I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 93.2

Cheng Yu got off the elevator, located his car and drove back to the Cheng family house.

Cheng Yu hadn’t been back home much this year, so when Cheng Xiao saw that he had arrived, a smile immediately appeared on his face.

“Why are you back so late?” He pulled Cheng Yu to his side.

“Something came up.” Cheng Yu’s response was brief and concise.

Nodding, Cheng Xiao didn’t ask any more questions. He said instead, “Dinner hasn’t started yet, so you can wait first.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu said in a warm voice.

When Cheng Feng came down from upstairs after finishing a phone call, he saw that his son, who didn’t come home often, had finally come home.

Descending the stairs slowly, he walked up to Cheng Yu, sat down opposite him and chatted with him for a while.

At seven o’clock, the Cheng family started dinner on time.

Although there were only three of them, the spread was very rich.

Smiling, Cheng Xiao sat Cheng Yu next to him, chatting with him as he ate, “You’re not too young anymore. Some day, grandpa will take you to meet Grandpa Sun’s little granddaughter. She’s really smart and beautiful….”

“I won’t go.” Cheng Yu said indifferently, “I am not interested in marriage.”

“You can’t say that. You have to meet first then….”

“What’s the point of meeting her when you know I don’t like her?” Cheng Yu ate his meal calmly, “It’s such a waste of time. Grandpa, if you like her, then you go yourself.”

Taking a sip of his wine, Cheng Feng raised his eyes to look at his son, then his eyes moved down and landed on Cheng Yu’s left hand– there was a ring on his ring finger.

Cheng Feng instantly thought of Lin An Lan, who had been living with Cheng Yu recently.

“If you don’t want to see her, then don’t see her yet. You’re going to get married anyway, not now, but later, so it’s not so bad.” He said deliberately.

Cheng Xiao wasn’t too satisfied, “Look at what you’re saying. How many years do I still have to live, can’t I be anxious?”

“But if he’s not anxious, it’s useless for you to be anxious.” Cheng Feng laughed.

Cheng Xiao looked helplessly at Cheng Yu, who still had the same unperturbed look on his face.

“What do you like?” Cheng Feng asked, “There’s always a type, tell me and I’ll keep an eye out for you.”

“No need.” Cheng Yu refused.

“Okay then, at what age do you plan to get married?”

Cheng Yu thought the question was a bit ridiculous, “Why do I have to get married? What’s wrong with me not getting married?”

“Of course it’s wrong.” Cheng Xiao said angrily, “How can a person not get married?”

“What difference does it make whether I get married or not?” Cheng Yu looked at him, “My father is married, but he’s still living like he’s not married.”

“But he at least has you.” Cheng Xiao educated him.

Cheng Yu didn’t think it was a big deal, “I volunteered at the orphanage for a day a while ago. If you want a child, I can adopt one, or if you like, I can adopt a group of them.”

Cheng Xiao: ……

Cheng Xiao thought he was simply trying to piss him off, “That’s not the same! They don’t have my Cheng family’s bloodline!”

“If you want the bloodline of the Cheng family, then that’s easy.” Cheng Yu put a piece of beef into his bowl, “It’s not as if my father is your only son. The son of my uncle’s family has a child, that one also has your bloodline.”

Now it wasn’t only Cheng Xiao who was angry, Cheng Feng also frowned, “Xiao Yu, watch how you speak.”

“Isn’t what I said the truth?”

“Just eat.” Cheng Feng said.

Looking at his son, a strand of irritation spilled out of him.

Cheng Feng knew more or less about Lin An Lan. Instead of joining the company after graduation, his son had entered the entertainment industry for that man; it was impossible for him not to know what was hidden behind this.

It was just that Lin An Lan had no interest in his son, and he knew it very well, so he only looked on coldly and didn’t interfere.

However in the second half of the year, Lin An Lan and his son suddenly started living together, and although he wasn’t happy about it, he didn’t say much.

He had his own debauched ways, so he wouldn’t ask Cheng Yu himself to be devoted. As far as he was concerned, Cheng Yu could have fun if he wanted to, even if it was with a man. As long as he wasn’t serious, it didn’t matter.

And even if Cheng Yu was serious, as long as he was willing to find a woman in the end, get married and have children, then it wasn’t a big deal to have a male lover outside.

He himself had many lovers, so he didn’t mind if his son also had a lover. He only had one requirement of Cheng Yu, which was that he had to get married and have children, to continue the glory of the Cheng family.

When he saw the ring on Cheng Yu’s hand, he had thought that he and Lin An Lan were serious and that they were going to get married.

In the past few years, the marriage law had been amended to allow same-sex couples to get married, and although not many gay couples dared to register, Cheng Feng knew that if Cheng Yu wanted to, there was nothing he wouldn’t dare to do.

But now he was also saying that he didn’t intend to get married, which meant he wasn’t very serious about Lin An Lan, or at least he didn’t intend to marry Lin An Lan.

It was likely that he was wearing this ring just to appease Lin An Lan, with whom he still intended to have a relationship but not get married to.

But then, he was saying something about adopting a child, something about the children of other members of the Cheng family.

He had worked so hard for so many years just to make a wedding dress for his nephew?

Feeling that Cheng Yu was being ignorant at this point, he gave him a displeased look then said, “Let’s eat.”

Cheng Yu ate a few bites, wiped his mouth, stood up and said politely, “I have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first. That’s all for today, Happy New Year.”

Cheng Xiao was surprised, “How long have you been back, why are you leaving?”

“I have a date with someone else.”

Cheng Xiao wasn’t too happy, “It’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re still seeing other people.”

Cheng Yu smiled slightly and put the New Year gift he had prepared in front of him, “This is a New Year gift for you, Happy New Year.”

And with that, he took his coat and left the house.

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