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Chapter 48.2

“Cheng Yu and Zhou Yuan can handle it, you don’t have to worry about it.”

When Yuan Leren saw that there were exactly four people in the living room, she took a deck of cards out and asked them “Do you want to play cards?”

“Can you shuffle the cards?” Lin An Lan asked.

Good question. She put the cards away silently.

“Then let’s play go bang.” She took the pen and paper on the coffee table, “Two groups of four of us. Lin Ge and I in one group, you in one group.”

Chen Yingjie thought it was childish, but Guan Fei was a bit interested and Lin An Lan was fine with it.

The four of them just started drawing circles and crosses on the paper, when it became obvious that Chen Yingjie had his own ideas, and Guan Fei couldn’t land in the same place several times. Because of this they argued as they played, and when they lost the two of them started blaming each other.

Lin An Lan watched the show as he ate melon seeds, until Zhou Yuan brought the stir fried rice out.

Yuan Leren couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at the golden fried rice, “Cheng Ge, you’re too good, this looks delicious, no wonder so many girls want to marry you. You’re simply a god among men! It must be great to be your girlfriend!”

Zhou Yuan: ……

Zhou Yuan felt that the top of his head was a little cold.

Who showed admiration for other men three times in front of their boyfriend like this?!

He gave Yuan Leren a look, “I did it.”

“You, you did it?”

“Cheng Ge taught me himself.”

“So you just moved the spatula and stir-fried a little bit, right?”

Zhou Yuan: ……

Zhou Yuan closed his mouth.

After hearing Zhou Yuan’s words, Guan Fei looked at Lin An Lan as if he had suddenly remembered something and asked, “So, Lin Ge, are you happy? You’re now Cheng Ge’s boyfriend.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but look at Guan Fei, praising him in his heart, good fellow, he really knew how to speak. He had a future!

Lin An Lan smiled calmly, “My last name is Lin, not Fu 1Xing Fu ‘幸福’ means happiness and here, Guan Fei said the words Xing Fu in a way that sounded like ‘姓福’ – (meaning surnamed happiness), characters that are also pronounced the same way as the happiness character as a joke..”

Guan Fei laughed out loud but Yuan Leren crossed her arms, “Lin Ge, that joke is too cold joke.”

“Then you should drink more hot water.”

Guan Fei laughed again but Yuan Leren wasn’t annoyed. She cooperated by taking a sip of water then said, “No hot water is needed, cold water is just fine.”

Cheng Yu and Zhou Yuan finally took their seats, sitting beside Lin An Lan and Yuan Le Ren respectively, as they all gathered around the round table and began to eat.

Chen Yingjie happened to sit across from Cheng Yu, and when he looked up and saw Cheng Yu, he said, “Cheng Ge, your cooking is still as good as ever.”

“Zhou Yuan made that, you should praise him.” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Chen Yingjie froze for a moment, and Zhou Yuan took the initiative to say, “You’re welcome.”

Chen Yingjie was a little embarrassed as he said, “Thank you.”

After saying this, he didn’t say much and bowed his head to eat.

A little amused, the corners of Lin An Lan’s lips rose gently, then he started to eat his meal quietly.

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