I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 87.2

The crew didn’t follow to record this piece so everyone wrote down their truest wishes for this moment.

Ma Junshan’s wish was that he would become famous soon.

Guan Fei’s wish was to get a role that he liked.

Li Yongsi’s wish was to have a boyfriend.

Jian Yada’s wish was to be healthy.

Zhou Yuan’s wish was for his fans not to go off the grid after he and his girlfriend made the official announcement.

Yuan Leren’s wish was to be with Zhou Yuan forever.

Chen Yingjie’s wish was to have no regrets.

Jiang Xu’s wish was for Lin An Lan to forgive him.

Cheng Yu didn’t write down his wish. He had made a wish every year on his birthday when he was a child, but his wish never came true. Later, Yu Heng told him that wishes didn’t sit around waiting for God to make them come true for you. Rather, one had to work hard to earn them to make them a reality.

So, Cheng Yu stopped making wishes and instead kept them in his heart, attempting to fulfill them himself.

And Lin An Lan, Lin An Lan wrote only four words: Health, safety and peace.

He wasn’t very good at writing wishes, so what he wished for was very simple. He wished that everyone and all feelings would remain the same and that he and Cheng Yu would be lovers today, tomorrow, and for the next hundred years.

But he wondered if this was too extravagant.

The world was full of unexpected twists and turns. His adoptive parents left before he was ready and his friendship with Jiang Xu, which had lasted more than a decade, was in jeopardy as they had grown up.

Lin An Lan believed in Cheng Yu, but he didn’t believe in accidents or time, so he hoped that they would both be healthy and safe, healthy and peaceful for the rest of their lives, so that the rest would fall into place.

Standing on the shore of the beach, they threw their drifting bottles into the sea with all their might.

Lin An Lan thought that if he could, he would like to be with Cheng Yu for the rest of his life.

He liked peace and quiet, and he could feel the peace he wanted when he was with Cheng Yu.

Just this was very good.

He turned his head to Cheng Yu and smiled at him under the patches of light thrown by the stars and the moon.

Cheng Yu smiled as he looked at him, his eyes full of tenderness.

Lin An Lan lowered his brows, taking in the lights projected by the stars as the sea breeze blew through, messing up their hair.

After the variety show, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu went back to X City and returned to the filming crew.

Although Jiang Xu did manage to meet and talk to Lin An Lan after the variety show’s recording, Lin An Lan was obviously not convinced by his words, and feeling helpless, Jiang Xu couldn’t help but want to read the memories in his head and make a 4D movie for Lin An Lan so he could see it clearly.

But Lin An Lan was back on the set and Cheng Yu had someone stop him at the set and the hotel, so unable to get in, Jiang Xu could only continue to send Lin An Lan messages.

The filming of [Yun Yun] had come to an end and on the last day of the year, December 31st of the solar calendar, Gu Shuyu met Jing Huan and Sun Xinxin to celebrate the crossing over into the New Year.

They arrived at the square in the city center where there were many people and the weather was beautiful when suddenly, it started to snow.

The youths who were suddenly covered in a blanket of snow couldn’t stop laughing.

Then they looked at the large clock in the square which began counting down the last ten seconds.

As the second and minute hands both pointed to 12:00, the people in the square cheered together, shouting to each other, “Happy New Year.”

Jing Huan looked back at Gu Shuyu and was about to say ‘Happy New Year’ when he saw Gu Shuyu and Sun Xinxin hugging each other.

Looking into each other’s eyes, they said, “Happy New Year,” in the softest of tones.”

The snow fell on Jing Huan’s body, but his world seemed to be separated from that of Gu Shuyu’s.

He was clearly standing next to him, but it was as if he was standing in another dimension.

He swallowed the Happy New Year that was already on his lips and turned his gaze back to the clock.

Amidst all the noise and bustle, he was the only one lost and alone.

Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan gave Sun Xinxin a lift home before they parted at a junction.

Jing Huan watched him walk out of his sight slowly and without hurry, his hands in his pockets as he took out his cell phone. It seemed he was talking to Sun Xinxin.

The snow fell on his footprints, spreading a thin haze, as if trying to bury the past.

Jing Huan stepped on it, following Gu Shuyu’s footprints step by step, until he reached the corner, but Gu Shuyu’s figure was nowhere to be found.

He would eventually leave his world, and no matter how much he chased and followed his steps, he would eventually disappear.

Never to look back.

Jing Huan stood in the snow, letting the drifting snowflakes fall on him.

He was like a snowman who grew in winter but disappeared when spring arrived.

The happiest times of his life were those hard teenage years.

The people he loved were around him, his dreams were far away, he had nothing, yet he felt that he could have everything if he just reached out his hand.

And now, everything was getting better for him, yet the love of his life was slowly leaving him.

He reached out his hand, but dared not go to make him stay, because, that was not the direction he wanted to stay.

Jing Huan spread his hand and snow landed on his palm. He clenched it hard but still held nothing in the end.

Only a wet patch, like tears, proved that something once fell in his hand, in his heart.

That which he couldn’t have, the love that belonged to Gu Shuyu.

When the scene was over, Cheng Yu didn’t recover for a long time.

Until Wang Cheng came over, handed him the thermos and asked him, “Are you cold?”

Only then did Cheng Yu come out of his sad and desperate state of mind.

Shaking his head, he opened the thermos and drank from it.

The water was hot and so it instantly warmed him up, but Cheng Yu’s heart was still cold.

If Gu Shuyu hadn’t looked back when he left, then what about Lin An Lan?

Would he look back at him before leaving?

He took out his phone and looked at the calendar. They were also approaching a new year, a year, hopefully, that he would spend with Lin An Lan.

He had never, ever spent a New Year with Lin An Lan.

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