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Chapter 175.1

Editor: Jodi

Lin An Lan said as he smiled, “That’s right. Growing up, whenever I saw others get fish bones stuck in their throats, everyone would say to drink vinegar, drink vinegar.”

Cheng Yu smiled as he listened to him, picked the fish bones out carefully, then placed the fish in his bowl, “Eat up. I’ve removed the bones for you so they don’t get stuck in your throat.”

Lin An Lan didn’t refuse his kindness and ate the fish he placed in his bowl.

Cheng Yu continued to pick the fish bones out for him, letting him eat the fish without worries.

However after a while, Lin An Lan felt a bit embarrassed, “Let me do it myself. You eat your food.”

But Cheng Yu said as he fed the fish into his mouth, “Don’t take my fun away.”

“What’s so fun about this?” Lin An Lan didn’t understand.

“Of course it’s fun.”

For Cheng Yu, picking the fish bones out and letting Lin An Lan eat the fish he had picked clean was an enjoyable thing.

Especially since sometimes, he could feed it directly into Lin An Lan’s mouth.

“I just like doing this.” He told him.

Lin An Lan sighed helplessly. Alright, anyway this was how his boyfriend was. He really liked him, really loved him and really liked to do things for him.

He knew this very well, so he accepted his care.

And although to him some of this care wasn’t necessary, he would relent if it made Cheng Yu happy.

Because as long as he was happy, then that was all that mattered.

He had been unhappy for too long, so now he wanted him to be more and more happy every day.

“Then thank you, my handsome, considerate, gentle, and adorable boyfriend.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “Then what should you call your boyfriend?”

Lin An Lan chuckled, then feeling helpless and only able to do obey, he leaned closer to the table and said softly, “Thank you, husband.”

And Cheng Yu, satisfied, fed him the fish he had picked clean, “There’s no need to thank me. This is what a husband should do.”

Lin An Lan smiled lightly as Cheng Yu kissed him gently on the lips.

So, when Lin An Lan saw Cheng Yu put fish in his bowl again, he turned to him, said “Thank you.” then lowered his head and ate it.

And Zhang Qihan, noticing Cheng Yu’s actions said in surprise, “Cheng Ge, you’re picking the fish bones out for Lin Ge?”

Cheng Yu replied gently, “Yes, he usually eats fish without bones, but the program team bought fish with bones this time, so I’m helping him out.”

Zhang Qihan instantly became even more envious. She also ate fish without bones at home, but now, there wasn’t anyone to pick the bones out for her.

It would have been fine if they all didn’t have anyone to help, but with this comparison, she couldn’t help but feel a bit down.

“Cheng Ge, you’re so good to Lin Ge.”

Cheng Yu smiled, “I’m his boyfriend, so naturally, I have to treat him well.”

“Besides.” Cheng Yu placed the deboned fish into Lin An Lan’s bowl, “I like treating him well.”

Lin An Lan looked up at him, feeling a rare bit of embarrassment. However when his eyes met his gentle, smiling gaze, he couldn’t maintain his hard stance and the expression on his face softened into a smile.

He didn’t say anything, and just lowered his head to eat the fish.

However, Zhang Qihan who was sitting opposite them could clearly see the sweetness and affection between them.

She was both envious and a bit aggrieved. However just at this moment, she heard her boyfriend say, “But Lin Ge is also a man. Isn’t it a bit too much to need someone to pick the bones out of the fish for him?”

Cheng Yu’s expression immediately turned cold.

He already didn’t like Jiao Wenxiu because of his attitude towards Zhang Qihan, but since he was someone else’s boyfriend, he didn’t bother to intervene. But if he tried to touch Lin An Lan, he wouldn’t tolerate it.

“What’s too much about it?” Cheng Yu asked coldly. “We’re eating together and I like picking the fish bones out for him. Do I need your approval?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Jiao Wenxiu only felt that Cheng Yu was too good to Lin An Lan. In his opinion, there had to be a balance when one was dating, because being too good would only make the other person take you for granted, whereas putting on airs and keeping a certain distance would make the other person value your affection as they wouldn’t be able to guess what you were thinking.

But Cheng Yu was showing all his cards now, and to him, that was a mistake.

Also, Jiao Wenxiu thought as he looked at Lin An Lan. He definitely had to be the more feminine one in the relationship. He seemed to really think that he was a woman, even needing someone to pick the bones out of his fish for him. No wonder he had spoken up for Zhang Qihan just now.

“I just think we’re all men here. There’s no need to be so delicate and have someone take care of you. Even Qihan, a girl, doesn’t need me to pick her fish bones out for her, so Lin Ge, as a grown man, can surely eat by himself.”

Cheng Yu sneered, “Is it that she doesn’t need it or that you’re not willing? What girl wouldn’t want her boyfriend to treat her better? You wouldn’t even enter the kitchen. She serves you food and soup, and you act like it’s only natural, without you even saying a word of thanks or helping her out. With the way you act, do you yourself think you’d ever consider picking out fish bones for her? Would you be willing?”

Jiao Wenxiu looked a little displeased, “These things aren’t what men should do. These household chores are women’s work. Qihan thinks so too, which is why we don’t need to serve each other and what not. Cheng Ge, I’m not trying to cause trouble. I’m just saying this for your own good. Even though you’re a couple, you’re both men, aren’t you?”

“So men can’t enter the kitchen, can’t serve food to the ones they love, and they can’t take care of them? Doing these things disqualifies you from being a man? Wow, you’re incredible. Look at you redefining what it means to be a man. Why hasn’t Nobel given you an award for being the best definition of a man?”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh at these words.

Jiao Wenxiu turned to look at him, and Lin An Lan smiled, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. You guys continue, I won’t interrupt.”

Jiao Wenxiu: …

Zhang Qihan apologized to Cheng Yu hurriedly, “Cheng Ge, I’m sorry. He didn’t do that by intention, so please don’t take it to heart. He’s just straightforward and blunt.”

Then she turned to Lin An Lan, “Lin Ge, I’m sorry too. Please don’t take it to heart. He really respects you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t feel that way.

Cheng Yu smiled, “It wasn’t intentional before, and it isn’t now. I think he really is heartless, so nothing he does is intentional.”

Jiao Wenxiu became a little angry, “Cheng Ge, I respect you, but it doesn’t mean you should insult me like this.”

Cheng Yu looked surprised, “You actually respect me? Sorry, I didn’t feel it. Maybe your respect isn’t intentional either.”

Jiao Wenxiu: !!!

Jiao Wenxiu was frustrated, however he didn’t dare lose his temper at him, so he stood up angrily, “It seems Cheng Ge doesn’t like me, so I won’t bother you anymore. Qihan, let’s go.”

Zhang Qihan was at a loss, not understanding how things had escalated so quickly. However she still apologized to Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan while trying to calm Jiao Wenxiu down.

However it only made Jiao Wenxiu’s mood worsen, “If you won’t go, then I will.”

Then with that, he turned and headed for the door.

Zhang Qihan apologized again hastily then followed after him.

And as Lin An Lan watched her leave, he became increasingly puzzled as to what exactly she saw in Jiao Wenxiu.

Then he suddenly remembered a phrase he saw online, which perfectly described Jiao Wenxiu—he’s so ordinary yet so confident.

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