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Chapter 88.1

[Backpacking For Youngsters] was very fast, because shortly after the final episode was recorded, a trailer for the first episode was released, teasing that the season would air on the 5th of January, next year, on Lemon TV and Seal Video Platform.

Yu Lan fans had been awaiting the release of the show eagerly and had already filled up their Seal Video Platform VIP accounts.

“Woo woo woo, I finally get to see Yu Lan in the same frame.”

“Although the trailer only shows Cheng Ge and An An for a few seconds, it’s really cool, I’m so excited!”

“Cheng Ge cooks, An An teaches, and a primary school. It’s so sweet, the program team are so good at making a variety show.”

“I wish I could see it now, why isn’t it airing now! Is it because I didn’t put enough money in my account?!”

“Today is also the day to wave the flag for Yu Lan!”

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu each reposted the teaser of the show, expressing their anticipation and immediately afterwards, were back in the thick of filming.

Lately, Cheng Yu’s scenes had been very heavy, often with a lot of internal monologues and emotional tensions.

It wasn’t easy on Lin An Lan’s side either, as Gu Shuyu and Sun Xinxin broke up in a quiet and dignified way, but Gu Shuyu was devastated.

As he sat on the balcony having a drink with Jing Huan, he looked at the night sky and lamented about his love while Jing Huan looked at him and said nothing.

Patting Jing Huan on the shoulder, Gu Shuyu said to him, “At least you’re better off. See, you’re not in love so you won’t fall out of love. How nice.”

Looking at him tenderly, Jing Huan said softly, “En.”

He would never fall out of love because he would never get his love. If he didn’t have it, how could he talk about losing it?

Gu Shuyu drank a lot and, in the end, leaned drunkenly against Jing Huan, and fell into a deep sleep.

Jing Huan looked down at him and seeing his quiet frown, picked him up and carried him back to his room.

Then he sat by Gu Shuyu’s side, watching him with a meticulous softness, without saying a word.

He lowered his head, as if he wanted to kiss the man before him, but just as he was about to touch him, he felt his breath and moved back in a panic.

He rose as if startled, retreated two steps, and stood dumbly on the side of the bed.

All of a sudden, he felt an overwhelming sadness, and the emotions that he had been suppressing came crashing down hard on his heart. Jing Huan looked at the person before him with pain and love.

He liked him, oh how he liked him. He had always liked this man since he was a teenager.

But the more he liked him, the more he couldn’t say it.

He also wanted to be like Sun Xinxin, he wanted to hug him, kiss him, look at him with fascination, and whisper all sorts of sweet nothings to him.

He desired Gu Shuyu, loved him and so instinctively wanted to possess him.

However, he couldn’t do it.

He could only stay as a friend, watching as he went out with other girls, fell in love, and finally broke up with them or enter into marriage.

Gu Shuyu didn’t love him, he never saw him as anything but a friend.

Jing Huan covered his face in pain, slowly crouching down.

Moonlight shone in through the window, dividing the room into black and white.

Gu Shuyu lay in the moonlight, bright and shining.

While Jing Huan hid in the shadows, in pain, aggrieved and heartbroken.

They were clearly within reach, yet they could never touch each other.

After Lin An Lan finished this scene, he had little scenes with Cheng Yu.

He went to make up a few scenes with Sun Xinxin, and then went back to film scenes with the others.

Cheng Yu’s eyes followed his figure, watching as he went about his business.

The drama was about to end and there was no telling when Lin An Lan would work with him next.

He didn’t even know if there would be a next time.

He hadn’t lied to Chen Yingjie. He really wouldn’t be in this business for too long.

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