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Chapter 142.1

After Cheng Yu left, Cheng Feng was alone in the study room.

He’d had a smooth sailing, unrestrained and a complacent lifestyle in the first half of his life, but he never expected that he would be defeated by his son in his old age.

Cheng Feng sighed, his heart feeling exhausted.

The next day, Cheng Yu received an email from Pei Qiu, labeled ‘Lin An Lan’.

Cheng Yu was puzzled, “What is this? Why did he suddenly send me this?”

“The conversations between Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu during the time he had amnesia.” Pei Qiu explained. “He said I should send it to you so you can take a good look and stop blaming him unjustly.”

Cheng Yu: ????

“What did I blame him unjustly for? What did you tell him?”

“I’ve only spoken good things about you, so I have no idea why he thinks you’ve blamed him unjustly. You’ll have to ask him that yourself.” After saying this Pei Qiu hang up then biting his pen, continued to write his exams.

Opening the email, Cheng Yu downloaded the attachment then hesitated for a while before finally clicking on the audio file.

He wasn’t a saint and so was naturally curious about what Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu had said to each other and how they had said it. Even though he was aware that Lin An Lan had truly lost his memory and had had no recollection of Jiang Xu, the temptation before him was too great that he couldn’t resist.

The recordings had been sorted out chronologically, and the first one was Jiang Xu’s initiation of contact with Lin An Lan, advising him not to participate in the same variety show with him. With headphones on, Cheng Yu listened to Lin An Lan’s angry voice, as well as their argument and Jiang Xu’s anger.

He looked at the date and remembered that this was the night Lin An Lan had decided to act as Gu Shuyu.

He remembered Lin An Lan’s impulsiveness when he suddenly rushed into the bathroom as well as the words he’d said, ‘I’m not rational now.’ It turns out, it was because of this.

Cheng Yu listened to each recording one by one— there weren’t many. The exchanges between the amnesiac Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu weren’t frequent and every time there was an exchange, the reason of Jiang Xu’s anger changed, but Lin An Lan’s defense of him remained unchanged.

Cheng Yu laughed softly, feeling that he understood what Lin An Lan meant by ‘being blamed unjustly’. He called Lin An Lan.

Picking the call, Lin An Lan asked him, “What’s up?”

“I just finished listening to the audio recordings.”

“Oh~” Lin An Lan stretched his tone, “So?”

“I was wrong.” Cheng Yu apologized, “I wronged you before.”


“There’s more?”

“Isn’t there?”

Cheng Yu thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything else. “Can you give me a hint?”

“I can’t.”

Cheng Yu: …..

Cheng Yu was confused.

Feeling his bewilderment through the phone, Lin An Lan, seeming to have had enough of teasing him asked him, “Are the blades delicious?”

The hint suddenly dawning on him, Cheng Yu thought in his heart, ‘It turns out it’s this.’

“I won’t abuse myself anymore.” He told Lin An Lan.

Many times, his first thoughts had been correct. Such as when Lin An Lan was casted as Gu Shuyu and he had asked him whether he was doing it because of him and Lin An Lan had nodded and hugged him.

Lin An Lan had really done it only for him. He had initially rejected the offer rationally, but later agreed to it because of the heartache he felt because of him.

At that time, he had just gotten together with Lin An Lan and everything had been dependent on his deception. He hadn’t known if Lin An Lan had genuinely lost his memory or if he was faking it, what’s more he didn’t dare challenge Jiang Xu’s position in Lin An Lan’s heart, which was why whenever Jiang Xu appeared, he couldn’t help but think in the worst direction. In the end, he would console and tell himself that as long as Lin An Lan was by his side, then everything was okay.

He wasn’t abusing himself. Rather, he had just become accustomed to retreating whenever he faced Jiang Xu.

He knew how important Jiang Xu was, so he stepped back to the edge of the cliff. That way, he wouldn’t have inappropriate fantasies about Lin An Lan. As long as Lin An Lan met his minimum requirements, he felt that it was already something that wasn’t very easy to attain and was worth being happy about.

This was how people were. Once they lowered their expectations, they would be satisfied. Cheng Yu wanted to be satisfied, so he always kept his expectations low.

“You should trust me.” Lin An Lan said gently. “But it’s not your fault. With the attitude I used to have, it’s normal that you wouldn’t trust me. But now, you should trust me.”

“En.“ Cheng Yu responded.

“And believe in yourself too.” Lin An Lan added softly. “You are very good, so no matter what choices we face, as long as you are an option, I will always choose you.”

His heart softening, Cheng Yu nodded slightly. “En.”

Finally smiling, Lin An Lan changed the subject.

Cheng Yu was happy all day and Yu Heng, seeing the smile he couldn’t hide on his face, asked, “What’s the matter, why are you so happy? Lin An Lan has agreed to your proposal?”

“We haven’t reached that stage yet.” Cheng Yu said quickly.

“But it doesn’t seem to me as if your family hasn’t reached that stage.” Yu Heng replied, “Rather, it seems as if you and Lin An Lan are going to get married in the next few days.”

“It’s just a matter of time. If I resolve things early, I can propose to An An early too.” Cheng Yu told him.

“It’s too early.” Yu Heng commented. “We still have a way to go concerning Wang Dong.”

“That isn’t my fault.” Cheng Yu said in reply. “It’s mainly because my dad couldn’t control himself and acted against Lin An Lan too soon. I had no choice.”

Yu Heng looked at him, “Cheng Xiao hasn’t told the family about you yet, but I reckon he will tell my grandparents eventually.”

Yu Heng’s grandparents were naturally Cheng Yu’s grandparents.

When Cheng Yu heard this, he wasn’t worried in the slightest. “Even if our grandparents don’t support me, they won’t show it. No matter what I do, I’m the only one from the Yu family in the Cheng family. They will only help me.”

Yu Heng smiled, “Smart.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

He had obviously come up with a plan as he said, “Whether you want to adopt from a welfare home or adopt a child from another member of the Cheng family in the future, it’s possible.”

Cheng Yu actually wanted to adopt a child from him. Among all his blood relatives, he trusted and relied on Yu Heng the most, however this was doomed to be impossible.

The Cheng family wouldn’t allow him to adopt a child from the Yu family and they definitely wouldn’t allow the child he adopted to be Yu Heng’s child.

Everyone knew that Yu Heng was the new head of the Yu family, so adopting his child was essentially giving him a ready-made wedding dress, which neither Cheng Xiao nor Cheng Feng would agree to.

“Thank you, big brother.” Cheng Yu said.

“You’re being polite again.” Yu Heng said with a smile, cutting a piece of spareribs for him. “Come on, eat. There’s still work to be done after dinner.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu answered, lowering his head to eat.

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