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Chapter 42.2

“Lin Ge hasn’t promoted something for you officially yet.” Wang Cheng added more fire, “If he promotes for you this time, it will be your first commercial exchange in promotions, and we can also buy hot searches.”

Cheng Yu: …

“If you make it to the top of the hot search, you’ll get new fans, one, two, three, four, and eventually a magnolia tree!”

Cheng Yu looked at the person beside him who was blathering on and on, “Didn’t you just put a zip on your mouth?”

Wang Cheng: …

“I can see you’re still talking quite well.”

Wang Cheng: …

“Was it a Schrödinger’s zip?”

Wang Cheng silently added another zip and closed his mouth completely.

When Cheng Yu saw that he didn’t say anything, he stood up. Seeing this, Wang Cheng’s eyes glowed immediately, “Are you going to look for Lin Ge?”

“I see you’ve lost your zip again.”

By now, Wang Cheng felt that he had understood the divine will and threw away the emperor’s fastener which was holding the zip together, professing, “Even if I were to die and be chained eighteen times, I would still shout in a clear voice that Yulan is real…”

Cheng Yu: …

Cheng Yu looked back at him and thought to himself, he was really a talent.

He turned to walk towards Lin An Lan, sat down on a chair next to him and asked him, “An An, would you like to help me promote my new movie?”

“You have a new movie too?” Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu and realising how coincidental it seemed, asked, “Did you see me promoting Jiang Xu’s new drama?”

Cheng Yu smiled a little, but didn’t say yes or no. He just looked at him gently.

What didn’t Lin An Lan understand? He just knew that there wouldn’t be such a coincidence and sure enough, he was right.

“Jiang Xu sent me a message a while ago, asking me to help promote his new drama. I didn’t want to pay any attention to it, but Zhuo Siya said that if I didn’t, netizens would post more than 30 posts arguing about what has happened between us and as I didn’t want that to happen, I forwarded it.”

When he finished, afraid that Cheng Yu would misunderstand, he emphasized, “I only forwarded it, I didn’t add a single word and I didn’t add a single punctuation.”

Cheng Yu was surprised, “You did it so perfunctorily?”

“I didn’t want to repost it, but I was trying to make it less controversial, so I went along with his act.”

“So he was the one who bought the hot search?”

Cheng Yu was confused. At this point in time, shouldn’t Jiang Xu feel that something wasn’t quite right and talk to Lin An Lan first? Why was he being so accepting?

And the buying of the hot searches?

But maybe it was his team that did that without telling him.

“He also bought hot searches?” Lin An Lan was shocked.

Cheng Yu clicked on Weibo and showed it to him.

“Of course, perhaps it was his team that bought them and he doesn’t know.”

“You’re speaking for him?”

“I was mainly answering your question.” Cheng Yu said honestly.

Lin An Lan thought to himself, Cheng Yu was really handsome and kind-hearted. No wonder he was his boyfriend. His thinking process was much higher than Jiang Xu’s.

He turned to Zhuo Siya and said, “Take it down, what is worthy about that being on the hot search and what news about the two of us deserves those hot searches?”

Zhuo Siya had taken down hot searches so many times, but this was the first time he had heard Lin An Lan say he should take down his and Jiang Xu’s hot search. He was a little surprised, but quickly reacted to the fact that Lin An Lan, who had lost his memory, had no love for Jiang Xu, and his mind was now on Cheng Yu, and Jiang Xu had become the Cheng Yu he once was, and he didn’t care about him, so it didn’t matter.

Sure enough, it was really true that fortunes rose and fell. It didn’t even need thirty years to change, just three years in the east and three years in the west was enough.

“Alright.” Zhuo Siya responded.

Cheng Yu didn’t expect this kind of surprise. He asked with a smile on his face, “Are you really going to take down the hot searches about you and Jiang Xu?”

“What else? What’s the point of keeping these unnecessary searches? To break your heart?”

Lin An Lan moved close to Cheng Yu and poked him in the heart.

Cheng Yu grabbed his hand, wanting to kiss it but minding the fact that they were on set, could only hold back for the moment as he looked at him with a smile.

“Happy now?” Lin An Lan said with laugh.

Cheng Yu hurriedly curbed his smile, “Even though I saw the hot searches about the two of you on Weibo, I don’t want you to have it taken down, I just want you to help me promote my movie too.”

“Then you can still have what you want next time.” Lin An Lan said gently, “And the next, next time too.”

“You can think about it more from now on.”

“Doesn’t it hurt to have your heart broken? You’re not a rose, so why do you need so many thorns? You’re just a little tulip. So, don’t let so many thorns around you.”

“If you don’t know how to pull them out, tell me and I’ll help you.”

As Cheng Yu listened to him, he looked at him in fascination and only after a long time did he blink, a little uncomfortable, and a little unable to contain the sweetness in his heart.

His heart was calm, yet it throbbed as if it were a boat that was rushing about, touching the rocks. He asked softly, “Then, can I kiss you now?”

“And, hug you?”

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