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Chapter 23.2

Cheng Yu smiled a little, and the pop-up screen was instantly filled with excited fans shouting, “Don’t smile, you smile too much, you’re a crime magnet, don’t you know?”

He was about to interact with his fans when he heard Chen Yingjie ask him, “Yu Ge, do you want some water?”

As he was talking, he entered the screen as well.

The fans looked at him in surprise, “Chen Yingjie? Ge, you’re doing a variety show with him?”

“My life and my wall, I’m so happy!”

“Yingjie is so warm!”

It was as if Chen Yingjie had only just realized that he was live as he looked at his phone and said in surprise, “Yu Ge, you’re doing a live broadcast.”

Then greeted Cheng Yu’s fans with a smile, “Hello.”

The fans greeted politely, “Hello.”

Seemingly a little embarrassed, Chen Yingjie turned his head to talk to Cheng Yu again, “Yu Ge, here’s some water.”

Cheng Yu looked at him, his eyes curved in a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

He wasn’t sure if Chen Yingjie had really meant it as he said, or if he had deliberately come over to hand him water, but whether it was intentional or not, he didn’t like it.

He didn’t take the water, saying instead, “Thanks, but I’m not thirsty.”

Chen Yingjie withdrew his hand, but didn’t hurry to leave.

“Here.” He took a packet of tissues out of his pocket, “You’re sweating, wipe it off.”

Now Cheng Yu understood.

It seems he was doing it on purpose.

This was how it was in the entertainment industry. When one wasn’t popular, no one wanted to associate with that person, but when one was popular, there were a lot of people who wanted to rub off your popular.

Cheng Yu had the money and status, had started out with resources, and had made himself famous in one step, hence he hadn’t experienced rough times, causing a lot of the people who appeared by him to want to rub off his popularity, hug his thigh, or create a CP scandal.

Cheng Yu said indifferently, “There’s no need.”

He looked down and continued with his stir frying, but out of the corner of his eyes he could see his fans on the pop-ups saying, “Thank you little brother Yingjie, you’re so nice.”

“Little brother is so gentle.”

“Little brother is so cute.”

Cheng Yu really didn’t like other people’s names appearing when it came to issues concerning him other than Lin An Lan’s name, so he made up his mind to say a few last words then turn off the live broadcast.

Having achieved his goal and knowing that he would be suspected of trying to rub his popularity if he stayed, Chen Yingjie silently walked to the side and went to help Jian Yada prepare the dishes.

As soon as the bell rang, as it was the last class, Li Yongshi announced, “It’s time to eat!”

The students put down their pens happily and rushed out of the classroom. Lin An Lan also left the office and went outside.

When he saw that Cheng Yu still in the kitchen, he walked in and asked him, “Still cooking?”

As soon as his voice sounded, the pop-up screen was immediately filled with the question, “???? And who is this?”

Cheng Yu had been about to turn off the live broadcast, however he hadn’t expected Lin An Lan to come.

The moment he saw Lin An Lan come, his selfishness also emerged. He smiled, nodding, “There’s one more dish left before I’m done.”

Lin An Lan was standing opposite him, so he didn’t notice that he was on live broadcast and said with a smile, “You’re working so hard, do you need my help?”

“Do you have some tissue?” Cheng Yu asked, “It’s too hot.”

Noticing the sweat on his forehead, Lin An Lan took tissue out of his pocket and handed it to him.

Cheng Yu teased him deliberately, “I’m stir-frying, don’t you want to wipe it off for me?”

As soon as he said this, the pop-ups instantly got excited, all turned into screaming chickens as they sent out, ‘ah ah ah ah ah ah ah’s’.

“D*mn, this is double standard, right? Just now when Chen Yingjie offered, Cheng Ge didn’t want it, but now he is not only asking for it, he’s also asking him to wipe it for him!”

“Tsk, the moment my brother opens his mouth, he really shows his double standard!”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want it? Ge, didn’t you just say no?”

“Hold it right there, I’ll do it!”

“Cub, mommy doesn’t permit you say this sentence to anyone else!”

“Little brother Yingjie made the wrong move.”

“Who is that? Who is it? Ge, why don’t you let us see who it is? From the voice I can tell it’s a man, but why do you have such double standard towards him?”

“This voice sounds familiar to me, but I can’t remember, but it’s really familiar.”


“Little brother say something more, say something more, we want to hear.”

Lin An Lan shook his head, a smile in his voice, “Wipe it yourself.”

Cheng Yu sighed then complained, “You’re my old classmate but you don’t even want to help me wipe off my sweat.”

Lin An Lan felt that he was really using this excuse to cover any sort of thing. He took Cheng Yu’s hand and stuffed the tissue into it, “Your right hand is busy stir-frying, but your left hand is free isn’t it?”

“I have to use it to sprinkle salt.” Cheng Yu said, “I also have to use it to sprinkle sugar.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t hold in his smile, “Do you want some water?”

Cheng Yu nodded.

Lin An Lan handed over the mineral water in his hand, “Here, old classmate, I unscrewed the cap for you, that’s good enough for you right?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “That’s more like it.”

The fans in the pop-ups were going crazy with curiosity.

“Who exactly is that? Or is it an old school friend?”

“That’s so sweet, my god, my old classmate won’t even help me screw the cap on my bottle. Is it because I’m not as handsome as Cheng Ge?”

“Ge, take a good look at yourself. You asked him to wipe your sweat off for you and you’re now drinking his water. Your double standards is really high quality!”

“Ge, do you remember what you just said? Didn’t you say you weren’t thirsty? How come you’re thirsty now that he’s offering!”

“Chen Yingjie: I was obviously here first.”

“What nonsense are you saying? Can’t you see that he is his old classmate? Since he is his old classmate, it’s this mysterious little brother who came first.”

“So who exactly is the mystery guy?!!!”

“I really swear, I’ve heard this mystery guy’s voice before, but I just can’t remember it!”
“Are any of you shipping this pair? Because I am. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Ge smile so softly at someone.”

“And me, and me, it’s the first time I’ve seen Ge like this.”

“F**k, this is too sweet. Ge you’re right, you do still spill sugar.”

“Woo woo, so sweet, so delicious, it would be better if we could know who this mysterious little brother is!”

Having achieved his goal, Cheng Yu finished the water and said to Lin An Lan, “Go and eat, I’ll come over after I finish frying this dish.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan responded with a smile.

Not far away, Chen Yingjie, who was about to move towards Cheng Yu looked up and saw the bottle of mineral water in his hand.

The bottle of water had obviously been drunk, because it had reduced. He turned his eyes to Lin An Lan slowly and unconsciously clenched his hand, his heart full of resentment.

Cheng Yu watched Lin An Lan turn around and walk towards the dining table in the courtyard before he went to look at the screen of his cell phone.

The not-so-small phone screen was full of pop-ups asking him, “Who was that mystery guy just now?”

“Ge, you even have an old classmate in the circle, he is from the same circle, right?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh, friend, I’m a fan girl, tonight, save me!!!”

“It’s as if I have 18 orange cats rolling around crazily in my heart, scratching out organs!”

“Woo woo, can I still get an answer today? Ge, I beg you.”

“My gentle, kind, handsome, noble, fan-favorite Mr. Cheng Yu, can you tell your most adorable tulips who has earned such double standards from you?”

Cheng Yu laughed then said, “Not yet~”

Pop-ups: “I’m dead!”

“Too cruel!”

“Have you got other fans out there, you don’t even love us anymore!”

“Woo woo woo woo, this tiger is in tears.”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “You’ll know later, that’s it, I’m going to turn off the live broadcast.”

Once the fans saw that he was turning off the live broadcast, they hurriedly fought for the last chance to confess their love for him, and even reminded him to be safe and not to get sunburned or frozen.

As Cheng Yu watched, he felt that these fans really didn’t have it easy. They were obviously young girls, but they were already worried like mothers.

He turned off the live broadcast, dished the food hurriedly, carried it out and sat down next to Lin An Lan.

Chen Yingjie glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, on the other side of the internet, someone had already posted on a forum: ‘Who is the mystery guy with only his voice at the end of Cheng Yu’s live broadcast?’

‘Click to see the famous double standard in the entertainment industry. It is a double standard, right?’

‘Does Cheng Yu have any old classmate in the industry?’

‘Does anyone know what Cheng Yu has been recording lately? Does anyone know what other guests are on the show besides him?’

‘The mystery guy in Cheng Yu’s video.’

‘Am I the only one who thinks that Cheng Yu treats the mystery guy differently?’

After signing in at Yulan Super Talk, Wang Cheng went to Lin An Lan’s and Cheng Yu’s single Super Talk and signed in with his secret account, only to see that many people in Cheng Yu’s Super Talk were discussing Cheng Yu and some mystery guy.

He hadn’t watched the live broadcast because Sun Meng had been assigned work to him today, therefore when he saw the large-scale discussion, he was a little confused.

And when he saw that Cheng Yu and this mystery guy had a Super-talk, a Super Talk called ‘Yu Shen1The Shen here talks about mystery, so the Super Talk’s name is like ‘Mystery Yu’‘, and that their fan base was growing so fast that it was about to catch up with their Yulan Super Talk’s fan base, Wang Cheng was instantly sad and heartbroken!

Where the hell did this pheasant cp come from!!!!

Didn’t they know that only their Yulan was real?

Really pissing him off!

However for this kind of pheasant CP that came from nowhere to overtake their Yulan, it showed that their Yulan was really cold! It was clearly obvious that they were the real ones. This was too abusive!

Cheng Ge, you still have to work hard!

Wang Cheng shouted as if he was going to war in his heart for Cheng Yu, cheering him on. “Cheng Ge you can do it! Our goal is for the magnolia to blossom. If the spring colours filling our garden aren’t taken care of, a magnolia blossom will climb the wall! Fighting!”

Cheng Yu sneezed and thought, ‘It’s really cold in the mountains at night’, then hurriedly wrapped the blanket around him and hugged Lin An Lan who was under it tightly.

Sure enough, it really was warmer and more comfortable to hug his wife!

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