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Chapter 73.2

It was only, Cheng Yu thought to himself, that was probably why Jiang Xu had always stood between him and Lin An Lan.

Jiang Xu didn’t like him, so he didn’t want Lin An Lan to get involved with him either.

It all became clear that his father’s sins were being paid for by him in the end.

However Cheng Yu didn’t want to pay for Cheng Feng’s sins, so he became more and more indifferent to Jiang Xu.

He only regarded Jiang Xu’s displeasure with a cool eye, as if he knew nothing about it.

He only envied Jiang Xu, who, despite being Cheng Feng’s son like he was, actually had a friend like Lin An Lan.

Whereas he could only watch.

Sure enough, everything in this world was so unreasonable.

“Do you know what happened to Jiang Xu’s mother?” Lin An Lan suddenly asked.

Cheng Yu took a break from his memories and asked him, “You want to know?”

“I know I don’t understand.” Lin An Lan said, “He said he only has me, that he doesn’t have anyone else, but didn’t we see her in the picture? That woman, the one I said I don’t like very much, that’s Jiang Xu’s mother right? Where is she?”

Cheng Yu smiled, but didn’t know whether to say it or not.

Of course he knew about Jiang Liying. Ever since he knew that Jiang Xu was Cheng Feng’s illegitimate son, Yu Heng had helped him find out everything about Jiang Liying and Jiang Xu.

His name was Cheng Yu, and behind this name was not only the Cheng family, but the Yu family as well.

The Yu family had no problem with Cheng Feng’s promiscuity after his marriage, as this was just the way of high society. Who didn’t have a few lovers out there?

Cheng Feng was a very smart man. He knew what the Yu family’s bottom line was, so he just played around and didn’t bring any of his lovers home, let alone allow them give birth to his children. He just wanted to enjoy the women’s adoration for him as well as their beautiful bodies for a brief moment.

As for the rest, Cheng Feng didn’t give or allow them to want.

Jiang Liying was just one of the few accidents.

She had been Cheng Feng’s favorite lover at the time and he would stay with her three days out of seven, sometimes more often than he went home.

Jiang Liying was young, beautiful, vain and brainless and thought that Cheng Feng loved her, so she slowly developed thoughts that she shouldn’t have.

But she also knew that she couldn’t marry into the Cheng family with her status, so she wanted to have a child.

She would take a pill in front of Cheng Feng, but then spit it out behind his back, all of which led to her getting pregnant as she wished, and then she returned home on the pretext that something had happened.

Cheng Feng had never taken her seriously, so much so that he didn’t care when Jiang Liying told him later that her relatives had had an accident hence she couldn’t leave for a while.

There were so many types of women that he liked and while the beautiful and stupid ones were certainly cute, the innocent little white flowers weren’t without their pleasures.

However he never dreamed that the fool in his eyes would be so stupid as to try to get ahead by having a child, and indeed, she gave him a child.

When Jiang Liying appeared in front of Cheng Feng with a three-month-old Jiang Xu in her arms, she was so happy as if she had fallen in the river of love, “Mr. Cheng, look, I have given you a baby, a son.”

Cheng Feng had been stunned. He knew she was stupid, but he hadn’t known she was that stupid.

Not even looking at the child, he waved his hand and the bodyguard lifted Jiang Xu who was in swaddling clothes, ready to drop him to the ground.

Jiang Liying was so terrified that she had cried out ‘No’, pulled on Cheng Feng’s clothes and begged him.

Cheng Feng had only said indifferently, “Are you worthy to give birth to my child?”

His eyes were filled with frost as he scolded, “Fool.”

He glanced at the bodyguard and just as the bodyguard was about to drop the child, he heard the child wail.

Jiang Liying was smart for once as she shook her head and shouted, “It’s not your child, it’s mine, I had it with another man, I lied to you.”

Of course Cheng Feng knew that she was lying, but as he listened to Jiang Xu’s cries, he was reminded of his newborn son Cheng Yu, who was a month or two older than Jiang Xu.

If there was one woman he had some affection for, it was undoubtedly Cheng Yu’s mother.

She was a woman of good sense, gentle and beautiful, but not without a lot of tenderness and coquettishness. Cheng Feng was fond of her, but he was used to being flirtatious, so he couldn’t give up the other flowers in the bush just for a single rose.

But he did love Yu Hanshuang, just as he did love Cheng Yu.

The moment Cheng Yu was born, when he first held him and realized that he was his blood, that he was his father, he had loved Him and would put a smile on his face whenever Cheng Yu smiled.

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