I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 3

Lin An Lan didn’t wash for long, he simply rinsed for a while then walked out.

Cheng Yu poured the ginger tea into a cup and handed it to him and seeing that his hair was still wet, went back to find a hair dryer to help blow dry his hair.

Lin An Lan was a little embarrassed, “I’ll just do it myself.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “It’s okay, I used to blow dry it for you. You should drink the tea, I made it with black tea.”

He remembered that Lin An Lan seemed to be fond of black tea.

Lin An Lan picked the glass up, blew air on the surface and took a taste.

The ginger tea tasted a little harsh on his throat, but it was good that the black tea was sweetened with sugar, which neutralised the harshness of the ginger.

Cheng Yu’s heart softened unconsciously as he looked at him holding the cup and taking small sips.

It didn’t matter who Lin An Lan was here for, what he was here for, whether he really had amnesia or not. The fact that he was here now was enough.

Never in his life had he imagined that one day he would actually be able to touch him, embrace him, kiss him, but now, he could do it all.

That was enough.

He blow dried his hair gently then kissed the top of his hair after he was finished.

Lin An Lan turned around in surprise, only to see Cheng Yu smiling at him.

The overwhelming tenderness mixed with bright love greeting him, Lin An Lan couldn’t help but feel shy, lowering his head once again to drink the ginger tea in his hand.

As he finished the last sip, he suddenly realised that Cheng Yu had changed into his pajamas, “You changed your clothes?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I just smoked, but you don’t like the smell of smoke and I was afraid that it had gotten into my clothes, so I changed it.”

Lin An Lan pursed his lips, “I’m not that picky, am I?”

Cheng Yu smiled, pouring another cup of ginger tea for him, “You aren’t, it’s because I don’t want you to smell it that’s why I changed. I’ll quit smoking in the future, don’t worry.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to quit, just don’t smoke it in front of me.” Lin An Lan said.

“It’s better to quit then. Smoking is bad for your health, and I want to grow old with you.” Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin An Lan was at a bit of a loss as to what to say again.

His boyfriend seemed to really like him a lot, moreover he was very open about it. He was happy that Cheng Yu didn’t treat him carefully because he had lost his memory, but also a little bitter because despite knowing that he was already his boyfriend, he had no memory of him or their relationship, so…. it was as if they were new to each other.

He knew in his heart that it wasn’t true, but he couldn’t become a couple with him right away.

He could, however, work slowly and always catch up.

Thinking this way, Lin An Lan nodded and said to him, “I also want to grow old with you.”

Cheng Yu was stunned, looking at Lin An Lan in disbelief, “What did you just say?”

“Was I wrong to say that I want to grow old with you too?” Lin An Lan looked at him in confusion.

Cheng Yu laughed instantly, telling him, “Wait a minute.”

He turned on his phone, tapped on the recording app and said to Lin An Lan, “Honey, can you repeat the sentence you just said.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan thought in his heart, he would never doubt Cheng Yu again in his life, look just how much he loved him! Just a line about growing old together and he wanted to record it!

Lin An Lan felt both shy and embarrassed to repeat his words.

Cheng Yu came close to him and said softly, “Wife, say it again, just once.”

Lin An Lan lowered his head, drinking his tea.

Cheng Yu looked down at him, “Ok, just once, just one sentence, ok?”

Lin An Lan: ….

Lin An Lan really had no choice but to raise his head and say embarrassedly, “I want to grow old with you too.”

“Who do you want to grow old with?” Cheng Yu asked deliberately.


“Who am I?”

Lin An Lan: ……

“Say it, who am I?”

Lin An Lan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Cheng Yu, I also want to grow old with you. This is okay, right?”

Cheng Yu wanted to take a mile after being given an inch, “Next time say husband.”

“No way.” Lin An Lan lowered his head to continue drinking his ginger tea.

Cheng Yu’s heart was filled with joy as he looked at his white, flushed ears.

He kissed Lin An Lan’s hot ear gently, scaring him so much that he almost dropped the glass in his hand.

“Do you want to sleep with me tonight?” He asked against his ear.

Lin An Lan’s ears instantly turned red as if they were about to burn.

He glared up at him, but it didn’t look lethal, it was more like a lover acting cute.

Cheng Yu looked on, wanting to kiss him again, but he restrained himself.

He waited until Lin An Lan had finished his ginger tea before asking again, “Don’t you want to?”

“Did we used to sleep together?” Lin An Lan asked.

Cheng Yu shook his head, “To be precise, this is only the second time you’ve come to my house.”

“Didn’t I used to come to your house a lot?” Lin An Lan was surprised. He was thinking that because he had remembered the address so well, he must have been a regular visitor.

Cheng Yu laughed, “No.”

His tone was gentle as he explained, “In the beginning, I liked you a lot, but your friends didn’t like me, so you didn’t pay much attention to me, and I had to keep approaching you and pursuing you. It took me a long, long time to chase you before you were finally impressed enough to be with me.”

“We only formalized our relationship a week ago, and that’s when I brought you to my house — every time I invited you to my house before, you refused, so last week was the first time you came to my house.”

“You took a tour and thought it was fine, and since we’re now a couple, I offered to let you move in. You were hesitant at first, but it was only after I kept begging that you agreed to move in reluctantly. So you have no idea how surprised I was when you said you had amnesia but could still remember my house. I can tell that my baby is firm in speech but actually soft hearted, you said that you didn’t want to, but you always remembered my address in your heart.”

He said it in such a way that Lin An Lan didn’t notice any flaw.

“Then let’s sleep separately for now.” Lin An Lan said in reply.

Cheng Yu didn’t give him a hard time. He only rubbed his hair and said gently, “Okay.”

The next day, the two of them went to Lin An Lan’s house to pack his things together.

Lin An Lan had forgotten the address if his house, but Cheng Yu remembered it and drove the car to his neighborhood without much difficulty.

Lin An Lan looked around his house, and despite his memory loss, felt an unfathomable sense of familiarity in his heart.

He started to trust Cheng Yu more and more and not staying for long, quickly packed his belongings and followed him out.

As they passed by the mall, Lin An Lan said, “I need to buy a cell phone, mine is broken that’s why I couldn’t call you yesterday and I couldn’t contact anyone else.”

Cheng Yu nodded, but didn’t stop the car, “Your identity is not suitable to go to the mall, I’ll let my assistant buy it and send it over later, is it okay to have the same brand that I have?”

“It’s okay,” Lin An Lan said without hesitation.

“We’ll have a couple cell phones.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Lin An Lan thought he was quite childish, smiled and let go.

Not long after Cheng Yu arrived home, his assistant arrived.

Cheng Yu took the phone and not letting him inside, sent him away directly.

He went back to the guest bedroom and as Lin An Lan was still packing his clothes and things, he handed the old phone in his hand to Cheng Yu, “Can you please help me change the card, I can’t do it right now.”


Cheng Yu took the phone card out, reinserted it into the new phone and he switched it on. The new phone already had a few common apps downloaded on it.

“Do you need me to log in to WeChat for you?” Cheng Yu offered, “You’re a star, and with your phone having been off for so long, there must be a lot of people trying to reach you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t care too much, “You can.”

“Do you remember your password?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan put the clothes in his hand down, frowned in thought then asked, “Don’t you know? Didn’t I tell you?”

“Baby, we’ve only been together for a week, and I’m still the stalker type; do you think you’d tell me in a week?”

Lin An Lan: …… This wasn’t awkward at all.

“Forget it, I’ll try your birthday.”

Lin An Lan nodded quickly, then went back to picking up the clothes and hanging them in the closet.

Cheng Yu typed in Lin An Lan’s birthday and was surprised that he was able to log in.

“It’s really your birthday.” Cheng Yu said in surprise.

Lin An Lan laughed, “You even remember my birthday.”

“Not only do I remember your birthday, I also remember your ID number and phone number.” Cheng Yu said casually.

Lin An Lan was surprised, “Why did you memorize my ID number?”

Cheng Yu froze for a moment, then looked up at him.

Lin An Lan’s eyes were full of questions.

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment then asked him, “Do you want to hear the truth or not?”

“Of course I want to hear the truth.”

“The truth is that your old friend, who is very close to you knows that I like you, but he doesn’t like me, so he never let you get too close to me. I was afraid he’d leave here with you after graduation and go to another city, so I memorized your ID number so I could find you wherever he took you.”

Lin An Lan blinked in surprise, putting his clothes down as he approached him, “Who is that friend of mine? Why does he hate you so much? Am I on good terms with him?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Very good terms, so good that I’m especially jealous.”

Lin An Lan sat down beside him, pointed to his cell phone and asked, “Which one is he?”

Cheng Yu looked at his WeChat interface and slowly swiped the dialog box, yet after scrolling up and down, he couldn’t find Jiang Xu’s name.

He went back to his WeChat address book and searched specifically for Jiang Xu’s WeChat name, but he couldn’t find it either.

“Strange, you didn’t add him to your WeChat? It’s not possible.”

How could Lin An Lan not add Jiang Xu’s WeChat? He might not add anyone else to his WeChat, but Jiang Xu was the only one who was completely out of the question..

Lin An Lan looked at him with an innocent expression, as if he didn’t have any idea.

Cheng Yu suddenly thought of something, “Did you blacklist him?”

Lin Anlan still looked confused, “I don’t know.”

Cheng Yu clicked on the blacklist and looked at it, and was surprised to find that Jiang Xu was really here.

He couldn’t believe Lin An Lan had blacklisted him!

Cheng Yu felt that the sun had really come out from the west and that the old heavens had opened its eyes! Did Jiang Xu even have such a day?!

This was worthy of celebrations! Worthy of throwing a party!

Cheng Yu couldn’t wait to go out right now and throw a three-day banquet feast for the world!

He laughed instantly, turned around in a flash and hugged Lin An Lan, kissing him fiercely.

Lin An Lan was confused, “Why are you so happy all of a sudden?”

Cheng Yu smiled and moved closer to him, resting his head against his forehead, “Because I found my baby really cute. “

He said, “Why are you so nice?”

When he finished, he rubbed his nose affectionately and kissed him on the mouth.

Infected by his joy, Lin An Lan unconsciously smiled too, only, “Can you tell me what you’re happy about first?”

T/N: I’m having some challenges with the Author of [E-sport’s group pampered Omega] who sent me a private message that they aren’t happy with me translating their work, so I’ll be taking a week or two off and pausing the translation of the novel (and others) for a while to sort things out with them.

I’m very sorry.

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