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Chapter 30.2

“I love this, Cheng Yu fighting, take An An!”

“An An didn’t even @ this Weibo post, but he still it and reposted it. It shows that he really cares about An An, right?”

“And he even complimented An An on his good looks, too sweet!”

“F**k, such doting!”

“Mum, my Yu Lan is really sweet, I’m so happy!”

The groves, Lin An Lan’s only fans next door: ….

Tulips, Cheng Yu’s only fans next door: ….

The groves fan group meeting.

“What the h*ll is Cheng Yu doing here? What’s going on? Why did he suddenly repost An An’s Weibo? It’s obvious that An An didn’t @ him.”

“With his fame, it’s not worth him trying to rub off our An An, right?”

“Then why did he repost An An’s Weibo?”

“Maybe it’s just that the cast gets along better.” Someone speculated.

“Anyway, it’s too strange. Of late both An An and his CP fans have increased a lot.”

“It can’t be helped, and we can’t break up this CP with our bare hands at this time. The Tulips haven’t made a move yet, so if we make a move at this time, wouldn’t we be helping to whitewash Cheng Yu?”

“Then let’s wait for them to act.”

Yet Tulip’s fan group was also meeting!

“What does brother mean by this? Lin An Lan didn’t @ him yet he directly reposted his Weibo. It’s not as if it’s a promotional blog, isn’t he doing things backwards?”

“Maybe it’s just they have a good relationship.”

“How is that possible? If they have a good relationship why have they never worked together before? Why hasn’t Lin An Lan reposted back?!

“So what, what’s your good explanation?”

The black tulip who had been talking incessantly was silent.

“You don’t have much of an explanation either, so it’s better to acquiesce to the fact that they have a good relationship because they’re working together now and everyone in the crew is getting along.” A large pink tulip in the group said.

“But Yu Ge really shouldn’t have reposted it. It has made the Magnolia next door have another sugar high. From the official announcement to now, this CP group has actually gained a lot of fans. It seriously pissed off!”

“It’s normal. There were people who had already thought about them working together but they never did that’s why this CP group didn’t go up, otherwise with their face value and popularity, this CP pairing should have been a hit a long time ago.”

“So we’re just going to watch Yu Lan scream like they have been injected with chicken blood every day?”

“The most important thing is that Lin An Lan’s fans haven’t even made a move yet, so if we go and rip into them off at this time, aren’t we going to help Lin An Lan’s fans whitewash him? What popular celebrity doesn’t have a cp fan? Let’s turn a blind eye.”

The other people in the group thought the same way. They couldn’t let Lin An Lan’s fans get a whitewash for free, right? So it was better to stay put for the time being.

Both sides waited for the other side to start a war with the CP fans first and then wait to reap the benefits for themselves, which in turn allowed the Yu Lan fans to survive safely and grow stronger.

When they realised the danger, they got ready to join forces to attack, but they found that the Yu Lan fans were no longer the weak and helpless fans they had been back then and that they could fight them at command, but this was all for later.

The groves, the tulips and the Yu Lan fans were all still at peace on the surface, holding their ground, silently observing the ‘other sides’ reaction.

Lin An Lan arrived at the shooting area, only to receive a WeChat from Zhuo Siya saying that Cheng Yu had reposted the Weibo he had just sent.

Zhuo Siya: [Stop replying, because if you do, you CP fans will build your wedding house today!]

Lin An Lan: …..

Lin An Lan thought it wasn’t that bad, because it wasn’t like he and Cheng Yu had never stayed in a wedding house.

He replied: [Got it.]

After putting his phone away, he walked over to Cheng Yu’s side.

Cheng Yu was swiping through Weibo when he looked up and saw Lin An Lan walking towards him.

He was wearing a blue and white school uniform and his makeup wasn’t very obvious, but his face looked very tender and youthful, as if he had just stepped out of the high school era he remembered.

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but keep on staring at him until he walked up to his side, but he still couldn’t retract his gaze.

“What do you think?” Lin An Lan asked him, “Do I look presentable?”

Cheng Yu nodded, standing up and gazing at him, “You look very nice, it suits you.”

“I’ll go find Director Zhang then.” Lin An Lan laughed.

Finished saying this, he walked towards Director Zhang.

Cheng Yu silently glued his gaze to his body, reluctant to pull it back.

He picked his phone up and took a picture of Lin An Lan’s back, a back that was very similar to the one in his memory, yet not quite the same.

Lin An Lan’s scene this morning was simple. It was a single shot of him personally, a filming of Gu Shuyu’s performance at school.

He shot the scene quickly, and after the shoot was finished, the students started coming out in lots of batches, so the crew moved on to the next location.

This time the set was in a bungalow.

The room was small and Qin Chunrong, the actor who played Jing Huan’s mother, was lying on the bed.

Cheng Yu’s character, Jing Huan, had his head down and was reading a book on car repairs.

When his cell phone rang, he closed the book and took it out of his pocket, only to find the sticky note Gu Shuyu had given him.

Jing Huan took it out, looked at it, then threw it into the pen holder on his desk in the end, and with the other dusty neutrals in his desk, it stayed in the corner.

As he picked up the phone, he heard his mother’s cough again. Saying something to the person on the other end of the line, he hung up hurriedly.

Jing Huan poured a glass of water and handed it to his mother, “Why aren’t you well yet?”

He retrieved the medicine he had bought a few days ago, admonishing, “Mom, you have to remember to take your medicine on time.”

“I will.” Jing Huan’s mother took it with a smile, finished her medicine, and lay back down again.

As Jing Huan looked at the sickly expression on her face, he started making plans to take her to the hospital in a few days times if it was still bad, having the feeling that it was as if she never got well.

He poured another glass of hot water for his mother before he sat down again at his desk and began to read a book.

When Cheng Yu finished his scene, it was almost dark.

Director Zhang told him to take a break then prepare to shoot the next scene.

Cheng Yu nodded and after a glance at Lin An Lan who wasn’t far away, took a step towards him.

However he had just taken two steps when he stopped in surprise.

Jiang Xu was standing by Lin An Lan.

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but frown. Why was he here? Then suddenly remembering something, he started moving again, walking over quickly.

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