this trap without hesitation.

He just liked Lin An Lan, he had liked him in high school, had liked him in university, and still liked him now.

For half of his life, he had been indifferent to nothing but Lin An Lan, a desire he couldn’t get.

It was as if he had piled up all his feelings on Lin An Lan even though he knew that he didn’t care about him at all. He had followed him to the same university and even chased him into the entertainment industry after graduation.

Everyone didn’t understand why he had gone on to become a star, only he knew that he wanted to appear in the same venue and the same picture as him.

Ideally, they could act together, perform on stage together, record a variety show together, or see a particular show together.

But this was just wishful thinking. Jiang Xu didn’t like him, so Lin An Lan also avoided him.

He deliberately asked his agent several times to help him talk about finalising Lin An Lan’s films and dramas, but all he got was the reply that if he was in it, Lin An Lan would withdraw.

As during the school year, he looked at Lin An Lan, who looked at Jiang Xu.

If Jiang Xu didn’t like someone, Lin An Lan would also treat that person coldly.

In his entire life, Cheng Yu had never been so jealous of a person, and Jiang Xu was the only one.

He was jealous that he would always have Lin An Lan by his side, who was there for him when he was vulnerable, who didn’t give up on him when he fell, and who would always be there for him whenever he needed him.

He was always looking at Jiang Xu and only cared about him, so even when he walked up to him, he turned a blind eye.

Cheng Yu sighed, but as if he thought of something else, he extinguished his cigarette hastily and walked out.

He hadn’t made ginger tea for Lin An Lan yet, he had to do it quickly.

Cheng Yu cut up the ginger and turned on the heat.

In between making the ginger tea, he remembered that Lin An Lan seemed to have an aversion to the smell of smoke, so he hurriedly walked to the guest bathroom, brushed his teeth, sniffed the pyjamas on his body and finally changed into new ones just to be sure.

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