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Chapter 17.2

The white salted sand skin rough stone was numbered so highly and performed so well that many candidates would have identified it at first sight and wouldn’t have picked any other rough stone.

Perhaps these people would even be gloating in their hearts, thinking that the 5 points would go to them easily, not realizing that they were the poor prey in the eyes of the hunter.

What was ‘a bet yielding a great gain’?

It was a bet that the price of a jadeite produced from a raw stone would be higher than the price of the original rough stone.

For example:

If a person purchased a piece of rough stone priced at 10,000 starcoins and the worst jadeite was solved but the jadeite produced was worth 12,000 starcoins, then it was considered to be a bet that yielded great gain.

Similarly, if a person purchased a piece of rough stone for 5,000,000 starcoins, even if a high ice stone jadeite worth 4,000,000 starcoins was produced, it was considered to be a loss.

The question only stated that they should bet on a rough stone that was most likely to yield great gain but didn’t state the price of the rough stone explicitly, which was the tricky part of this question.

This white salt skin rough stone was the finest of the white skin rough stones and was produced in small quantities, with the reserve price for each rough stone being in the hundreds of thousands of starcoins.

The performance of this rough stone was so good that it could be deduced that it must have been purchased at a very high price, so even if a three kilogram ice stone was solved from it, it wouldn’t be possible to obtain a high yield from it.

With this in mind, Bai Jing turned his attention to the dark ebony skin rough stone numbered ’33’.

This rough stone was small but larger than a bowl in diameter, with black skin but no wax crust. It appeared to be a rough stone from a new field opening.

It had an inconspicuous grey-green python band with a few black and blue pine flowers scattered around the surface, as well as a ringworm on the base, but it was otherwise in good condition.

Bai Jing looked deep into the rough stone with his sense perception ability and felt a reaction activity as soon as his senses penetrated the crust. The activity inside wasn’t very strong, but it wasn’t weak either, indicating that it was either a glutinous or water jadeite, an absolute great gain.

After filling in the answer sheet with the number ’33’, he proceeded to test the last of the rough stone with his sense perception ability, but to his surprise there was no activity inside. It was dead, not at all what he had expected.

This discovery shattered the complacency he had felt after being correct twice in a row and made him realize that he still had a lot to learn and shouldn’t act proud.

Looking at the six rough stones which were still unidentifiable, Bai Jing sighed then filled in the blanks at random. Whether he would get the six points or not was up to fate.

He checked the answer sheet from beginning to end to make sure that he hadn’t missed anything, and then left the virtual space.

At the same time, Du Xing Yu also filled in the last column for the rough stones with the number ’33’ and walked out of exams room 1.

They both came out almost at the same time. Du Xingyu glanced at Bai Jing without any emotion, a touch of mockery in his blue eyes, then accelerated his pace of departure.

It wasn’t until the end of the exams period at 5pm that fatty Jin Mao and An Ge walked out of their exams hall, both of them a little unhappy.

“Ai, Jing Ge, I’m not going to fail this time again, right? I really don’t want to take the exams another year.”

Jin Mao scratched his hair hard, grimacing in pain.

“It won’t happen.”

He had seen both fatty Jin Mao’s as well as An Ge’s efforts, so Bai Jing was confident that they would both pass the exams this time.

The apprenticeship exams was now over, so the candidates returned to their planets on their space ships.

The final scores would be published on the official website of the Gambling Guild in three days’ time and synchronized on Starnet, where all citizens of the Empire would be able to see their rankings.

Of course, this was the most important part of the exams for all the candidates, but what the citizens of the Empire were most excited about was tomorrow’s live rough stone unraveling broadcast.

The Gambling Guild had announced in advance that the fifty-five rough stones that had been the subject of the exams would be solved in front of all witnesses to ensure the fairness of the examination.

This was the first time that the Gambling Guild had ever posted the exams for Gambling apprenticeship online. The hype and anticipation was so intense that Starnet had nearly crashed.

Everyone was so excited about the abnormality of the questions that they had been watching the Gambling Guild’s live broadcast since the early hours of the morning.

By eight o’clock in the morning, the number of people in the live stream had reached 50 million and was still growing. The pop-ups in the live stream were flying, with thousands of texts and expressions appearing almost every second, dazzling people.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the face of the president of the Gambling Guild appeared on the screen.

By now the number of people in the room had already reached a staggering 70 million, several times higher than that of the top broadcasters and celebrities, and it hadn’t stopped rising at all.

The people watching the live stream naturally included the candidates who had taken the exams. They were so nervous that they stared unblinkingly at the screen, not wanting to miss a single image.

Ning Yuxuan was also in front of the screen since early morning.

She felt that she had done well in this exams and had hopes of making it into the top ten.

She wasn’t worried at all about the theoretical knowledge. The only thing she was worried about was the few rough stones that she hadn’t been able to judge which field opening they had come from, which was why today she was here to confirm the results.

Bai Jing was also one of the visitors in the live broadcast room, however he was in a calm mood, having come with learning in mind.

The Gambling Guild would definitely explain in detail how to identify these rough stones, so it was worth listening to this most professional presentation.

Behind the president of the Gambling Guild was a space with rough stones, which, as all the candidates who had taken the exams knew, was the virtual space where they had done their practicals.

Smiling, the President said, “Thank you all for coming to the live broadcast room of the Gambling Guild. In order to ensure fairness and impartiality, this time we will be using a live stone solving format to ensure the authenticity of each rough stone, which will be explained by Level 6 Stone Gambler Lu Yuan.”

Lu Yuan was in his thirties and tall, with a charming and handsome face.

Some of his fans even offered tens of thousands of starcoins as a reward rather grandly.

As the president looked at the constant stream of gifts, his narrowed eyes glowed slightly, the smile at the corners of his mouth growing wider: from the way the fans were so enthusiastic, he could tell that the starcoins used for the purchase of the rough stones would soon be earned back.

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    1. So I’m curious: how did he look inside the stones given that they were virtual projections and not the actual stones? This is one of the only plot holes I’ve encountered in this story that legitimately bothers me.

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