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Chapter 25.1

“Yes.” Lin An Lan nodded. “Check to see if you’ve left anything behind.”

Cheng Yu thought to himself that there was nothing that he could have left behind, but because he had always been responsive to Lin An Lan’s requests, he didn’t refuse and holding up his phone with the flashlight on, showed him the way, walking him towards the classroom.

Lin An Lan unlocked the door with the key, turned on the classroom’s light, looked at the podium, and pretended to say, “There’s nothing here.”

“Then let’s go.”

Lin An Lan turned to look at him, smiled a little, didn’t say anything, and walked towards his previous seat.

Cheng Yu could only follow him.

“Is this where you were sitting before?” As Lin An Lan sat down, he felt that the table was a bit low.

Cheng Yu sat down next to him, “Yes, the last row was empty.”

“Then where did you sit when we were at school?”

Cheng Yu at that moment, not expecting him to ask about their high school days.

“We didn’t have fixed seats,” He answered, “Our school was a step classroom, one step and one row of tables, so there was no such thing as sitting at the back and being blocked by the students in front of us, so every week we would automatically move back one row, we sat in every seat in the class.”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “Then our school’s design setting was quite good, huh?”

“Hmm.” Cheng Yu laughed. “Because they use the step classroom, the whole building is designed with a lot of character, moreover it looks good too.”

Lin An Lan looked at him with his chin on his hands, “It makes me want to go back to school to see it.”

“Another time.” Cheng Yu said, “I’ll take you to see it next time.”

Lin An Lan nodded then leaned closer to him, “Then how can I thank you for helping me so much?”

Cheng Yu smiled, pinching his nose, “It’s only right that I treat you well, you don’t need to thank me.”

“Really?” Lin An Lan asked deliberately, “Not even the kind that has me paying you with my body?”

Cheng Yu: !!!

Cheng Yu didn’t hesitate, “This kind of thanks is necessary, it’s very very necessary.”

Lin An Lan laughed, moved closer, took his hand in his and kissed him on the lips.

He kissed him very lightly and fleetingly, unhurriedly, pecking and brushing his lips over his in a dragonfly touch.

Unable to stand the temptation, Cheng Yu pulled him into him, took his lips and kissed him in the classroom.

The room was very quiet and with the bulb hanging near the ceiling emitting a warm yellow glow, Cheng Yu pushed Lin An Lan against the wall next to his desk slowly, kissing him delicately.

By the time the kiss was over, Lin An Lan’s face was a little red, his gaze soft and as he leaned back against the wall, he looked at Cheng Yu with an affection gaze, the look in his eyes pure and compelling.

He pulled Cheng Yu in closer again, biting and kissing his lips.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” Cheng Yu asked as he kissed him, “From the time you said you had to prepare for class after dinner until just now, you did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Lin An Lan smiled and kissed him back, asking him, “What about my motive?”

Cheng Yu’s heart hammered a little then puffed up with sweetness.

Separating himself from Lin An Lan’s lips, he stared into his shining eyes and looking at the sly smile on his face, his heart tingling with a honey flavored joy.

He caressed his cheek slowly, whispering, “It’s because of me, right?”

“Because I told you before, when I was in school, I envied other people. They could hold hands with the person they liked in the classroom and kiss in school, but I couldn’t do anything.”

His tone was gentle, his heart tender as he continued to look at Lin An Lan, his eyes focused.

Smiling, Lin An Lan took his other hand and placed it against his forehead as he said, “You can now.”

“You can do anything you want to do now.”

Cheng Yu was inexplicably happy but his heart felt a little sour at this moment.

He couldn’t stop himself from kissing Lin An Lan again, this time excitedly and without restraint, kissing him hard on the lips.

He hugged him as he held him tightly, unable to stop himself from kissing his lips and cheeks.

It was dark outside, and the moon was high in the sky, casting a bright glow.

In the silence, only the faint light in the classroom was on.

The door to the classroom was closed tightly, so Lin An Lan was at ease in this small world, allowing his lover to kiss him.

Cheng Yu continued to hug him, and in this moment, his heart moved and sank in deeper.

He had known earlier on that if Lin An Lan was willing to love him, then he would be the happiest man in the world.

But now he found that the reality was even better than he had thought, causing him to inevitably fall in love with Lin An Lan over and over and over again.

The two of them made to leave the classroom, in a good mood.

Lin An Lan reached out to turn off the lights, but before he could close the door, Cheng Yu pressed him against the classroom wall in the darkness and kissed him once again.

He didn’t stop him, kissing him back cooperatively, satisfying his youthful desires.

Cheng Yu hugged him, his heart soft.

After the kiss was over, he closed the door, took Lin An Lan’s hand and walked slowly towards the school gate.

There were no streetlights, only the stars and moon hanging in the sky, together with the faint light from the cell phone.

Lin An Lan walked side by side with Cheng Yu. The road wasn’t smooth, but he was at ease.

He looked up at the stars in the sky. They were dense and hidden, just like their past, real and yet out of his reach.

But he didn’t mind. The past couldn’t be changed, but the future was within his reach. He only needed to cherish the present and the future.

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