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Chapter 98.2

It was nightfall when Lin An Lan woke up in a daze.

He didn’t really want to move, and so out of habit called out ‘Little flower’, wanting Cheng Yu to carry him back to their room.

His voice was soft, with unconscious dependence and love in it. It was only after he said ‘little flower’ out loud that he opened his eyes to see the furnishings in front of him and hazily remembered that he wasn’t at Cheng Yu’s house, he was back at his own.

Cheng Yu had lied to him, so he left and returned to his house. Cheng Yu, wasn’t by his side.

Lin An Lan seemed to be stuck, unable to move as he sat quietly on the sofa.

It was a long time before he got up from the sofa.

Getting up, he went back to his bedroom, where the window had been left open and a breeze was blowing in, making the room chilly.

Moving to close the window, Lin An Lan saw that the courtyard was white, glowing brightly under the light of the street lamps.

It’s snowing, he thought to himself, it will definitely be very cold this year.

Drawing the curtains, Lin An Lan slipped under his covers and fell into a deep sleep.

Cheng Yu was lying in bed with his eyes closed when he received a call from Sun Meng.

He hadn’t slept for a day and a night and reason told him that he should sleep, but he couldn’t. Whenever he closed his eyes to sleep, Lin An Lan’s crying face would appear in his mind.

Saying, “You lied to me.”

Cheng Yu opened his eyes, the room was dark. He rolled over, but couldn’t see the person who usually lay beside him.

He lay in silence, without a trace of strength in his body.

The phone on the bedside table was still ringing. It wasn’t the special ringtone he had set specifically for Lin An Lan when he called, so he didn’t want to answer it.

However the phone kept ringing, without showing any signs of letting up, and so Cheng Yu, feeling helpless, stretched out his hand to take the phone and put it to his ear.

“Your movie premieres tomorrow. I’ve already helped you promote it today by posting it and I’ve already booked the tickets for you. I’ve also sent you the specific information on WeChat, so remember to read it.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu whispered.

“Why does your voice sound so hoarse? Are you sick?”


“That’s good. I know you’re busy for the New Year, so I won’t bother you. Take care of yourself.”


After Sun Meng was done, he hung up.

Staring at his phone, Cheng Yu tapped into WeChat to see the booking message Sun Meng had sent him.

He was familiar with the cinema, the seating and the booking of the whole place.

Putting his phone down, Cheng Yu closed his eyes again.

He wanted to fall asleep so that he would have the energy to go to the movies tomorrow.

But he couldn’t sleep. He could only keep opening and closing his eyes and repeating the action again and again.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Cheng Yu finally got some sleep, and after having had trouble falling asleep, he had a dream where the sky and the sea were vast, with Lin An Lan holding out his arms to him, but he only watched quietly, not daring to move forward.

Waking up, Cheng Yu looked at his watch, wondering for a moment if he had slept at all; it was after twelve o’clock.

He must have been asleep for a while then.

Getting out of bed slowly, he opened the fridge, only to see that it was still stocked with Lin An Lan’s favorite sandwiches.

Not touching them, he took a bag of bread out, walked over to the coffee table and then drank water while eating the bread.

If Lin An Lan came back only to find that the sandwiches were gone, he would be devastated. He really loved the taste of this flavor.

With this in mind, he finished his bread, put on his coat and went out the door.

As it was the afternoon of the tenth day of the Lunar New Year, the cinema wasn’t too crowded, so Cheng Yu checked his ticket and then sat in the middle.

As the cinema was empty and he was sitting alone, it made him look even more lonely.

Cheng Yu watched in silence, looking earnestly at himself in the movie. He remembered what Lin An Lan had said to him earlier, that when the film was released, he would accompany him to see it.

But now the movie had been released and Lin An Lan was gone.

They had once seen a movie together and Lin An Lan had specially booked the entire venue and then asked him, “Little flower, do you want to go out with me?”

His eyebrows had arched in a smile as he leaned into his arms and kissed him intimately in the cinema.

They had once been in love. Only, now the truth of the story had been revealed, the plot had fallen away, the prince had left the scene and he was left alone.

In the end, he hadn’t seen a single movie with him starring him and in the end, he had to sit by himself, as he always had, as he had every time before.

At the end of the movie, the hero turned to say goodbye to the heroine. He knew he was dying, and because he didn’t want to delay the youth of the girl he liked, rejected her and walked away, going towards the distance.

The girl asked him, “Do you really not love me? Don’t you love me at all?”

Shaking his hand, he told her, “I don’t love you.”

Then turning, he walked away, towards a place where she could no longer see him.

Cheng Yu watched in silence, and as he blinked, something fell.

He didn’t love him, he thought to himself, and that, was the only thing that couldn’t be forced.

Of all the things in this world, it was only love, that one was helpless against.

The moment Cheng Yu heard the end credits roll, he stood up and walked out of the cinema.

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