I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 89.1

Netizens clearly felt the same way, as many planned to refresh the site when it updated at 00:00 and post pop-ups along the way.

“It’s much better than I thought it would be.”

“Yeah, and Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan look so harmoniously together. It’s simply beautiful x2, double blast, I will definitely have a good dream tonight.”

“I told you that handsome guys should team up with handsome guys. I expect Yu Lan to keep teaming up with each other and not change.”

“Having read the road trip’s report, it seems like they’ve really been on the same team all along, but I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my information, so don’t scold me if I’m wrong.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah really? It has to be true. This female devotee would like to veg out for January and kneel and beg my cp to stay in a group.”

“This female devotee is also willing!”

“This female devotee can eat meat, please!”

Amidst a flurry of chatter from netizens, the number of Yu Lan Super Talkers skyrocketed and many of those who watched the first issue were eating up the candy and joining the Super Talk family.

Cheng Yu woke up the next day to the happy news from Wang Cheng that all the alternate groups he had on hand had been filled up, not counting the groups people had privately created themselves.

Cheng Yu: …… The feeling was just as if he had gotten rich overnight.

Cheng Yu replied: [Keep up the good work, keep working hard. If Super Talk becomes first, the bonus is for you.]

Wang Cheng: [Awesome, Cheng Ge, that kind of rhymes.]

Cheng Yu: [Of course.]

Wang Cheng felt that his Cheng Ge’s next variety show was probably going to be a good C Country rap saw.

The skyrocketing of the Yu Lan cp was good, but [Yun Yun] had finished filming, which was absolutely both good and bad for Cheng Yu.

If possible, Cheng Yu would like this drama to go on indefinitely so that he could keep acting with Lin An Lan.

But he also knew that even the longest script had to finish filming one day, not to mention that [Yun Yun] itself wasn’t a very long story.

Gu Shuyu got married to a very gentle girl who was very good-looking and who was a perfect match for Gu Shuyu.

Jing Huan attended Gu Shuyu’s wedding as his best man.

At the wedding, he saw Sun Xinxin, who he hadn’t seen for a long time and who was as beautiful as ever, except that her lover was now someone else’s groom.

She was considerate enough to just say that they were college friends and not that she was Gu Shuyu’s ex-girlfriend.

Gu Shuyu smiled, raised a toast at her table, then left her and went to another table.

As Sun Xinxin looked at him, she saw Jing Huan who was accompanying him to stop the drinks from flowing.

They were still very close. Jing Huan had been Gu Shuyu’s best friend when she met him and after all these years, even when she and Gu Shuyu had been apart for so long, Jing Huan was still by his side, still his best friend.

Sun Xinxin felt that perhaps sometimes, friendship was far more reliable than love. It wasn’t as dramatic as love was, but it lasted a long time and always made one feel that they could rely on it.

Lowering her head, she drank a glass of wine in silence.

Jing Huan helped Gu Shuyu drink several glasses of wine until the wedding was over.

Then Gu Shuyu and his bride left and he took a step in the other direction.

As he left the hotel, it was snowing, and with the earth as white as it was, Jing Huan couldn’t see his future.

His heart had gone into a dead end and he couldn’t find his way out.

He walked forward in silence, past the crossroads, stepping through the snow, step by step.

He thought of the scene where Gu Shuyu had been about to leave for the wedding hall, of how he stood behind the door in a rare trace of nervousness.

He had looked at Gu Shuyu, his heart full of anguish.

Gu Shuyu had straightened his clothes and stepped towards the door, with Jing Huan’s eyes following him, seeing through his back the youthful sunshine of his youth and the glow of his youth.

He had changed from his white pajamas to a white suit as he moved his wings, ready to fly.

He had clenched his fist, his heart beating fast, so fast that it spurred his reluctance, his infatuation, his love, his resignation, his longing and his selfishness on, leaving him shaking to the core and a breathless mess.

It was in that moment that desire suddenly overtook reason.

He had asked himself why?

Why couldn’t it be him?

It was clear that he was the one who loved Gu Shuyu the most and who had been with him the longest, so why, then, couldn’t Gu Shuyu choose him?

Impulsively and uncontrollably, he had darted towards Gu Shuyu.

It was as if he was desperately trying to catch the last train, as if his heart was like a moth to a flame.

He had stopped Gu Shuyu before he could leave, holding his shoulders and complexity written in his eyes, had opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out.

All he could do was look at Gu Shuyu, desperate, deeply in love, powerless and sad.

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