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Chapter 139.1 Cheng Feng’s message & a past of Cheng Yu

Lin An Lan nodded then smiled, “But, does Cheng Yu know that you’re selling out his information like this?”

“He never intended to keep it a secret from you.” Pei Qiu sat on the couch and took out his level four exam papers. “If you ask him, he will tell you. But since you haven’t asked, he hasn’t said anything; but I think you should know. Knowing that someone is so restrained yet deeply in love with you, isn’t that good? Even though you two are already together, if you know that he had such deep feelings for you even when you weren’t looking, isn’t that good too?”

Lin An Lan thought that he was quite smart. “It really is good.”

He sat down beside Pei Qiu and watched him take out another pen.

“And also, I asked him before I came.” Pei Qiu looked at Lin An Lan, “I asked him what would happen if I accidentally revealed his secrets and he said it was fine, that there was nothing to be ashamed of.”

Lin An Lan thought about it. This was indeed Cheng Yu’s personality. He had never been a shy person.

Smiling, he looked at Pei Qiu with his head in his hand, “Are you planning to do the exam papers now?”

“Yes.” Pei Qiu had a bitter expression on his face, “It’s really too hard on me. Why do I have to learn English? It’s not as if I have plans to deal with foreigners.”

His eyebrows wrinkled like a small hill as he looked at the level four exam papers in front of him. Lin An Lan looked at him, but no matter how he looked, he just looked like a normal student, so how was he going to protect him?

This was really a case of, one couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Moving over, he helped Pei Qiu with his English exam papers.

When Pei Xia returned home, the house was pitch black and he couldn’t hear the familiar sound of noise making anymore. He pushed open Pei Qiu’s door and looked around. Everything was tidy and in place, except for the missing person.

He had assumed it would be a little later before Cheng Yu called again to urge Pei Qiu, but he didn’t expect him to take him away so soon.

It seems the Cheng family was going to change.

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Pei Xia thought to himself. He didn’t know what kind of waves Cheng Yu would make, but hopefully it would be big, so that his little brother wouldn’t have followed him for nothing.

Lin An Lan had been a serious straight-A student from elementary school to university.

And he was the rare kind of straight-A student who excelled in all subjects rather than just one or two, so tutoring Pei Qiu in English now wasn’t difficult for him.

Pei Qiu was surprised, “You graduated so long ago, how do you still remember all this!”

“Shouldn’t I?” Lin An Lan asked.

“Of course you shouldn’t. If you ask me about what I learnt in high school now, I’ve forgotten a lot of it.”

“Then it’s probably because I have a good memory.” Lin An Lan said.

As he was talking, his phone rang. Lin An Lan looked down, it was a message. He didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but unexpectedly, he saw the contents of the message. It was very simple, with only a few words: [Do you have time? I want to see you.]

There was no signature and it was from an unknown number, but Lin An Lan somehow felt that it should be from Cheng Feng.

Not hesitating, he replied: [Yes, you decide the time and place.]

Cheng Feng quickly sent the time and place.

Lin An Lan looked up the address then sent Zhuo Siya a message, asking him to coordinate with the crew and help him ask for half a day off.

When Pei Qiu saw him constantly sending messages, he didn’t ask. He just looked then went back to doing his exam papers.

Lin An Lan didn’t tell him the content of the message, acting like nothing had happened.

He went through the motions of filming his scenes in accordance with the crew’s schedule. No one knew that Cheng Feng had arranged to meet him and he also kept it a secret from everyone, including Cheng Yu.

He and Cheng Feng would inevitably have to meet. Lin An Lan knew this and had been waiting for it.

However he was afraid Cheng Yu would worry and also afraid that he would try to stop him. Lin An Lan felt that he could handle it and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, hence he wanted to keep it a secret from Cheng Yu and tell him after the meeting.

But the day before the meeting, Lin An Lan had a rare moment of hesitation.

He didn’t think his idea was wrong, but at the same time, he felt that trust and communication were the most important aspects in a relationship. This wasn’t a small thing for Cheng Yu, yet he was keeping it a secret from him. When Cheng Yu found out, he would inevitably be hurt.

He definitely wouldn’t be angry. With Cheng Yu’s personality, he wouldn’t be angry with him. He would probably just be sad, feeling that he hadn’t done enough, that was why he still had to face his father, although he had done enough.

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