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Chapter 43.1

Of course Lin An Lan didn’t hug or kiss Cheng Yu in public. That was too bold, unless they wanted to come out in public, otherwise it was impossible.

“Let’s wait until we get back.” Lin An Lan laughed and said, “I’ll kiss you when we get back.”

As soon as Cheng Yu heard him say that he would go kiss him once they returned, he said with a smile, in no hurry at all, “Okay.”

Zhuo Siya turned his head away with a toothache, feeling that not only did his head ache, his teeth also hurt.

He had never imagined that Lin An Lan would be like this when he was in love. He was so unexpected and so different from his usual self.

He stood up, intending to go deal with the Weibo hot searches and keep far away from these two so that he wouldn’t have to be on edge and feel uncomfortable.

When Lin An Lan saw him walking out, he asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you ask me to take down the hot search? I’m going to take care of it.”

Lin An Lan nodded then turned to Cheng Yu and asked, “How can I help you promote your new movie, is it also through a Weibo repost?”

“Hmm, it’s also through a Weibo repost”, Cheng Yu found the finalized post he had sent yesterday, “but you have to add some words to it.”

“Don’t worry.” Lin Anlan gave him a look, “You are the flower I’m raising in my garden, naturally you are different from other idle people.”

Cheng Yu was surprised. Had Jiang Xu even been reduced to an idle person now? This was really great! Joy! What joy! It was worth raising a glass to celebrate!

Cheng Yu felt so happy in his heart that he wanted to kiss Lin An Lan on the head. Unfortunately, there was a huge crowd with many eyes watching so he could only watch in silence and kiss Lin An Lan again and again in his heart.

Jiang Xu finished his work and was about to take a break when he received a phone call from his agent, “Xiao Xu, did you and Lin An Lan have a falling out?”

“No?” Jiang Xu answered in confusion.

He did have a fight with Lin An Lan before, but they’ve made up now and there’s no more conflict.

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

The agent sighed and said glumly, “His agent took down your hot searches and even sent me a message saying not to buy any hot search regarding the two of you together in the future again.”

Jiang Xu:???

“What’s going on?”

“I was going to ask you that very same question. If it wasn’t for Lin An Lan’s orders, how would his agent dare to do this, are you sure you don’t have a falling out?'”

“Of course not, I can have a falling out with you, but never with Lin An Lan.”

Agent: ……

Jiang Xu thought about it for a moment and thought that it was probably because of Cheng Yu.

It was probably because Cheng Yu saw their hot searches and was unhappy, so Lin An Lan had to ask his agent to take down the hot searches in order to appease him, that’s why he said that to his agent.

“You don’t need to care, it’s troublesome to say the least, but just do as he says, don’t buy any hot searches related to him in the near future.”

The agent felt it was a pity, but since Jiang Xu had said so, and Lin An Lan’s side was uncooperative, he couldn’t force it, “Okay then.”

“But don’t really get into any trouble with Lin An Lan. He’s more popular than you are, so it’s beneficial for you if you don’t, it’s not worth having a falling out.”

“We won’t have a falling out.” Jiang Xu found his words unpleasant to the ear, “I’ve told you we didn’t fight, besides, whether he’s popular or not, we won’t have a falling out. In this entertainment circle, to be frank, we only really have each other as friends, so next time don’t say something like it’s beneficial to you or whatever, our friendship is not for any benefit.”

“Okay.” The agent said good-naturedly, “I’ll hang up now then.”

“Mm.” Jiang Xu said and hung up.

Sitting on his bed, he thought that it was really amazing how people’s lives developed, and that it was impossible to say whose fate, between him and Lin An Lan was better or worse, but if he had to take a close look at it, neither one of them had a good fate.

But Lin An Lan was obviously luckier. Even though he had been abandoned by his biological parents when he was a child, he still had adoptive parents, and when he grew up, he coincidentally entered the entertainment industry, and without much effort, accidentally burst into fame, and his popularity had remained high even till now.

But he deserved all these.

He turned on his cell phone and looked at the pictures of Lin An Lan in his gallery. If there was still someone in this world that he could trust and cherish, it would be Lin An Lan.

He could leave anyone, but not Lin An Lan. He was too used to living with Lin An Lan, and too used to having such a person around him that he could trust and rely on.

Anyone else could abandon him, but only Lin An Lan would not.

So, he only trusted Lin An Lan.

As he lay in bed and closed his eyes, he saw the image of the two of them growing up together, then felt that he regretted it. He shouldn’t have let Lin An Lan go to Cheng Yu, he really, really missed him.

Jiang Xu was asleep, but Lin An Lan was still awake.

Not only was he not sleep, he also earnestly reposted and edited his Weibo to help Cheng Yu promote his new movie, [Sunday Night the 8th.]

This was the first time he had helped promote anything of Cheng Yu’s, so Cheng Yu’s fans were surprised for a long time and unable to react for a while.

“Lin An Lan is …. helping to promote our Ge’s movie?”

“It’s really Lin An Lan, right? I’m not wrong, right?”

“Doesn’t he and our Ge not see eye to eye?”

“It’s probably because they are working well together on the drama they are filming recently, so he just stopped by to help out?”

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