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Chapter 120.2 His heart couldn’t help but ache, so how could he blame him?

“We will adopt a child or adopt one from the Cheng family.”

“Do you think your father will agree?”

“Does it matter if he agrees or not?

Yu Heng had a bit of a headache, “Xiao Yu, if you’re like this, things will be very troublesome in the future.”

“I don’t care.”

“Cheng Feng won’t allow you to be childless, and if you want to adopt someone from the Cheng family, especially from his brother, for him, it would be as if he has made a wedding dress for someone else. He won’t want it.”

“Then I’ll just have to adopt from elsewhere.”

“Your grandfather won’t agree. He’d rather you adopted from the family than elsewhere.”

“Then there’s no way out.” Cheng Yu laughed, “Who made it so that An An and I can’t have children?”

“Haven’t you ever considered that by doing this you are simply pushing Jiang Xu in front of Cheng Feng? You’re not willing to have children, but Jiang Xu is.”

“What’s the use of him having a child?” Cheng Yu was unconcerned, “Does Cheng Feng really dare recognize him? If he dares, then he shouldn’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Anyways this issue is something that will inevitably lead to trouble later.”

“Then let him do it. He’s been living comfortably for so many years, how can life be called life without a little trouble?”

Yu Heng sighed helplessly, “I understand.”

“Big brother, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Besides, after all these years, we haven’t been idle. If there’s really to be a fight, we won’t be the ones to lose.”

“I know.” Yu Heng just felt troubled.

Of course he knew that his little brother had wanted something for so many years but hadn’t gotten it, so now that he had finally gotten what he wanted, he wouldn’t let go of it even if it meant death, but he still found it troublesome.

If Lin An Lan had been a girl or if Cheng Yu didn’t love Lin An Lan so much, then everything wouldn’t be so troublesome.

But it didn’t matter. His little brother had grown up and was now capable of handling trouble.

In this world, if Lin An Lan was the one who trusted Cheng Yu the most in terms of his feelings, then in terms of his abilities, the one who trusted Cheng Yu the most was definitely his cousin.

Cheng Yu sometimes didn’t even know where Yu Heng got his trust from. Maybe it was probably because his big brother had superpowers in his eyes. Before Cheng Yu had graduated, Yu Heng brought him to his company, handed him a bunch of things then said to him, “You can definitely do all these things. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Fighting.”

He had been so confident in him that Cheng Yu had been too embarrassed to consult him whenever he had encountered something he didn’t know much about. Instead, he discussed it with Hua Rong and Xu Sheng or asked Hua Rong’s sister.

And when he’d finished dealing with what he’d been handed successfully, Cheng Yu saw the look on Yu Heng’s face that said, ‘I knew you could do it, good job.’

Cheng Yu had been relieved, happy and satisfied. He actually liked the feeling of having met his expectations.

It was probably because from childhood, it was only Yu Heng who would control him and give him expectations, that was why he had always worked extra hard whenever Yu Heng was concerned. Yu Heng had always felt that he was very good and that he should have strong business skills, so Cheng Yu cooperated by constantly improving himself and became a really sharp and perceptive businessman according to his requirements.

Looking back on it now, Cheng Yu felt that it was definitely because of Yu Heng that he was able to live a positive life even without Cheng Feng’s influence.

Yu Heng had given him a general direction for his life, given him confidence and encouragement, and asked him not to completely neglect his studies at any stage even if he was having fun.

That was why he got into the best middle school, high school and university and that was why he was able to get to know Lin An Lan and spend time with him.

“Big brother, you’re actually kind of our Yue Lao1matchmaker.” Cheng Yu suddenly told him.

Yu Heng didn’t understand, “Why?”

“If you hadn’t asked me to be in the rocket class, I wouldn’t have been in the same class with him and then maybe I wouldn’t have noticed how good he was and gotten together with him.”

Yu Heng laughed, “Then it’s better if you thank yourself for being smart. You played a lot of games and yet you still managed to get into the rocket class. You were able to meet him because you were really smart.”

“That’s true.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Are you happy now?” Yu Heng asked him.

“Of course.” Cheng Yu answered, “I’ve never been so happy.”

“That’s good.”

Because no matter how much he thought Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan would have a lot of trouble together, as long as Cheng Yu was happy, then Yu Heng thought that it was good.

Cheng Yu had had a very unhappy childhood and after he grew up, wasn’t as happy as he had been back then because of Lin An Lan.

He had lived this way for a small part of his life and Yu Heng wanted him to be truly happy, so if being with Lin An Lan kept him happy, then he was willing to support and bless him.

“You should remind Lin An Lan that once Cheng Feng really notices your relationship and knows that you are serious, he won’t do anything to you, but he will inevitably make Lin An Lan the target of his attacks. Tell him to be more careful and to keep an eye out.”

“I know.”

“If necessary, call Pei Qiu and ask him to come out. But not now though, he can’t come out now.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu nodded.

Yu Heng admonished him a few more times before finally saying, “Xiao Yu, no matter what the future holds, big brother wishes you happiness.”

“I will.” Cheng Yu responded, “I will be happy.”


After Yu Heng hung up, he thought for a minute then contacted his people, “Keep a close eye on Jiang Xu and Cheng Feng’s movements, especially on Jiang Xu’s side.”

“Okay, got it.”

Yu Heng then put down his phone and sighed. He hoped that Cheng Feng hadn’t noticed anything yet so that his little brother could at least have a few days of comfort.

After all, he had been pursuing Lin An Lan for too long and it had been too hard on him.

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