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Chapter 94.1

When Cheng Xiao saw that Cheng Yu had really left, he glared at Cheng Feng, “It’s all because of you.”

Cheng Feng asked with a very innocent expression, “What does this have to do with me?”

“When Xiao Yu was little, you never came home and when everyone else came back for New Year’s Eve, you just had to go out. Now look, Cheng Yu has grown up, learned from you and doesn’t want to come back home.”

Cheng Feng calmly said, “Didn’t he come back? New Year’s Eve is just an expression, and he also came back for New Year’s Eve dinner, so that’s about it. People are busy nowadays, so it’s normal for him to also be busy.”

“Listen to what he just said. He’s obviously unhappy with your marriage to Han Shuang, that’s why he said something about not getting married. And adopting a child, is our family’s property meant for him to pass on to outsiders?”

“He’s just saying that. I’ll talk to him about this, you don’t have to worry.”

Cheng Xiao sighed, feeling that the family was becoming more and more cold and cheerless.

The moment Cheng Yu came out of the house, he got into his car and drove towards Lin An Lan’s house.

Driving fast, he somehow had the feeling of going home.

It seemed as if he was only now at the end of a long journey and was finally going home.

Sweeping past the lights in the street and the dazzling displays of fireworks and lanterns along the roadside, he couldn’t wait to run back, to get back to his home and to see the love of his life.

He made his way through the darkness and without looking back, darted towards the starry sky.

It was eight o’clock when Lin An Lan woke up. He was full of energy after having slept well, but he was a little hungry.

However Cheng Yu wasn’t back yet, so Lin An Lan wasn’t in a rush. He opened a bag of chips, opened another bag of biscuits, grabbed a soft drink, sat down on the sofa and started to watch the Spring Gala Festival.

The Spring Gala Festival was very much the same every year. What remained the same was the boredom, the only thing that was a little different was the method with which they presented the boredom.

Lin An Lan had watched a few shows when he heard a knock on the door. Instantly putting his chips down, he walked over to open it.

“You’re finally….” Lin An Lan didn’t finish his sentence when he realized that the person standing outside the door was Jiang Xu and not Cheng Yu, as he had assumed.

Pushing the door, the door which hadn’t yet been opened completely looked like it was about to close.

Jiang Xu stuck his foot anxiously in the doorway, rushing out, “Xiao Lan, I’ve cooked, let’s eat together, okay? I’ve made your favorite meal, and it’s also aunt and uncle’s favorite dish.”

“Let go.” Lin An Lan said coldly.

“Xiao Lan….” Jiang Xu pleaded bitterly.

“Are you trying to make me angry with you here in the middle of the New Year’s celebration?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Looking at his icy frown, Jiang Xu silently withdrew his foot that was in the doorway as well as his hand that was holding the door.

Lin An Lan closed the door and sat back down on the sofa to eat his chips.

When Cheng Yu came back, he saw Jiang Xu who was still outside the door.

Having ‘flown’ all the way here, his heart was full of the joy of spending New Year’s Eve with Lin An Lan, hence when he saw Jiang Xu, he didn’t feel annoyed. He even spared a joke in good humor, “Why are you still here? You were here when I left and you are still here now that I’ve came back. An An didn’t let you in?”

Jiang Xu scowled at him, “You’re feeling smug, aren’t you?”

Smiling, Cheng Yu said truthfully, “I’m quite happy.”

Jiang Xu sneered, “You should indeed be happy. After all these years, you’ve finally gotten what you wanted so of course you should be happy.”

“Not only are you standing by his side now, you’ve also managed to ruin the friendship we’ve had for so many years. If you’re not happy now, when will you be?”

“But how long can you be happy? A fake is a fake and will always be a fake. You’re only fooling him and yourself, but who else can you fool? You aren’t fooling anyone!”

Looking at the resentment in his eyes, suddenly, it was as if Cheng Yu saw his previous self.

His previous self who had been madly jealous of Jiang Xu who was at Lin An Lan’s side because he wasn’t there himself.

Only, his feelings then hadn’t been as sharp as Jiang Xu’s was now, who looked as if he needed to stab others in order to quell his jealousy.

But that was also reasonable. How could Jiang Xu calmly accept that Lin An Lan had rejected him, yet allowed he Cheng Yu to stand by his side?

He had always been the one standing next to Lin An Lan, always been the one looking down on him from above in this relationship, so how could he possibly accept that he had suddenly fallen while the person he hated had taken his place, standing where he once was and even getting closer than he had?

Especially since, as he also knew, was all based on deception?

Smiling at him, Cheng Yu said in a warm tone, “Happy New Year.”

Then he knocked on the door, took out his cell phone and called Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan on the other end of the line answered quickly and asked him, “Coming back so soon?”

“Open the door.” Cheng Yu said.

It was only then Lin An Lan realized that it was Cheng Yu who had knocked on the door just now.

Dashing to the door excitedly, he opened it to see Cheng Yu standing there, smiling tenderly at him.

He smiled beautifully, and because the mask he was wearing covered the lower half of his face, it made his arched eyebrows look even more delicate and brilliant.

Lin An Lan’s heart raced unconsciously in this moment.

They were like lovers who had been reunited after a long time of separation, who, after years of hardship, were now finally able to meet on the night of New Year’s Eve.

Lin An Lan looked deeply at him, then reached out and hugged him in a clinging embrace.

He said in his heart, ‘You’re back at last.’

It was clear that he hadn’t been away long either, but it seemed like a long time.

He had only been waiting for half an hour, yet it seemed as if he had been waiting for half a lifetime.

He opened his mouth, “I missed you so much.”

Hugging him, Cheng Yu looked at him with affectionate in his eyes, his voice gentle as it reached Lin An Lan’s ears through the still air.

“I missed you too.”

He was home at last, Cheng Yu thought as he held his man tightly in his arms.

Standing on the side, Jiang Xu wasn’t sure for a moment what he was feeling.

He was clearly standing next to Cheng Yu, but Lin An Lan didn’t seem to see him. He only looked longingly at Cheng Yu, clinging to him; his world seemed to revolve around Cheng Yu, and he couldn’t see him despite the fact that he was clearly standing so close.

Jiang Xu didn’t speak. He simply looked at the two people in front of him.

Cheng Yu entered through the doorway and then closed the door.

The lights in the house were withdrawn and the lights in the hallway went out again because of the absence of sound.

Standing alone in the darkness, Jiang Xu felt lonely and isolated, and standing there in silence, not a syllable came out of his mouth.

He leaned against the wall then crouched down slowly.

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