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Chapter 27.2

Cheng Yu opened the file and took the picture out, handing it to Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan took it expectantly but fell silent when he saw the two people in the picture.

He hadn’t expected such an atmosphere in their picture together. He looked at himself in the picture, then asked Cheng Yu, “What was I looking at at that time? Did I hear something?”

“Jiang Xu got into a fight with someone and his friend came to you to talk him out of it. You were worried about him.”

Lin An Lan nodded, saying to himself, ‘It turns out it was like this.’

He asked sheepishly, “Is this the only picture we have together?”

“It’s the only one that’s official.”

“What do you mean, is there an unofficial one?”

Cheng Yu laughed slowly, not hiding it from him, “It’s because I’m a little scheming. Sometimes when I happen to run into you or when you’re not far from me, I just need to take a selfie and you’ll be in the picture.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan truly felt that his little tulip was living too humble a life. How come he had to go to all that trouble and meticulous plans to find the right angle for just a picture!

His little flower was too miserable before!

He held Cheng Yu’s hand, promising warmly, “From now on, you can take pictures whenever you want to, you don’t have to pick a time to find an angle to take a selfie.”


Lin An Lan nodded.

Cheng Yu smiled, “Then let’s take one right now.”

Saying this, he took his phone out. Lin An Lan looked towards the phone cooperatively.

As Cheng Yu was about to press the shutter button, he turned his head and kissed him on the face.

Lin An Lan unconsciously looked at him sideways and with a ‘click’, the picture was taken.

Cheng Yu clicked the picture, admiring it. Looking at himself smiling and kissing Lin An Lan, and Lin An Lan looking at him with an innocent expression on his face, he was satisfied.

Opening the camera app again, he took multiple pictures of the two of them looking at each other before he stopped.

Lin An Lan was very cooperative. It was only after taking the pictures that he remembered, “Our dinner.”

Cheng Yu: !!!

Cheng Yu flew out of the bedroom with Lin An Lan following hurriedly behind him.

Luckily the porridge was still in the pot; it didn’t overflow or get mushy. Relieved, they unconsciously let out smiles.

“Let’s make up for the rest of our pictures when we’re filming the drama.” Lin An Lan said with a gentle gaze, “I’ll make up for the graduation pictures for you.”

Hearing him say this, Cheng Yu looked at him in a daze.

Then he picked him up, carrying him around the kitchen several times before putting him down, rubbing his face in the crook of his neck excitedly.

“My baby is so nice.” Cheng Yu whispered.

Lin An Lan smiled in response as he leaned on his shoulder, “It’s because your baby likes you. He likes you very, very much.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but smile, hugging him tighter, “Mmmm.”

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu rested at home for two days before it was time for the start of ‘Yun Yun’.

The official Weibo of ‘Yun Yun’ finally announced the cast.

When Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s fans saw their two idols’ names appearing on the same official Weibo post, they all thought there were in a fantasy.

Some people even refreshed the post several times to make sure that they had really read it correctly.

What was even more unbelievable than the fans of both actors were the netizens of the forum.

“Da*n ‘Yun Yun’ has officially announced the cast but surprisingly, it’s Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu as the double male lead!”

“Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu? Am I blind?”

“???? Who and who? Aren’t these two notorious for not seeing eye to eye?”

“Impossible, I haven’t seen them together on the same stage before. Didn’t someone say that they don’t get along well and that they don’t like each other that’s why they never attend events related to each other?”

“I went to the official Weibo. It’s really Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu. Heavens, it’s incredible!”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I can’t believe I’ve waited until this day. Spring has arrived in our Arctic Circle, we Magnolia fans are crying.”

“Does anyone ship this CP? I have a feeling that when this movie comes out, the two of them will definitely become a big hit. Ship them now, it’s a sure win!”

“Count me in. With their looks, I kind of want to ship them too.”

“Me too, but mainly because their handsomeness is simply out of this world. Is there rivalry between them in the movie? What’s the movie about?”

“I didn’t find out the exact plot, I only saw a synopsis about the growth and life of three people.”

“It’s not living different lives in the drama right? It can’t be that they don’t have emotional scenes, right?”

“It can’t be.”

“No, it would be a waste of their beauty. Handsome guys need to work with handsome guys to look good. I want to see them play opposite each other.”

“I want to see it too!”

Netizens were discussing this topic but the Magnolia CP group was filled with screams.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what did I see? Cheng Ge is going to work with An An, is our Magnolia finally going to blossom?”

“I’m dead, no need to save me, this candy is too big and too sweet today.”

“Woo woo, all this time I’ve only dared to picture them attending the same event together before; I never dreamed that they would be acting together. This happiness has come too suddenly.”

“Sisters! Our Yu Lan will definitely blossom this time. With just An An and Yu Yu’s looks, if this pair doesn’t blow up, I’ll give you my head!”

“That’s right! Our magnolia is finally going to bloom, and not just a small bloom, but a big one!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, did you guys see the Super Talk? Check it out, there are so many new people. Heavens, I’m finally seeing new fans pouring in. It’s been so long since I’ve seen new fans lol.”

“Sisters, hurry up, hurry up, our CP is rising. Share it, spread it. It’s up to us whether we can go from cold cp to hot cp!”

“Thank you ‘Yun Yun’, thank you Director Zhang. When the movie comes out I’ll book two cinemas. Director Zhang, don’t worry about filming, Yu Lan will always be with you!”

“Director Zhang, thank you for recognizing Yu Lan.”

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