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Chapter 60.1

They played with the children for a while, with the children laughing and giggling excitedly.

As Cheng Yu looked at Lin An Lan surrounded by children, an older child and a younger child, he couldn’t help but ask Xiao Qiao, “When you guys were little, was it like this too?”

Xiao Qiao smiled, “Didn’t An An talk to you about when he was a child?”

“He didn’t go into details.”

“That’s normal. He’s probably embarrassed, after all, when he was a kid, he was a little pitiful.”

Cheng Yu was surprised.

Xiao Qiao looked at Lin An Lan, who was playing not far away from them as her mind slowly returned to the past.

Lin An Lan was almost five years old or so when he was abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage.

His mother had taken him by the hand, brought him to the orphanage, told him to stand at the door and wait, then she said, “I’m going to buy you an ice cream.”

Getting her instructions, Lin An Lan waited obediently, but he waited until the dean had walked out, and until the sun had gone down, but his mother hadn’t come back.

His mouth deflating into a pout, he shouted for his mum with tears in his eyes, and the dean picked him up and said to him, “Let’s go in and wait.”

Lin An Lan however wasn’t willing to go in. He shook his head, kicking his legs against the floor in order not to get inside.

Having no other choice, the dean could only put him on the floor again and then bring him a small bench for him to sit on.

Lin An Lan looked at the place where his mother had left with red eyes, then ran towards it with his short legs, but he ran all the way to the intersection, but still couldn’t see his mother.

The road forked here, and Lin An Lan didn’t know the way or how to go, so he stood there, dumbfounded as he looked at the fork in the road then finally starting wailing loudly, shouting for his mother.

But no one answered.

He couldn’t remember where his home was, he only remembered that his mother had taken him on a long car ride. First in a big car, then a small car, and that he had slept in the car.

But now, his mother was gone.

The teacher at the home took him back to the orphanage, arranged a bed for him, then told him, “You will sleep here from now on. Be good, because if you are, you will have a new mommy to take you home.”

But Lin An Lan was too sad. He hung his head low, like a wilted sapling with yellowing leaves.

He cried for a while before he finally got tired of crying and fell asleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he ran to the door of the orphanage again to wait for his mother.

A child shouted at him, “Your mother won’t come, she doesn’t want you anymore.”

Lin An Lan shouted back angrily, “She wants me! She’s coming back! She said she likes me the most!”

He stood at the door and waited, leaned against the door and waited, squatted at the door and waited, then finally cried again.

For several days in a row, Lin An Lan waited for his mother but she didn’t appear.

On the fifth day, Xiao Qiao stopped Lin An Lan and said to him, “Don’t you understand? You can’t wait! Your mother won’t come, she doesn’t want you anymore! That’s why you’re here, only children whose mothers and fathers don’t want them are here!”

Lin An Lan was so angry that he went to push her, “My mommy wants me!”

“She doesn’t want you! If she wanted you, you wouldn’t be here. She doesn’t want you, so you shouldn’t wait for her anymore!”

Angry, annoyed and aggrieved, Lin An Lan kept pushing Xiao Qiao while crying.

Xiao Qiao was two years older and a little taller than him, so stopping him by virtue of her height, she roared at him with tears in her eyes, “You should stop waiting. If she doesn’t want you, then you don’t want her either. She has given up on you, why shouldn’t you give up on her?!”

She hugged Lin An Lan, who bawled, “I want my mommy, I want my mommy.”

“You will have a new mother later, this mother, just don’t want her anymore.”

When the teacher from the home was brought over by the other children, she saw two people hugging and crying together, the smaller boy crying his heart out and the older girl crying quietly.

The teacher could only go over and help Lin An Lan wipe his tears, while Xiao Qiao bowed her head and dried her tears silently by herself.

It was only after that that Lin An Lan finally stopped going to wait for his mother and instead listened and played with the other children in the courtyard.

He didn’t understand then, didn’t understand what it meant that he would have a new mother.

Until one day, he found that Xiao Yong, who he played with, had packed his school bag, saying that he was leaving and that he had a new mom and dad.

Lin An Lan was both envious and surprised.

He learned then, that the adults who occasionally appeared in the courtyard, if they liked any of them, would become the mommy and daddy of the person they liked.

He wanted a mommy and daddy too, so he asked Xiao Qiao secretly, “Sis Xiao Qiao, can I have my own mommy and daddy too?”

Xiao Qiao smiled very softly as she answered, “Of course you can.”

Lin An Lan was very happy, but he waited for a long time, but didn’t get anyone. Crying with tears in his eyes, he said pitifully, “Even Xiao Jian has a mommy and daddy, but I don’t have one yet.”

As Xiao Qiao looked at his tearful appearance, she was somewhat heartbroken for him, however this was how the orphanage was like. The families who came to adopt liked good-looking and younger ones. Lin An Lan was good-looking, but he was five years old and could already remember things. No adopter would want their child to remember his mother.

They were afraid that the child they had worked so hard to raise would grow up, start to look for his roots, and use the phrase ‘she gave birth to me after all’ as an explanation.

This was what she had overheard once. Xiao Qiao had asked the teacher what the person had meant after they left and the teacher explained to her patiently, telling her that as long as one could come to adopt a small child, they were all good people, but very often, good people also had a lot to worry about.

Xiao Qiao understood, but Lin An Lan didn’t understand.

He was too young; he was only five years old and had no idea what it meant at all.

Later, someone finally picked Lin An Lan, and Lin An Lan was so happy that he told Xiao Qiao excitedly that he was going to have a mommy and a daddy.

Xiao Qiao was also happy for him.

But on the day of the formalities, the other party didn’t come.

Lin An Lan waited for an hour, two hours, one day, two days, but the other party still didn’t come.

Once again, he had been abandoned.

The teacher comforted him, “It must be because that uncle is bad, that’s why god didn’t allow him to come. He is going to find a better daddy for our baby.”

But Lin An Lan still had a hard time. Hugging his school bag, he went back to his room and cried silently.

Until Xiao Qiao came and said to him, “It’s time to eat dinner.”

“My daddy doesn’t want me anymore.” Lin An Lan choked, “I don’t have a mommy and daddy again.”

“Then you don’t want them either, you’ll have a better mommy and daddy.”

Lin An Lan looked up at her as Xiao Qiao touched his head.

Suddenly, he asked her like he had thought of something, “Sis Xiao Qiao have you met your father? I don’t have one, I haven’t met my daddy before.”

Xiao Qiao froze for a moment, nodded, then added, “But I’ve already forgotten what he looks like.”

Lin An Lan didn’t need to forget, he had no idea what his father looked like at all.

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