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Chapter 75.2

Lin An Lan woke up from his dream in a daze when the fever had subsided.

“You’re awake?” Cheng Yu asked.

He touched Lin An Lan’s forehead. Although it was slightly damp with sweat, the temperature was clearly not as high as before.

“You don’t seem as hot as you had been before. Want to go take a shower?”

Lin An Lan nodded his head, feeling uncomfortable as he was both sweaty and sticky.

However right now, his mind was still processing the dream he had just had, unable to come out from under the shadow of it for a while.

He raised his eyes to look at Cheng Yu for a moment, then realized that he had just been lying on Cheng Yu’s lap before he fell asleep and now, he was still on Cheng Yu’s lap.

Cheng Yu hadn’t moved an inch.

It was probably because he was afraid he would wake him up if he moved, so he just kept sitting. It was really, quite taxing.

Wrapping his arms around his waist, Lin An Lan curled his body against him gently.

“Are you tired?” He asked.

He poked Cheng Yu’s leg, “Are your legs sore?”

When he finished saying this, he moved to sit up.

Cheng Yu, however, reached out and pressed him back onto his lap.

“I’m not tired.” Cheng Yu stroked his head, “You can keep lying down.”

“But I want to go take a shower.” Lin An Lan laughed.

“Then I’ll carry you.” Cheng Yu laughed as well.

Lin An Lan gave an ‘En’ then opened his arms to him.

Picking him up, Cheng Yu carried him into the bathroom.

He turned on the shower and Lin An Lan rinsed off briefly before he was carried out again.

“I remembered certain things.” Lin An Lan said as he sat on the bed, holding a glass and drinking hot water.

Cheng Yu’s hand that was helping him order food paused unconsciously as he looked up at him silently.

Lin An Lan’s face was a little red, his freshly showered skin was as white as fine snow, yet tender enough to pinch.

His eyes were clear and bright as he cocked his head, “I know why I ignored you before.”

Cheng Yu thought he had been about to say something big, but when he heard him say this, he was relieved.

“I know that too.” He said, “It’s because of Jiang Xu.”

“You’re right, but not quite.”

Lin An Lan put the glass of water on the bedside table and said to him, “Little flower, you said before that you only knew Jiang Xu was your father’s son after your brother told you in freshman year, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Yes.”

“Then I knew before you, and Jiang Xu knew before you did.”

“That’s natural, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it a point to stress to my dad that his mother’s name was Jiang Liying.” Cheng Yu wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

“That’s also true.”

Lin An Lan continued, “In the second semester of his sophomore year, Jiang Xu’s mother wanted to marry another man, so she left him behind, and in her letter, she told him to look for his father instead. Later, in the first semester of our senior year, Jiang Xu saw you and your father talking in front of the school, and he recognized your father, so he wanted to go to your father and let him fill in the affection he had lost.”

Cheng Yu snorted, “He really thought well. Trying to ask Cheng Feng for affection? How naive.”

But, he unexpectedly knew about this in his senior year?

Cheng Yu was surprised. He thought Jiang Xu had inadvertently bumped into Cheng Feng on the day he had started university and had been in a hurry to try to recognize him.

Unexpectedly he found out in their senior year.

It was no wonder Jiang Xu, in their senior year, looked at him with such disgust and defensiveness in his eyes, because although they didn’t know each other well, they hadn’t exactly crossed paths to the point where Jiang Xu would turn hostile towards him. They had even had a drink together at a bar once in the second semester of their sophomore year.

However, in their senior year, Jiang Xu never looked at him kindly again.

At that time, he thought he was upset that he had been trying to get close to Lin An Lan. It turns out, this was the reason why.

“I could almost guess then that it was your father who cheated on his mother, that’s why Jiang Xu was born, so I stopped him.” Lin An Lan continued.

Cheng Yu was surprised. This was something he didn’t know.

He had said it at that time. How could Jiang Xu have been so tolerant and not gone running to Cheng Feng in his senior year? Unexpectedly, it was because of Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan was calm as he said, “Jiang Xu and I were friends and had been for so many years; I didn’t think we should cut off our friendship just because he came from a dishonorable background. Children can’t choose their own background, so even though I was surprised, I accepted it.”

“I just hoped that he would be a decent person within the limits of what he would choose to be. His existence, in itself, is a harm done to you and your mother, and now that the harm had already been done, we could only go and make it up to you. That was why I stopped Jiang Xu, I didn’t want him to go to your father, and I didn’t want him to get too close to you.”

“I had hoped that my friend could grow up healthily, and I hoped that he would be a decent and conscientious person so that even if one day, this old story was brought up and people raged against his parents, they wouldn’t accuse him of doing anything wrong because he had never done anything improper, they would think that he was not a problem.”

“That was my initial thought, so even if Jiang Xu didn’t say anything, we wouldn’t have been friends.”

“Because Jiang Xu and I were already friends. I didn’t think the two of you would have been friends and I didn’t think Jiang Xu would be able to face you every day without comparing himself and feeling jealous. I also didn’t think that when you knew who he really was, you would have been indifferent and not feel resentment towards him.”

“So the best way to avoid all this was for us to ignore each other, for Jiang Xu and I to keep the secret forever, and for you, to not know anything. That way, you could still be your young master, and you wouldn’t know that your father had an illegitimate son on the outside. And Jiang Xu wouldn’t be envious and jealous because he was too close to you.”

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