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Chapter 67.2

Xu Luoyang and Zheng Dong were talking while walking out when they unexpectedly bumped into someone they knew.

Song Yao also saw Xu Luoyang. He was initially going to pretend not to see him, however he suddenly thought of something and stopped, asking, “Why are you here?”

Xu Luoyang would be a fool to answer. He asked back directly, “Why are you here?” Who couldn’t ask this question?

Song Yao didn’t say anything. Instead, it was his manager Huang Yunli, who was standing behind him who smiled kindly and looking directly at Zheng Dong, she said, “Are you here to see Director Du? We are as well.”

Zheng Dong shielded Xu Luoyang behind him, his expression cold, not engaging her, “The food here tastes good. We’ll leave first.”

Once they got in the car, Zheng Dong reminded Xu Luoyang to fasten his seatbelt then told him, “In the future, when you see Huang Yunli, take a detour.”

“Is she really that scary?”

“Mhmm. If she were in an ancient palace’s harem, she would definitely be the kind of fierce person who could fight her way from being a palace maid to being the empress.” Zheng Dong answered while driving, “In the previous company where Song Yao worked, the higher-ups allowed them to fight amongst themselves; it was like raising venomous insects. After a year, Huang Yunli defeated several rivals and became the number one manager in the company, holding a portion of the company’s shares. She’s the type who has both cunning and tact. People like Song Yao have been lifted completely by her.”

“So powerful!” Xu Luoyang was surprised, “No wonder.”

“No wonder what?”

“Slow down first, I have some gossip to spill!” Xu Luoyang waited for the speed of the car to slow down before continuing, “Once, about two years ago, I saw Song Yao and his manager kissing backstage at an awards ceremony.”

The car swayed noticeably, and Zheng Dong quickly glanced at Xu Luoyang while gripping the steering wheel, “You saw it with your own eyes? It was really the two of them?”

“It was really them, and the scene was quite weird. After they kissed, Song Yao knelt down halfway and it seemed like Huang Yunli said something. Song Yao didn’t say anything, just kept his head down. I felt like I saw something I shouldn’t have, so I didn’t dare to look any longer and left.”

At a red light, Zheng Dong stopped, marvelling, “I’ve discovered that you have an amazing ability to keep secrets. It’s been two years and you haven’t told anyone.”

Lifting his chin, Xu Luoyang smiled proudly, “Of course, I actually have a lot of big news, but I don’t talk about it! If I were to switch careers and become an entertainment reporter, I can definitely release a headline every day without any repeats for a whole year!”

“You’re amazing, you’re amazing.” Tapping the steering wheel, Zheng Dong thought for a moment, “Huang Yunli is in her forties, never married, and has no children. There were rumors early on that she has ambiguous relationships with several artists under her management. But looking at it now, she has nearly ten artists, big and small, under her control, so if Song Yao wants to stand out, following Huang Yunli is indeed a shortcut.”

Recalling the scene he had witnessed, Xu Luoyang nodded but didn’t say anything more. He had always understood that in this industry, everyone had their own difficulties, and that many people would resort to any means necessary to get further.

In the days that followed, there was no response from Du Ruan Lan’s side, but Xu Luoyang remained patient, carrying the script with him and flipping through it during work breaks, maintaining a positive attitude. When Ye Shan Shan called him, saying he had found a good restaurant and asked if he wanted to join him, he agreed happily.

Standing in front of a shabby little shop, Xu Luoyang adjusted the brim of his peak cap, feeling particularly amazed, “Shan Shan, how on earth did you find such a remote place?”

“It was recommended by one of your fans, who said the food cooked by the grandma here is amazing, but they don’t take orders.” Ye Shan Shan pulled Xu Luoyang inside, only to find the shop empty, so he simply stood at the entrance and shouted loudly, “Grandma, are you here? We’re here to eat! There are two of us!”

They then randomly chose an empty table and sat down.

Not taking off his cap, Xu Luoyang started eating the peanuts on the table, “The peanuts here are delicious too, try some. But how did you know that person was my fan?”

“It was very obvious, because the fan’s name was ‘Chang’an and Luoyang, please get married soon.'”


At this moment, the grandma of the shop came out from the kitchen with a wooden tray to serve the dishes. After placing the dishes on the table, she lifted the curtain and returned to the kitchen.

After breaking the chopsticks apart, Xu Luoyang handed a pair to Ye Shan Shan then took some for himself to taste the food. His eyes lit up immediately, “Delicious, very delicious!”

“Is it really that good?” Ye Shan Shan quickly tried a piece of lotus root and was immediately conquered by the deliciousness. So for the rest of the meal, the two absolutely had no time to talk and seeing how fast the other was eating, felt a particular sense of crisis and so couldn’t relax at all.

Ten minutes later, the dishes were all gone and they finally had time to talk.

“Where’s my present? The birthday present you promised!” Xu Luoyang, with eyes full of anticipation, tapped the edge of his bowl with his chopsticks.

“It’s here!” Ye Shan Shan took out a small palm-sized box, opened it and introduced, “A talking and water-spraying Peppa Pig!”

Xu Luoyang took it, “It’s so cute and feels good to hold too, but what’s the purpose of it talking and spraying water?”

“To wake you up!” Ye Shan Shan betrayed Zheng Dong without hesitation, “Last time, Zheng Ge asked me if there was anything that could wake you up quickly, so I made this. It can automatically detect and locate your face, and then wake you up. If you don’t get up after being called three times, it will spray a cold mist on your face! Cool, right? There are many other functions, you can explore it, I’ve written a manual for you!”

“…..” Xu Luoyang thought the idea was great, but when he thought about the fact that he was the target, his heart ached a little.

“There’s more, I also brought a big gift bag, it’s in the car.” Saying this, Ye Shan Shan settled the bill quickly and went back to the car with Xu Luoyang, and the first question he asked after closing the car door was explosive, “Have you done it with Chang’an yet?”

When it came to this, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but sigh, summing it up in one sentence, “The models don’t quite match. He was too big…. and I was too small to get in to, so it didn’t fit. Both the first and second attempts failed.” He sighed again, “It’s really difficult! But I won’t give up easily!”

At this moment, he just remembered the sound of Qi Chang’an’s breathing in his ear and felt that he was going to react— that man was really sexy beyond belief!

Just then, Ye Shan Shan shoved a bright blue bag into his arms,

“A mystery gift bag! Everything you need is inside!”

A little confused, Xu Luoyang unzipped the bag and looked inside. When he finally saw what was in there, he was shocked, “Secret….. secret weapons?”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

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