I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 174.1

Editor: Jodi

“Program team, turn on the rewards function. I’ll give you rewards right now. Big sis has money, big sis just wants to see big brother giving out sugar. Be a decent person, okay?!!”

“No, please give us more time. The show just started, how is it ending so soon? I beg you, give us some hope. Save this child!!”

“My happiness just started, how can it end now? Woo woo woo, I don’t accept this.”

“[Crying as I hug myself.jpg]”

“Stop crying as you hug yourself and treasure the present. Look at Yu Lan a few more times, that’s what matters! Just thinking about Cheng Ge and An An sleeping on the same bed tonight, I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of excitement.”

“Program team, did you hear that? Don’t cut the sleeping part tonight! I want to see my CP sharing the same bed!”

Director Wang: …. Then you will probably be only able to see them sharing the same bed.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu finished putting on the duvet and pillowcases and were lying in bed resting when the live stream ended.

Not too much, not too little, as it ended right when Cheng Yu turned his head to look at Lin An Lan. Then, everything stopped abruptly.

The pop-up screen: ??????????

The audience was dumbfounded, followed by rage, “Damn it!! It cut off here. Are you guys serious????!!!!”

“Who the heck turned off the live stream? Stand up, I promise I won’t beat you to death!!!!”

“Ah ah ah ah, Cheng Ge’s eyes were so gentle, so affectionate. It looked like he was about to hug An An. Why did it end now!!!!”

“So annoying, so annoying, so annoying. I really want to see what happens next!”

“I want to see it +1, the next part must be so sweet. So who the hell turned it off? You have such perfect timing!”

“I’m crying. It’s like I’m chasing a drama with no guaranteed ending. Program team, be a decent person, okay? Make sure to show the follow-up!”

“Amazing, they left us hanging. I’ll follow the program team’s official Weibo and wait for the next broadcast. Is that okay?”

“Can someone tell me when the next live stream is? I haven’t seen enough!”

“Same here!”

“Check their official Weibo page, they’ll post it.”

And amidst the audience’s complaints, the first impromptu live broadcast of ‘Let’s Date’ ended.

Various forums were flooded with discussions again, and Yu Lan fans recorded this segment and posted it on Weibo and video sites.

Causing many who missed the live broadcast to be unable to help but follow Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan silently after reading the forum discussions and watching the recordings, “So sweet, I really like them!”

“I didn’t feel anything for them before, but now I think they’re a great match.”

“Dreams really do come true. This level of looks, it’s like a legendary BL.”

“Cheng Yu is really straightforward, hahaha. I like it!”

“Why did it end? I want to keep watching!”

Everyone was talking, and Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s Weibo followers kept increasing.

However at this time, the two in question were still lying in bed resting.

Cheng Yu looked at Lin An Lan with a smile in his eyes.

Then turning over, he lay on his side and asked, “Are you tired?”

“Not really.” Lin An Lan replied.

Then he turned on his side as well and looked at the person next to him, “Is there anywhere we haven’t cleaned?”

“I think we’ve cleaned just about everything.”

“Then let’s rest a bit then get ready to cook.”

Cheng Yu nodded, then moved a little closer, whispering in his ear, “Can I hug you?”

He spoke cautiously, with a hint of anticipation.

Because although they were together now and on a dating show, Cheng Yu still cared about Lin An Lan’s feelings, afraid that a sudden hug would make him uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Lin An Lan only felt that he was really considerate. They were already together, so he had the right to hug him. Besides, the audience weren’t watching the show just to see them talk without any contact.

So, acts of intimacy between lovers were completely acceptable at this time.

Hence he took the initiative to hug him, smiling at him, “Of course you can.”

Cheng Yu was instantly happier as he hugged him tightly, his whole being relaxing and stretching like a bunch of budding leaves.

Causing the cameraman who was watching to think to himself— it’s a good thing the live stream was off, otherwise, their CP fans would all be cheering!

But…the cameraman looked at their sweet and gentle atmosphere and felt they had a kind of happiness that was palpable. Even as a straight guy, watching two men hugging in front of him didn’t feel awkward but rather fitting!

It was too terrifying, really too terrifying!

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