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Chapter 118.2 Meeting friends and happiness!

Cheng Yu parked his car then entered the clubhouse with Lin An Lan.

He showed his identity card, and by the way had one issued to Lin An Lan.

“It has quite the foreign style.” Lin An Lan looked at the card in his hand.

“All private clubs are like this.” Cheng Yu explained.

Then he led Lin An Lan to his private room and saw that Hua Rong and Xu Sheng had already arrived and that the two seemed to be playing dice, with Xu Sheng looking very badly defeated.

Seeing Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan arrive, Xu Sheng said immediately, “I’m not playing anymore, my luck is too bad today.”

Hua Rong smiled, “You’re the one who’s not very good at it but you’re blaming your luck.”

He turned his head to look at Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan then smiled at Lin An Lan, “It’s been a long time, do you remember me?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “How could I not remember, didn’t you even have someone send word to me the other day?”

Xu Sheng: ????

Xu Sheng looked bewildered, “What happened?”

But Cheng Yu did know what he meant by that. After Lin An Lan had left his house that day, he guessed that someone from his side had probably told Lin An Lan about his illness.

Xu Sheng was too simple to think of this, so he had guessed that it might have been Hua Rong, Yu Heng or Sun Meng.

Then he settled on it being Sun Meng.

Because Hua Rong and his big brother obviously wanted him to break off the relationship so that he wouldn’t be hurt by it again, he hadn’t expected that it would be Hua Rong.

And he hadn’t expected that Hua Rong would ask Xie Hui to tell him.

Cheng Yu had simply been shocked speechless by him at that time “Couldn’t you have just gone yourself?”

“I was busy, what’s more I couldn’t meet him and Xie Hui happened to be shooting a magazine in the same building as him, so it just happened to work out.”

“Besides, Xie Hui isn’t your friend. If he goes to see Lin An Lan and Lin An Lan tells him that he understands but doesn’t go, Xie Hui wouldn’t be able to do anything, but I’m your friend. With your half dead half alive appearance, if he gives me an ‘I don’t care expression’, I’m afraid I might take inappropriate measures.”

Cheng Yu: ……

Cheng Yu felt that that was really his character.

“So, it’s good that Xie Hui was the one to tell him so that even if he didn’t want to come, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to him except to tell you to wake up, he doesn’t have you in his heart, so you should give up on your wishful thinking.”

At that time, when Cheng Yu saw Lin An Lan, he’d had a calm expression. From the time he had appeared to the time he left, he hadn’t shown much emotion, not to mention even bring up the name Xie Hui, so he had assumed that Lin An Lan probably didn’t associate him with Xie Hui and only thought that Xie Hui was one of Hua Rong’s people and didn’t think much of it. But now that Lin An Lan had said so in this situation, Cheng Yu suddenly panicked a little.

He looked at Lin An Lan cautiously, not quite sure if he wanted to settle accounts with Hua Rong after the deed had been done.

Hua Rong was very calm, “That’s true.”

“Didn’t you bring Xie Hui along today? Speaking of which, I have him to thank for that.” Lin An Lan said.

“A party for friends, what would he do here? But if you want to thank him, I can give you his contact information.” Hua Rong smiled.

“Forget it then. It’s just as well to thank you. After all, you’re the one who asked him to come.”

“You’re welcome.” Hua Rong still had that smile on his face, “The fact that you were able to go see Ah Yu is the biggest thank you I could ever ask for.”

Xu Sheng looked at the two of them and interrupted anxiously, “Can you tell me first what happened and how it even has something to do with Xie Hui?”

“When Ah Yu was sick, I asked Xie Hui to give Lin An Lan a message.” Hua Rong explained.

Xu Sheng understood, “And here I was even wondering how the two of them suddenly got back together again. It turns out something like this happened. So Lin An Lan, you heard that Ah Yu was sick and worried in your heart, went to see him?”

Smiling, Lin An Lan nodded, “Pretty much.”

“You’re awesome.” Xu Sheng looked to Hua Rong, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Hua Rong smiled, “Because you’re stupid.”

Xu Sheng was so angry that he punched him twice without saying a word.

Amused by their interaction, Lin An Lans’ eyes curved with laughter and Cheng Yu was relieved, pulling him down onto the sofa.

Hua Rong poured a glass of wine for each of them then handed it to them.

When he handed it to Lin An Lan, he said, “But the next time something like this happens, I’ll go to you personally, I won’t ask Xie Hui to pass on the message. I wasn’t thinking well this time, sorry.”

Lin An Lan understood the meaning behind his words. This could probably be considered his apology, along with the assurance that there wouldn’t be a second Xie Hui, nor a second chance of Xie Hui getting involved with them.

But he actually didn’t really think that this was necessary either.

Essentially, Xie Hui wasn’t the point. If Cheng Yu had no intention, then even if eighteen Xie Hui’s surrounded him, he wouldn’t look at them and if Cheng Yu was lucky, even without Xie Hui there would have been Wang Hui or Zhao Hui.

He believed in Cheng Yu, so he didn’t care about Xie Hui.

He understood Hua Rong, so he could understand the existence of Xie Hui.

These weren’t big issues. In a relationship, the most important thing was always the two parties in the relationship.

Plus he had a fair impression of Xie Hui. That day when they met, Xie Hui, although looking timid, had been trying very hard to persuade him and to make it clear that he and Cheng Yu didn’t know each other well, not wanting him to misunderstand anything.

So Lin An Lan laughed a little and replied to him, “It’s not necessary. It happened to be on his way and so you just asked him to tell me. There’s no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to make a trip yourself. It’s just a matter of saying a few words anyway.”

Hua Rong looked at him in surprise then saw the unmistakable clarity in Lin An Lan’s eyes.

“You don’t mind?” He asked.

He thought Lin An Lan did mind and he was certainly entitled to mind and although he could say that he could afford to do the same for Cheng Yu and that he was doing it for Cheng Yu’s sake, there was no doubt that he had never put himself in Lin An Lan’s shoes, so it was only natural that he should mind and that he should be angry.

However, Lin An Lan didn’t seem to mind as much as he’d thought he would.

“There is nothing to mind.” Lin An Lan said honestly, “I understand. Besides, whether it you or Xie Hui, you two are just outsiders.”

They were all outsiders, so there was no way to determine the course of his and Cheng Yu’s love. Only he and Cheng Yu could determine their relationship, so whether it was Hua Rong or Xie Hui who came to deliver the message, it was all the same to Lin An Lan. Both were hopes from an outsider.

In essence, it didn’t change or interfere with anything.

Hua Rong looked at the smile on his face and the shimmer in his eyes and for a moment, felt as if he understood somewhat why Cheng Yu had spent so much time on him.

He was a very intelligent person.

There were many intelligent people in this world, but Lin An Lan’s kind of cleverness wasn’t quite the same as other people’s.

His intelligence lied in the fact that he saw things thoroughly. He was sensible, but he was sensible in a warm way; he knew that Cheng Yu had lied to him, but he forgave him and gave him a second chance because of his love for him.

He obviously knew that Xie Hui’s appearance wasn’t that simple, yet he wouldn’t fuss about it because he believed in Cheng Yu.

He also knew that he was the one who found Xie Hui and brought him to Cheng Yu, but he understood and didn’t mind because he was also only an outsider.

He analysed everything rationally, but used his emotions to neutralize his own views on the matter. He clearly knew that Cheng Yu had lied to him, but he still had absolute faith in him.

Thus, neither he nor Xie Hui were of any importance in the light of his confidence in Cheng Yu.

It was rare and precious to be able to trust someone you loved completely and without reservation, focusing only on them.

And Lin An Lan was one such person.

Which was why he could be generous and say to him, ‘there is nothing to mind’, and he could tell him, ‘you are all just outsiders’, without mercy.

Smiling, Hua Rong sat back down on the sofa, unable to help but admit that Cheng Yu had a very good eye for love.

It was no wonder that after all these years, he couldn’t take his sight from Lin An Lan.

He should have thought of that. To be able to make Cheng Yu dead set on him, loving him for so many years, he must have some kind of special charm.

Lin An Lan was far more suitable for Cheng Yu than he had thought.

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