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Chapter 116.2

Leaning on Cheng Yu’s shoulder, Lin An Lan said calmly, “So, it’s good for us to be just friends from now on and it’s also good for you, so he doesn’t keep appearing in front of you and making you feel bad.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu nodded, “Just handle it as you see fit, I support you fully.”

“Besides, it’s indeed good for me that he doesn’t appear in front of me.” Cheng Yu was very honest, “He has been an eyesore to me for years.”

Lin An Lan was amused by his sincere and unpretentious words.

“But,” Cheng Yu took the opportunity to suggest, “you can’t stay at home and not open the door to him all the time when he comes to you so much, so it’s best if you move to my place. If you move there, he won’t be able to bother you.”

Lin An Lan narrowed his eyes, “Just so he won’t be able to bother me?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “Of course, it’s also so you can live with me.”

“And what if I don’t want to?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Yu responded in a very witty manner, “Then I will move in. Anyways we are going to live together, right?”

“Did I say we were going to live together?”

“We’re in a relationship with marriage as a premise, so of course we have to live together to get a feel for what it would be like if we got married. Otherwise what if there are little problems?” Cheng Yu rallied.

Lin An Lan felt that he was being very eloquent at this point. Of course, he had also been eloquent last night.

“All right.” Lin An Lan agreed, “I’ll move.”

He had indeed grown tired of Jiang Xu’s once-a-day visits as well, what’s more he clearly hadn’t calmed down enough to seriously reflect on his mistakes.

He was like a child who hadn’t grown up yet, apologizing outwardly but not feeling remorseful for hurting others with his mistakes, thinking that he could be forgiven if he kept on apologizing.

But Lin An Lan no longer wanted to wait for him to grow up. He had been with him for so long that he thought they had all grown up, yet Jiang Xu was still living at the age 17. Naive, illusionized and unaware of what was right and what was wrong.

Lin An Lan was tired, so he didn’t want to accompany him anymore. He wanted to grow in the direction he wanted to and to go find his own sunshine and dew.

Hence he said goodbye to his friendship, waved his hand then ran towards his love with a full cloud of hope.

He didn’t care what it would be later, but in this moment he was full of confidence and expectation.

He wanted to be the better version of himself that he aspired to be.

When Lin An Lan moved, he didn’t take too many things with him. It was just like the last time, with only his clothes and some of his regular things. The only difference this time was that he also brought his childhood pictures.

A place with pictures was a place where people wanted to settle down.

Because it was the past, the precious past. A temporary place didn’t need to be decorated and filled with the past. It was only a home that needed to be filled with memories of the past.

As Lin An Lan had brought his past into Cheng Yu’s house and everything he had was here, it had become the second place he called home.

“This is for you.” Lin An Lan tidied up the room then suddenly turned to Cheng Yu and said, “Hand.”

Cheng Yu looked at him curiously, spreading out his palm, “What is it?”

Smiling, Lin An Lan opened his hand and a flower made of pearls fell into Cheng Yu’s palm.

“I learnt it from a tutorial when I was at home these past few days.”

Cheng Yu looked at the flower made of pearls in his hand with surprise, “Are these, the pearls I picked for you last time?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “This is the first time I’ve made these. They don’t look as good as the teacher’s, but I tried my best.”

Cheng Yu’s eyes were full of love, “I think it’s quite pretty.”

He looked at the flower made of pearls in his hand with sweetness and joy, “I like it.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Lin An Lan smiled, “I added a lanyard so you can hang it wherever you want.”

At the beginning he hadn’t known what to do with the pearls, but then once he watched a video and inadvertently saw this handmade flower, Lin An Lan felt that it wasn’t too difficult and that he could learn it.

Unfortunately, just after he had planned to learn it, he discovered that Cheng Yu had lied to him.

After leaving Cheng Yu, he went back to his home and apart from when he was working, he spent most of his time there.

At that time he had really been thinking hard about his relationship with Cheng Yu and the more he thought about it, the more thoughts he had and the more tangles and hesitations he had in his heart.

And as he sometimes didn’t want to let himself dwell on it all the time, he wanted to find something to pass the time and to not continue thinking about it and then he remembered this craft that he had wanted to do but hadn’t yet started.

He had put the pearls in his bag and when he’d left Cheng Yu’s house, he’d taken his bag with him and so naturally, the pearls as well.

Looking at the scattered pearls, he’d strung them together patiently one by one, following the teacher’s tutorial, step by step.

At the time he actually hadn’t known if there was any point in doing this. He had promised Cheng Yu that he would give him these pearls as a gift, but if they were never together again, then did he still want to give him a gift?

Would it be too ambiguous?

Thinking this way, he made it, finished it but didn’t give it out.

Until now when he had returned to Cheng Yu’s side and was standing again in Cheng Yu’s familiar but unfamiliar room that he finally gave him this belated gift.

It was the first time he had ever made such a trinket and although it was a modest one and nowhere near as beautiful as the jewelry in the luxury shops and nowhere near as valuable as the brooch Cheng Yu had given him,

It was a gift from his heart.

Ordinary, commonplace, yet steeped in his love.

As Cheng Yu took it, he felt that it was the best gift he had ever received.

Although Lin An Lan felt that everything about him was ordinary, to Cheng Yu, everything about him was most special and precious.

He had seen too much luxury and pomp and he’d had too many magnificent jewels and rare diamonds, but none of them could compare to the pearl flowers Lin An Lan had made with his own hands.

He had given Lin An Lan pearls and Lin An Lan had given him a flower in return.

Which meant he had finally blossomed in Lin An Lan’s heart and he had finally gained Lin An Lan’s love and affection.

Cheng Yu smiled with pleasure and satisfaction as he looked at the flower in his hand.

“I’m going to hang it on my phone.” Cheng Yu announced, “So that everyone can see it!”

Lin An Lan laughed at the excitement in his tone, “Alright.”

“An An,” Cheng Yu looked at him, his eyes bright, pulsing with affection and youthful honesty, “I want to hug you for a bit.”

Looking at him with a smile, Lin An Lan stepped forward, hugging him, “En, here you go.”

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