I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 172.1

Editor: Jodi

Though not familiar with each other, many guests still made efforts to find topics for the sake of the show, then after they were done eating, the single guests entered the secret room for the first round of choosing the person their hearts wanted.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu didn’t have this part, so they were pulled aside to do the post-filming interview.

When the hostess saw them, she felt as if she was seeing soaring ratings, skyrocketing clicks, and continuously increasing wealthy sponsors.

“Hello, please have a seat here.” The hostess said warmly.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu sat on high chairs, and then heard the hostess say, “Let’s start with some simple questions. Is that okay?”

“It is.” Lin An Lan nodded.

“You two were high school classmates, right?” The hostess asked.


“Can you be more specific?”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment, glanced at Cheng Yu, then said, “We were in different classes in the first year of high school, but in the second year, our classes were rearranged, and both of us had good grades, so we became classmates.”

“Did you notice each other in the first year?”

Lin An Lan smiled, “I did notice him. He was quite popular in school, handsome, and came from a good family. All the girls in our class were whispering about him during a speech under the national flag. They said he was handsome, and I took a look, and indeed, he was quite handsome.”

Although Cheng Yu had heard him mention this before, hearing it again made him happy. He couldn’t help but look at Lin An Lan with a smile in his eyes.

“Teacher Cheng, what about you?” The hostess asked him.

“I knew him too. He had excellent academic performance, ranking first in the entrance exam. The student representative’s speech at the beginning of the school year was delivered by him, so all the students in the school knew him and thought he fit the image of a top student. But I didn’t expect that we would end up in the same class later, it’s quite a coincidence.”

“That is indeed quite a coincidence. You both attended the same university, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Yes.”

“Was it planned back then?”

“No.” Cheng Yu replied, “But I did pay attention to which university he was applying to.”

The hostess was surprised, “So you liked him back then?”

Of course! Cheng Yu thought to himself, I’ve been paying special attention to him since the second year of high school, and then it turned into a crush in the third year, so of course I liked him back then!

But he couldn’t say this, so he said vaguely, “En, I did pay some special attention to him.”

Lin An Lan turned to look at him, thinking he was quite good at speaking. This statement was neither an admission nor a denial, but it indicated that he did consider him special.

The hostess, hearing this, only thought that he had still been in a state of unknowingly liking the other person back then, so she didn’t dwell on it and asked, “Did you two hang out in university often?”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “Not really. We were in different majors, so sometimes we would meet, and sometimes we wouldn’t. We were both busy. Especially him, his advisor really liked him.”

“How do you know my advisor liked me?” Lin An Lan asked him. It couldn’t be that Pei Qiu reported even this to him right?

Cheng Yu felt proud, “What don’t I know? I know much more than you do.”

Lin An Lan let out an ‘oh’, “Then let’s chat downstairs later.”

Cheng Yu quickly pleaded for mercy, “I heard it from classmates in your class. It’s because I joined a club and met several of your classmates.”

Lin An Lan, hearing him mention the club, thought of his actions when he’d first joined the Literature Society and then withdrew from it. He couldn’t help but feel a pang of heartache remembering how Cheng Yu had angrily questioned him back then. So he said warmly, “If I had known, I would have joined more clubs too.”

Cheng Yu smiled, seemingly unconcerned about the past, “You can join now too. It might just be the two of us in the club, but I can make you the president.”

“A Duo Association Club?”

Cheng Yu corrected him, “It’s the Hand in Hand Association Club.”

Lin An Lan chuckled, “Okay.”

The hostess: …I feel like I’m intruding.

Her head had to be very bright right now, the hostess thought, like a light bulb, but with a very high wattage.

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