I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 167.2 [Extra four]

Editor: Jodi

Cheng Xiao and Cheng Feng were already awake, with Cheng Xiao sitting on the sofa watching TV while Cheng Feng was on the phone. When they came downstairs, Cheng Xiao glanced at them but didn’t say anything.

At noon, the Cheng family had lunch right on time.

And as it was New Year’s, they were having dumplings. Cheng Yu was helping Lin An Lan with the dipping sauce when Cheng Feng mentioned to him, “Some relatives will be coming over in the afternoon. You aren’t in a rush to leave, right?”

Cheng Yu placed the dipping sauce on Lin An Lan’s right side then asked him, “Do you need to rush back?”

Lin An Lan wasn’t in a hurry, but… if the Cheng family had relatives coming over, would Cheng Xiao be willing to let him stay?

“I’m not in a rush.” Lin An Lan replied.

“Then do you want to meet my relatives?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Cheng Xiao grumbled, “What’s the point? He’s not part of our family.”

Chuckling, Cheng Yu told Cheng Feng, “You heard that. I’m in a rush to leave right now.”

Lin An Lan almost burst out laughing but quickly lowered his head and focused on his dumplings.

Cheng Xiao snapped, “What do you mean by that?”

“If you don’t want An An to meet our family, then I’ll have to take him back, and that means I’ll have to rush.” Cheng Yu explained calmly.

Cheng Xiao thought Cheng Yu meant he would return after dropping Lin An Lan off, so he said, “Then go and come back quickly.”

“We won’t be coming back. We have a lot to do at home, what’s more it’s not necessary to meet the relatives today. We can see them another day.” Cheng Yu said matter-of-factly.

Cheng Xiao: !!!

Cheng Xiao felt like he was going to be driven mad by his own grandson!

“You’re doing this on purpose right?”

Cheng Yu turned to him innocently, “Grandpa, have you forgotten that I’m not at home most of the time on the first day of the year? I have my own things to do, and I also need to visit Grandpa and Grandma on the other side, so how could this be on purpose?”

Then he remembered, “I’m even planning to take An An to meet my Grandpa and Grandma this Spring Festival.”

Lin An Lan was surprised. Cheng Yu hadn’t mentioned this before.

But then he thought about it, and felt it wasn’t a big deal. He had even met Cheng Xiao, so meeting others didn’t matter much.

Cheng Feng wanted Cheng Yu to stay and chat with the other relatives. He hadn’t been working at the company before, so he didn’t care about meeting others. However now that he was in charge of the company, it was necessary for him to talk to everyone in order to avoid any sort of awkwardness.

“If Lin An Lan isn’t in a hurry, then he can stay. You don’t have to take him back. After meeting everyone, you can go back.” Cheng Feng suggested.

“Then Lin An Lan isn’t permitted to meet them.” Cheng Xiao insisted.

“Then I won’t meet them either.” Cheng Yu didn’t back down.

Cheng Xiao gritted his teeth, “Then don’t meet them.”

“Dad.” Cheng Feng called out helplessly, “Didn’t we agree on this last night?”

Then he looked at Cheng Yu, his tone gentle, “If you want to be with him, then go ahead. You’re going to develop in the company in the future, so you’ll have to deal with the family relatives, hence it’s better to meet them this time.”

“That works.” Cheng Yu said, “Anyways I’m going to give my shares to An An in the future, so it’s just as well that he also meets the people in the company now to prevent them from being strangers in the future.”

Cheng Xiao almost threw his chopsticks, “You dare!”

“When dad and mom got married, my mom got nearly half of the shares. An An and I are getting married this year, so I want to do the same as dad. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“What status did your mom have, and what status does he have! I don’t agree!”

“I’m not asking for your opinion. I’m just letting you know.”

Cheng Xiao lost his appetite in an instant and looking at Lin An Lan, he asked, “Aren’t you embarrassed to take it?”

Of course Lin An Lan was embarrassed to take it. He knew the value of the shares of the Cheng Group and that he couldn’t afford that burden. However seeing Cheng Xiao unhappy made him happy.

What’s more he had never been one to tear Cheng Yu down, so he smiled and said, “I’m a bit embarrassed, but since we’re both getting married, then there’s no need to be so distant. What’s more what’s his and what’s mine are originally supposed to be shared.”

Cheng Xiao didn’t expect him to look so elegant yet speak so shamelessly. He was so angry that he choked on air, then started to cough.

And startled, Lin An Lan quickly handed him some water, “Are you okay?”

Then he advised, “It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. Cheng Yu and I are both getting married, so even if he gives me his shares, they’re actually still his. And it’s not as if we’re going to get divorced, so Grandpa, you don’t need to be so upset.”

As Cheng Xiao listened to his words about them not getting divorced, he became even more angry.

“Don’t call me grandpa.” He didn’t forget to retort while coughing.

Lin An Lan complied, “Then Old Man Cheng?”

Cheng Xiao: …

“I can’t keep calling you Cheng Yu’s grandfather right?” Lin An Lan told him.

Cheng Xiao: …

Cheng Xiao felt like he didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

He thought that by showing his unwelcoming attitude, Lin An Lan would back off. But what happened? He dared to take the shares and get married, and even dared to have no intention of getting a divorce!

How could he get him away from his grandson’s side?

He glanced at his ruthless grandson and then at his son whose elbows had turned outwards towards his son. Then finally, he looked at his grandson’s lover who looked simple but had deep thoughts.

Then felt that it seemed he really couldn’t stop this marriage.

Drinking some water angrily, he lowered his head in grief and indignation to eat dumplings.

And seeing that he was okay, Lin An Lan sat back down and comforted him, “Old Man Cheng, don’t be angry. Getting angry harms the body. It’s not worth it to get so angry because of me. Think of it this way- when two people are together, there will always be ups and downs. Although Cheng Yu and I won’t divorce, you might be relieved when we argue. So take care of yourself, because only then can you see the day we argue.”

Cheng Xiao sneered, “I really thank you for thinking of me that much.”

“There’s no need to be polite. After all, you’re Cheng Yu’s grandfather. I still hope you stay healthy.”

“I’d be healthier if I didn’t see you.” Cheng Xiao said.

“Then according to how often we meet, you will definitely be in good health.”

Cheng Xiao: …

Cheng Xiao turned to look at him, feeling like he couldn’t understand young people nowadays. How could he still sit still despite his attitude?!

If it were him in his younger days, he would have flipped the table and stormed off long ago!

So on the first day of the year1New Year’s Day, Cheng Xiao, who had been proud all his life, finally found the first advantage of his grandson’s lover—able to keep his cool.

At least, more than he ever could in his youth.

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