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Chapter 81.1

“If he doesn’t want to see you, can you disappear a little and give him some free time?” Zhuo Siya asked.

“Just because An Lan is keen on saving face doesn’t mean you can rely on him not wanting to hurt you to show up despite his wishes.”

Jiang Xu froze.

He had come to ask Zhuo Siya about Lin An Lan’s memory loss, he hadn’t expected it to turn into Zhuo Siya lecturing him.

“I was afraid that he would be deceived.” Jiang Xu argued, “I’m also doing it for his own good.”

“But Lin An Lan doesn’t need you to.” Zhuo Siya said cruelly, “He doesn’t need this self-righteousness of yours to be good to him now. Can’t you see that?”

Jiang Xu: ….

Seeing that he was silent, Zhuo Siya gestured to him, “You can go now.”

Jiang Xu wanted to leave, but before he left, he remembered the point of his visit.

“Cheng Yu must have lied to him about something. I know him too well, and I also know our relationship too well. Zhuo Siya, you are his agent, you have always been with him. You have to warn him, tell him Cheng Yu has lied to him about something. Do you understand?”

How could Zhuo Siya not understand?

Of course he understood, he just understood too well, that was why he couldn’t say anything.

“You tell him yourself. It’s his private business, I won’t interfere.”

“You’re his agent, how can you not care!”

“Love is a matter between two people. It’s easiest for outsiders to interfere but it can end up in a bad situation. I don’t think I have the right to interfere with his love.”

Jiang Xu gave a mocking laugh, “I thought you were doing your best for him, but I didn’t expect this to be the case.”

Zhuo Siya smiled, “Jiang Xu, I am just an ordinary person. The relationship between Lin An Lan and I is nowhere near as deep as yours and his. If you think you are right, you can go and tell him but I won’t say anything and I won’t interfere with this.”

Jiang Xu nodded, “Okay.”

He gave Zhuo Siya one last look and said seriously, “I’ll go and tell him. I won’t allow him to be lied to like this all the time.”

Having said this, Jiang Xu left his room.

Sighing, Zhuo Siya leaned back on the sofa.

He had never gone against his convictions this way before, but only on this one thing, he had completely violated his conscience.

He felt guilty towards Lin An Lan, but he also knew that his guilt wouldn’t solve anything. If Jiang Xu could really remind Lin An Lan of this, then so be it.

At least it would allow Lin An Lan to discover Cheng Yu’s flaw sooner so he could jump out of the deception sooner.

He just hoped, that he could pull it off.

Probably because Zhuo Siya’s words had some effect, Jiang Xu, after leaving, didn’t go looking for Lin An Lan for the first time but wanted to give the two of them a day to calm down before they met again the next day.

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, it was my fault before. I shouldn’t have done that, but I was just so angry. I was angry that he dared to lie to you that he was your boyfriend. He is too despicable.]

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, think about it. How could you be his boyfriend? Do you have any pictures of you being a little closer? Is there anyone who can testify that he is your boyfriend? Is there anything that can testify that he is your boyfriend?]

Jiang Xu: [It’s nothing personal, I’m just asking a question. If he was your boyfriend, then when did you get together? Why did you get together? How did you become lovers with him when you just pretended not to see him when you met him before?]

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, think about it. It’s impossible for you guys to be together. Take a step back, would you fall in love with someone your best friend hates? You wouldn’t!]

After Jiang Xu finished sending them, he held the phone, his heart full of restless energy and depression.

He couldn’t figure out how things had come to this point. How could Lin An Lan have lost his memory? When did he lose his memory?

He thought back carefully. They had had an argument that day that Lin An Lan had left and he had gone to look for Lin An Lan but Lin An Lan didn’t see him afterwards.

At the same time, his WeChat was also blacklisted.

He kept apologizing to Lin An Lan, but Lin An Lan didn’t reply to him.

He went to see Lin An Lan, but Lin An Lan didn’t open the door for him.

When he heard from Lin An Lan again, it was his people who told him that Lin An Lan had turned up at Cheng Yu’s place so he had thought that Lin An Lan, although angry, still felt sorry for him after all and only scolded him with his mouth but privately chose to help him.

So it seems, that Lin An Lan had lost his memory at that time?

Or not?

Jiang Xu couldn’t understand, and then he thought of the time he heard that Lin An Lan was going to record a variety show with Cheng Yu, and he anxiously called Lin An Lan to tell him that it wasn’t okay, but Lin An Lan scolded him, and hung up the phone.

By that time, Lin An Lan had already started saying things like Cheng Yu was his boyfriend.

Later they met and Lin An Lan scolded him again and again said something like Cheng Yu was his boyfriend so he hoped he would respect him.

At the time, he thought it was all just Lin An Lan bickering with him again, but now it seems that maybe at that time, Lin An Lan had already lost his memory, had accepted Cheng Yu’s false memories and had started to really treat Cheng Yu as his boyfriend.

Jiang Xu slapped the steering wheel hard. He should have discovered this sooner. He had felt at that time that something hadn’t felt right. How could his Xiao Lan say that kind of thing to him?

He just hadn’t expected such drama. He had been too careless!

Jiang Xu looked at his phone. Lin An Lan hadn’t replied.

He sent a text message to Lin An Lan again: [Wait until tomorrow, I will come back to see you again and then, we can talk about it calmly and properly. Xiao Lan, you can trust me, I won’t harm you].

After Jiang Xu sent this, his phone rang.

He picked it up, “Hello.”

“Jiang Ge, that woman is here again and she’s also standing downstairs waiting again.”

Jiang Xu sneered, “Then let her wait.”

He hung up, but his mood was unsettled. He wanted to see Lin An Lan, but knew very well that Lin An Lan wouldn’t see him.

He could only pick up his phone again and send a text message to him.

Jiang Xu: [I didn’t go to see her. I remembered what you said, I listened to you.]

He sent it and held the phone tightly, waiting for Lin An Lan’s reply but there was none.

Lin An Lan looked at his text message after text message, and thought that he was more persistent than he was.

“You were right,” he said to Cheng Yu, “he did ask me if I had any human or physical evidence that you were my boyfriend.”

Cheng Yu laughed a little, “I guessed he would.”

He said deliberately, “It’s not like you’re in a relationship for others to see. Needing physical evidence, are you solving a case?”

Lin An Lan thought so too. How could anyone know about a secret relationship?

As for physical evidence, his phone was damaged, Cheng Yu’s phone had been replaced and their chat logs were gone, but that wasn’t a big problem.

Who hadn’t changed their phone before? He couldn’t suspect Cheng Yu just because he had changed his phone, right? His own phone was damaged.

So Lin An Lan didn’t see any problem with it.

If there was one thing, the only thing in this that he found a bit problematic was Jiang Xu’s line — “Would you fall in love with someone your best friend hates? You wouldn’t!”

Lin An Lan had thought about this before, but with the way he had thought about things in his senior year, he would have never been with Cheng Yu in any way. It would have been too much of a stimulation for Jiang Xu and it would have just forced Jiang Xu to go in an extreme direction.

He was already prejudiced against Cheng Yu because of Cheng Feng himself, so if he was with Cheng Yu, Jiang Xu would definitely not be able to accept it.

So under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t have been with Cheng Yu.

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