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Chapter 108.1 Please go see Cheng Yu

“I think he’s at home. I heard President Hua say that they went to his house to see him.”

Lin An Lan nodded, but then suddenly looked at Xie Hui, realizing something.

He looked at the person in front of him very carefully, so carefully that Xie Hui silently lowered his head and dared not look at him.

“How do you know Hua Rong?”

“I had some problems and he helped me out, even helping me cancel my contract. He’s now my boss.” Xie Hui replied.

But why did he help you? Lin An Lan asked in his mind.

“Why have you suddenly stopped wearing make-up?” He asked.

Xie Hui didn’t understand why he was asking this question but answered honestly, “I didn’t mean to rub off of your fame. It was my agent who thought it would be a topic of conversation, that’s why I kept wearing that make-up. I protested, but I didn’t have a say. I’m sorry Lin Ge, I won’t do it again.”

He bowed to Lin An Lan then looked at him with sincerity in his eyes.

Lin An Lan didn’t care about that. What he cared about was, “So before Hua Rong helped you, you still kept the same make-up, didn’t you?”

Xie Hui didn’t react for a moment then nodded, “I won’t do it again.”

That’s right, Lin An Lan thought. He was like that and Hua Rong was Cheng Yu’s friend. Seeing his friend hurt by love, his thoughts moved, so it was inevitable that he wanted to do something.

That was why he helped Xie Hui.

That made sense.

“I understand.” Lin An Lan said.

“Will you go see him?” Xie Hui asked him in a whisper, “You will, right?”

“He really misses you. Even when he’s so drunk he calls out your name. Please go and see him.”

“You care about him a lot?” Lin An Lan asked.

The question was asked in a very calm and unhurried tone, but Xie Hui, sensitive to the meaning behind the words hastened to explain, “I’m just helping President Hua pass on the message. President Hua and his friend are very concerned about Cheng Ge and hope you can go and see him, that’s why I also want you to go.”

“I haven’t spoken to Cheng Ge very much. We don’t know each other well, not even a little.”

He just thought Cheng Yu was very nice and Hua Rong helped him, but to be frank, it was also for Cheng Yu’s sake. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cheng Yu had been depressed and that he looked a little bit like Lin An Lan at that time, Hua Rong might not have helped him.

Because Cheng Yu had saved him from having to spend time with other people, he also hoped that Cheng Yu would be happy.

“It was President Hua who asked me to tell you, hoping that I could get a positive answer from you.” He put everything on Hua Rong’s shoulders, hastily clearing up his relationship with Cheng Yu, “I’m only just slightly familiar with President Hua.”

Although Hua Rong hadn’t said the exact same words he had just said, Hua Rong probably wanted Lin An Lan to go, so he wasn’t lying.

Lin An Lan nodded slightly but didn’t say anything else.

He knew how Cheng Yu felt about him. With the way Xie Hui looked, other people might have used him as a stand-in after not being able to receive a response to his love, or just used him as a vase, thinking of someone else even as they were with him, but not Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu loved him too much, and his feelings were sincere and honest, so even if Hua Rong had this intention, Cheng Yu wouldn’t condone it.

Xie Hui was probably also grateful to him– because of his difficulties, Hua Rong had helped him, but Cheng Yu didn’t accept him, so he had benefited without having to do anything in return, that was why he wanted him to go see Cheng Yu.

“Tell Hua Rong that I understand and thank you for telling me this.”

Xie Hui shook his head, “Then I won’t bother you. I’m going to the magazine photoshoot.”

“Go ahead.”

Lin An Lan watched as he turned and walked in the direction he had been moving towards at first with no one beside him. It seemed that he had already terminated his contract but hadn’t found a new agency yet, so he didn’t have an agent or assistant.

But he sounded like he was happier now than he had been before.

This could also be considered a lucky break.

Turning around, he got into the car and closed the door.

Having followed him into the car, Zhuo Siya watched him without batting an eyelid.

Putting his headphones on, Lin An Lan turned his head to look out the window and began listening to music.

Starting the car, the driver asked Zhuo Siya, “Are we going back to Lin Ge’s place?”

Zhuo Siya watched Lin An Lan’s expression carefully and, seeing that he didn’t say anything, replied, “Yes.”

He had thought Lin An Lan was going to see Cheng Yu?

But he was actually not going?

Zhuo Siya was a little confused.

The car drove out of the parking lot slowly and Xie Hui, who had entered the elevator replied to the message Hua Rong had sent: [I’ve told Lin Ge, he said thank you for telling him.]

Hua Rong didn’t care about this. What he was more concerned about was: [Is he going?]

Xie Hui thought about it then said to him: [I think he will. He is also very concerned about Cheng Ge.]

[Really?] Hua Rong didn’t believe it.

Xie Hui thought about Lin An Lan’s question, ‘You care about him a lot?’ and replied seriously, [ Hmm.]

If he didn’t care about Cheng Yu, he wouldn’t have asked him this question. He could tell that he cared about Cheng Yu too, it was only that he hid it.

[Really.] He replied.

Lin An Lan watched as the car pulled out of the parking lot and drove on, but his heart was filled with what Xie Hui had just said.

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