I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 131.1 Meng Tingyun liked Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu thought to himself

Meng Tingyun seemed surprised and embarrassed, “But I really can’t grasp the feeling of this piece, I’m afraid that tomorrow morning, Director Zhao will scold me.”

“It’s okay.” Lin An Lan advised him, “The director scolds you for your own good. Look at me, I’ve been scolded by Director Zhao too, so don’t worry so much. I’ll look at it for you in the morning.”

It was only then that Meng Tingyun agreed reluctantly.

“Lin Ge, are you going to be with Cheng Ge in the evening?” He asked.

Lin An Lan didn’t quite understand why he was asking this. Was it to gossip?

Smiling, he didn’t answer. He just said, “Then you go back first, I have to get back to work.”

Meng Tingyun nodded and Lin An Lan closed the door.

“Who was it?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“Meng Tingyun.” Lin An Lan replied.

“What was he doing here?”

“To practice lines.” Lin An Lan explained, “He’s a newcomer and doesn’t know a lot of things. What’s more most of his scenes are concentrated around me, so sometimes he comes to me to practice reading the lines.”

Cheng Yu understood, “Am I interrupting your work?”

Lin An Lan laughed lightly, “How can I be working when I don’t have a scene? This is private time.”

Cheng Yu was then reassured, “It’s okay. When I leave in a few days, you can continue to teach him acting.”

Lin An Lan actually didn’t have much thoughts in regards to teaching Meng Tingyun acting. If Meng Tingyun approached and asked him, he would help him. If Meng Tingyun didn’t ask him, he also wouldn’t care.

In essence, it was the same as when he was in school. He wouldn’t refuse if someone approached him with a question, but he wouldn’t take the initiative if no one approached him with a question.

However compared to all that, he clearly preferred to be with Cheng Yu than Meng Tingyun.

“I’d rather be with you.” Lin An Lan said in response.

Surprised, Cheng Yu pulled him into his arms.

And kissing him, hugged him to him then whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

After going back to his room, Meng Tingyun sat in his chair, his heart full of irritation.

Then he thought about something then advised himself to stay calm and to not act rashly lest he startle the enemy. Filming had only just started, he still had plenty of time, there was no need to rush at this time.

Yes, he didn’t need to rush now. Anyways in a couple of days, Cheng Yu would leave and Lin An Lan would face him again. At that time he could still continue to get close to Lin An Lan; Cheng Yu’s sudden appearance wouldn’t really affect anything.

Thinking this way, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and decided to stay put for now.

Cheng Yu didn’t stay too long, leaving on the afternoon of the third day.

Lin An Lan went to see him off and as he watched him get into his car, there was a lot of reluctance in his heart.

Cheng Yu pinched his face, “I’ll come see you again next time.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan smiled.

Zhuo Siya was tempted to ask him when the next time would be. However seeing that Lin An Lan didn’t ask, he didn’t have the heart to ask. It probably wouldn’t be very far away anyways, he guessed. After all, these two were still in the heated passionate stage.

After Cheng Yu left, Zhao Peng Hai felt a bit of regret, but Meng Tingyun was relieved, going immediately to Lin An Lan again with his script.

And he was really a bit clever too. At first he had been nervous in front of the cameras and there were obvious signs of acting in his movements, but now, he was becoming more and more natural, as if he was really Lin An Lan’s nephew.

Zhao Peng Hai quipped, “Not bad, Xiao Meng is improving fast.”

Meng Tingyun said with a youthful smile, “It’s all because Lin Ge has taught me well. When I don’t know something, I would ask him and Lin Ge would explain the scene to me.”

“Is that so? That’s good.”

Zhao Peng Hai glanced at Lin An Lan who wasn’t far away and found him more and more pleasing to the eye.

He was popular, was a steady actor and good with newcomers. How come he hadn’t discovered such a treasure of an actor before?

Compared to Lin An Lan, Zhou Yan annoyed Zhao Peng Hai more and more.

Today was another day of filming with another domestic violence scene and Zhou Yan failed once again to control his strength and hurt Xu Xiuying.

Xu Xiuying was good-tempered and just said, ‘it’s okay’ when she got hurt then had her agent apply medicine for her.

However Zhou Yan didn’t feel guilty at all and didn’t care about Xu Xiuying in the slightest.

Zhao Peng Hai spoke to him about it, “We’re acting here, not asking you to do it for real. The next time you grab Xiao Xu’s hair, be a little gentle, do you understand?”

“I did that so it would look more realistic.”

“Then in order to make a murder scene more realistic you would really k*ll the person?” Zhao Peng Hai found himself very speechless in response to this idea of his, “Xiao Xu is here to film, not to be beaten. It was fine when you did it once, but this is the second time, aren’t you just bullying her?”

Zhou Yan couldn’t help but nod.

He really did look down on Xu Xiuying, a drama actress who wasn’t famous. If it wasn’t for this filming with her, he wouldn’t have known that such a person existed in the entertainment circle.

Everyone was on a tight schedule due to the filming, but for the sake of authenticity, Zhao Peng Hai would make them film a scene again and again, so wasn’t it better for him to just hit her directly? It wasn’t as if he would really hurt Xu Xiuying. Besides, wasn’t it just a little pain, was it worth all this?

Upset, Zhou Yan smoked a cigarette.

This displeasure caused him to lose control of his emotions and strength during the next fight scene with Lin An Lan, causing him to be criticized by Zhao Peng Hai several times. Furious, he threw a punch at Lin An Lan who avoided it then looked at him in shock.

Yang Wang was even more shocked than he was, “What are you doing? You almost hit our Lin Ge just now.”

Zhuo Siya frowned, not stopping Yang Wang from speaking.

Walking over, he looked at Lin An Lan then asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Lin An Lan answered him.

“I didn’t mean it.” Zhou Yan said with a perfunctory look on his face.

Zhou Yan’s manager also explained hurriedly, “He didn’t mean it. He wasn’t paying attention, that’s why he didn’t notice. An Lan you should be able to understand.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Of course I can understand. He couldn’t notice the force of his strength in the scene with Sister Xu and now he can’t even notice me who was in the same scene with him, isn’t that normal? I think you should take him to have his eyes checked. It would be good for him, for the crew, and even for you. You should be able to understand that too, right?”

Zhou Yan’s agent: ……

Zhou Yan wasn’t happy, “Lin An Lan what do you mean by that? Are you calling me blind in a roundabout way?”

“Did I?” Lin An Lan laughed a little, “Am I not doing this for your sake?”

“You ……”

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