I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 105.2 Cheng Yu’s Song

When Duan Yuze heard that Cheng Yu had arrived after receiving a call from him, he went downstairs immediately to pick him up.

He was a singer, and if a definite article had to be put in front of this sentence, then he was a singer-songwriter.

In the first movie that Cheng Yu had made his debut, Duan Yuze had sung the soundtrack for the movie. Cheng Yu had loved it and Duan Yuze had loved his performance, so the two got to know each other.

“Holy sh*t.” Duan Yuze exclaimed as he watched him take off his mask and sunglasses, “How did you spend the year? Are you lovelorn? How did you end up like this?”

Cheng Yu: ……Sticking a knife in his heart right?

Duan Yuze sighed, “Be honest with me, is your family going bankrupt that’s why you are trying to cross over to become a singer, to make more money?”

“Don’t worry, even if your studio goes down, my family won’t go bankrupt.”

“That’s good.” Duan Yuze patted his chest, “I was going to tell you that the record market is in the doldrums so you won’t make much money if you cross over. At best, you will only make more money from your fans.”

“Then why aren’t you changing careers?” Cheng Yu looked at him.

“Isn’t it because of my love for it? For the power of love, don’t you understand? I’m a musician!”


“Just oh?” Duan Yuze felt that he was really not in the right state and that there was a problem, “Did something happen to you?”


“But you aren’t usually like this.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, usually when you hear me say this, you start mocking me.”

“So you want me to mock you?” Cheng Yu’s face was expressionless, “You’re really one of a kind.”

Duan Yuze:……

Duan Yuze didn’t want to talk to him anymore. With this wicked appearance, he must have been blind to think that there was something wrong with him!

Taking Cheng Yu to his studio, he pointed to a spot not far away and said, “Just stand there, put on the headphones and sing into the microphone.”

When Cheng Yu saw him sitting down and starting to adjust the equipment, he felt that he couldn’t sing anything at all.

“You’re not going out?”

Duan Yuze: “???? Of course I’m not going out. If I do, how are you going to record?”

Cheng Yu was silent.

“It can’t be that you are embarrassed, right?” Duan Yuze asked him then continued, “Just treat me as if I’m air and just sing your song. I’m not going to criticize you.”

Cheng Yu put the headphones on, but he still squirmed inside.

After Duan Yuze set up his equipment, he said to him, “Alright.”

Standing in front of the microphone, Cheng Yu looked at it and opened his mouth but couldn’t make a sound.

Duan Yuze waited for him to sing the first line, but after waiting for a long time, nothing came.

“Have you…… forgotten the words?” He guessed.

Cheng Yu shook his head.

“Then what’s wrong…..?”

Cheng Yu didn’t know what to say, so he just said, “Let’s start over again.”

“Okay.” Seeing his expression, Duan Yuze didn’t dare ask any more questions.

Exhaling, Cheng Yu took a deep breath, clenched his fist and opened his mouth again after Duan Yuze said, “Ok”.

However, his voice was very soft, almost inaudible. Duan Yuze interrupted him helplessly, “Are you trying to learn how to buzz like a mosquito? Sing louder and sing it out. I’m not going to laugh at you, so sing it as loudly as you like.”

Walking up to Cheng Yu, he took the headphones off and directed him, “Learn from me.”


Cheng Yu:……

“Hurry up.” Duan Yuze urged.

Cheng Yu could only open his mouth awkwardly, “Ah.”

“Louder, learn from me, ah~”


“From the throat, ahhh~”

Cheng Yu: “Ah~”

Duan Yuze practiced with him for a while before his voice was finally tuned right, “That’s it, sing well.”

He sat back down again.

Cheng Yu also finally seemed to have a voice.

Opening his mouth, he faced the microphone and sang his song word by word.

He sang:

“Looking back again

It’s you with the same smile

No worries, no fears

Desiring to crush those floating clouds”

He sang:

“I steal a key from time

And ask to borrow a piece of fate from time

I turn my youth upside down

I crush the years again

But it’s a pity you

A pity you

Don’t look back”

He sang:

“Living and let live

Bustling with activity

Yelling and clamoring

Finally going our separate ways”

He sang:

“I cast a lock with my beautiful springtime

And ask the years for a piece of affection

I seal up the end of the road

I put the lies together again

I say it’s for you

I say it’s for you

But it’s silence again”

His sorrowfulness and grievance, as if he was sobbing and complaining, was clearly without any skill, but because of the sincerity of his emotions, it stunned Duan Yuze.

Cheng Yu had known what the melody should be like for the climactic chorus part but hadn’t been able to think of the melody for the preceding part, so Duan Yuze had helped to compose the first part for him.

He had tried singing it himself and had been satisfied with it, but now, as he listened to Cheng Yu sing the song, he realized, that all along, it had been Cheng Yu who was best suited to sing the song.

He had no vocal skills, but his voice was in good condition; he was full of emotion as he sang slowly, as if telling a story, as if trying to make a lover stay. He sang quietly in silence, stripping away all the noise and clamor, leaving only the pale, naked sadness and love which hit right in the center of the heart.

He was lovelorn, Duan Yuze thought to himself. Cheng Yu was lovelorn, that was why he looked like this, that was why his song, made one sad.

He was lovelorn, the emotion in his voice had betrayed him.

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