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Chapter 50.1

“To help you relax your shoulders.”

Lin An Lan was a little shy, but Cheng Yu’s massage was really comfortable, “How do you even know how to do this?”

Cheng Yu smiled but lowered his eyes without speaking.

He remembered that when they were in school, Lin An Lan would have shoulder pains when he wrote for a long time.

As he sat at the back, he would occasionally see Lin An Lan raise his hand to hit his shoulders.

At that time, Cheng Yu thought to himself, if Lin An Lan was willing, he could totally give him a massage.

But Lin An Lan was never one to bother others, he wouldn’t even ask Jiang Xu to give him a massage, he would just hit his shoulders himself and then lower his head back down to continue writing his paper.

Later, when Cheng Yu and his friends went for a massage, he learned this skill from the massage master but at that time, he never thought that one day, he would really be able to use it.

“I learned it intentionally.” Cheng Yu hesitated for a moment, but then opened his mouth softly to answer.

“Why did you learn this intentionally?” Lin An Lan was curious.

“Because someone I care about very much seems to have shoulder pain occasionally, so I thought I could help him massage it after I learned it.”

He answered calmly, as if it was just a simple thing.

In fact, to Cheng Yu, it was really a simple thing.

During his long-time crush, he had already gotten used to following Lin An Lan’s figure, following his every action and affair.

He didn’t dare disturb him, so he could only long for him through other avenues.

He always wanted to make himself better and more suitable for Lin An Lan.

So that one day, when he really had the chance to stand in front of him, he would be the most qualified person to pursue him.

He had prepared well, waiting for his chance.

He had been patient, then anxious but finally, he had gotten the chance.

Although it was unexpected and not too honest, Cheng Yu was satisfied and didn’t regret it.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked Lin An Lan.

This was the first time he was massaging Lin An Lan’s shoulders. Most of the time, he would massage his waist but even though it was a massage, this right here was his original intention when he had learned how to massage from the master, so he hoped he felt comfortable.

Lin An Lan was still wondering if the ‘person I care about’ that Cheng Yu had just said was him when he was caught off guard by this question. He nodded quickly, “It’s quite comfortable, you have good skills.”

“Then I’ll give you more massages in the future.”

“Then won’t I have stained the honour of the person you care about? I’ll have to thank him for that.”

“No.” Cheng Yu said, “He will be willing.”

Lin An Lan looked up at him and saw that Cheng Yu’s eyes were full of laughter.

Lin An Lan also smiled unconsciously, somehow feeling that the person he was talking about, was him.

There weren’t many people that Cheng Yu cared about, but the one he cared about the most was he Lin An Lan. Of that, he was very clear.

After eating, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu took a short break then started their busy preparations.

After they washed the vegetables, Lin An Lan was responsible for cutting and Cheng Yu was responsible for stir-frying.

Looking out the window at the empty courtyard, Lin An Lan was very skeptical, “Will anyone really come?”

“Of course.”

“If no one comes, we’ll sell it to Guan Fei and the others.” Lin An Lan had already prepared a plan b, “They want it anyway.”

“No, I’m afraid it won’t be enough.”

Lin An Lan:……

Lin An Lan felt that his boyfriend was really confident!

Sigh, alright. Lin An Lan comforted himself with the thought that confident men were the most attractive, and when his boyfriend was confident, he was the most handsome!

Of course, he was also the most handsome when he wasn’t confident.

Anyway, he was the most handsome at all times!

Lin An Lan affirmed in his heart with great enthusiasm.

When Cheng Yu finished stir-frying the third dish, there was finally movement outside the door ——- the doorbell rang.

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu in surprise.

“Let’s go, our guests are here.” Cheng Yu washed his hands and walked out with him.

There were several guys their age standing outside the door, some Chinese and some foreigners.

The one in the lead smiled as soon as he saw Cheng Yu, his smile was a bit gangly, “It’s really you, I thought your phone had been stolen.”

“And you still dared to come.” Cheng Yu opened the door to let him in.

“Isn’t it because I was planning to help my brother take revenge and get his phone back?” The man laughed.

Lin An Lan instantly understood. He had been asking himself why Cheng Yu wasn’t anxious at all, it was because he had outside help.

“Lin An Lan, long time no see.” The man in the lead greeted him with a smile when he saw him.

Lin An Lan was surprised, “You know me?”

“Of course, who doesn’t know you.” As he said this, he glanced at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu:……

Cheng Yu smiled a little, a kind and genial expression on his face.

“My name is Hua Rong, the Hua Rong of glory and prosperity.” Hua Rong introduced himself, “We went to the same university.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “So it’s like this.”

Then he should be Cheng Yu’s classmate who had seen him when he was in school.

“Come in, come in.” Lin An Lan welcomed, “Cheng Yu asked you to come here, so I’m guessing he told you what you’re here for?”

“Yes, we’re having dinner. It’s rare to have authentic Chinese food, so my friends were all excited to come.”

“Hua Rong, you’re saying that as if we came here just to dine.”

“Didn’t you?” Hua Rong raised his eyebrows.

“Of course not.” The other man cleared his throat, “This is clearly the case of meeting an old friend in a distant land; a bosom friend afar brings a distant land nearer. It’s fate!”

Lin An Lan:…… He is quite, a good speaker.

Hua Rong gave him a disdainful glance then followed Lin An Lan to sit down at the table.

There were eight of them in total, filling the round table of the dining room.

Lin An Lan first brought out the three dishes that had been stir-fried, then served the bowls of rice one by one.

Hua Rong hadn’t eaten Chinese food for a long time, so he was inexplicably sentimental at the sight of familiar dishes from his hometown.

But before he could reminisce about the hot pot, skewers, grilled fish and shabu-shabu tripe from his hometown, he saw his foreign friend pick up the eggplant with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth.

Hua Rong: ! ! !

Hua Rong picked up his chopsticks quickly and started fighting.

He was joined by his Chinese friends and soon, the four foreigners were defeated in the battle for the stir-fry.

But they were undaunted and fought again and again.

When Lin An Lan served the fourth plate, he found that the first three plates had already been cleaned up.

He put the fourth plate down hurriedly and returned to the kitchen to help Cheng Yu cut the vegetables.

At the end of the meal, the eight people had eaten eleven dishes but were still not full.

“When I asked you earlier, you said that eight dishes were enough, one for each of you and that it wasn’t a problem at all; you would just give me the money. But now you’ve even eaten three more dishes!”

“How would I have known that you were such a good cook? Why didn’t you show off your cooking skills before?” Hua Rong retorted.

Cheng Yu said helplessly, “We’re out of ingredients, maybe next time.”

He stir-fried the rest of the rice and made a plate of egg fried rice, “Make do with this.”

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