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Chapter 35.1

Lin An Lan: !!!

Lin An Lan suddenly felt his face burn a little.

“Talk properly!”

“It’s a dark and windy night, when two lovers are deep in their feelings. Baby, it’s time for us to go to bed.”

“I haven’t finished my midnight snack yet.” Lin An Lan glanced at the barbecue on the table, “Besides, when the moon is dark and the wind is high, shouldn’t it be associated with a day of committing murd** and ar**n?”

“Is it bad to kill someone in the quilt, to light a fire on me?”

Lin An Lan: !!!

Who turned his innocent and gentle blue tulip into a yellow tulip!

How did he change colour just by talking!

And it is even a seven coloured flower!

“Eat the meat.” Lin An Lan handed him a skewer of grilled meat.

Cheng Yu sighed in mock sadness, “I do want to eat meat, wife, when do you think I will be able to eat meat?”

Lin An Lan, who had somehow understood, “…… wait, wait slowly.”

“Is it that bad?”

Lin An Lan snorted, “There’s still filming every day now, where’s the time.”

“So when the shooting is done?”

Lin An Lan:…… It doesn’t seem impossible.

“All right.” He agreed.

Cheng Yu gave him a kiss that showed that he was very easily satisfied, “Okay then.”

It was just…… he was kinda cute.

Alas, Lin An Lan sighed, a creature like a flower, was kinda cute, especially his little tulip. He was fragrant, pretty and cute!

He was simply delightful!

Although he couldn’t be killed in the quilt or have a fire lit on his body, when Lin An Lan took a shower, Cheng Yu handed him the pajamas he wore last night with a look of anticipation.

At this point Lin An Lan didn’t think he was cute, just full of mischief.

But he didn’t refuse. He took the pajamas and went to the bathroom to took a shower.

Washing quickly, he walked out wearing the pajamas.

The pajamas had been bought in the large size, so although it looked small on Cheng Yu, it look extra loose on Lin An Lan’s body, setting off his slender bones.

As Cheng Yu looked at him, he only felt that he was more seductive at this time.

He helped Lin An Lan blow-dry his hair and then took him into his arms. The pajamas were made of silk and was very smooth, but Cheng Yu felt that Lin An Lan’s skin was far smoother than the pajamas.

Cheng Yu kissed him, rubbed his forehead against his and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Sitting in his arms, Lin An Lan kissed him intimately as they talked.

The two didn’t talk for long as the lights went out at 12 o’clock and they lay under the covers.

Cheng Yu hugged him and thinking that the pajamas he wore last night was on Lin An Lan today, he dreamt of Lin An Lan wearing his clothes.

He was wearing his school uniform, sitting on the seat leaning into the window.

He looked into the distance and Lin An Lan turned his head and smiled at him.

He walked over to Lin An Lan’s desk.

When Lin An Lan curved his hand towards him, he bent down. Lin An Lan reached out, hooked his hands around neck, tilted his head and kissed him.

Surprised and delighted, Cheng Yu looked at him in a daze and saw the warm, sly smile in Lin An Lan’s eyes.

When Cheng Yu was awakened by the alarm clock, his mind was still filled with Lin An Lan’s bright eyes.

Clear, moist, with a slight triumph of victory.

He unconsciously looked at Lin An Lan who was frowning slightly beside him, seemingly disturbed by the alarm clock, kissed his brow and coaxed, “There’s still time, you can sleep a little longer.”

Lin An Lan cooed, then his brow furrowed some more before he fell into a solid sleep.

Cheng Yu stared at his fair face quietly and lovingly for a while, before he kissed him again without wanting to let go and got up reluctantly.

He changed into his pajamas, put on his own clothes and left Lin An Lan’s room first.

Lin An Lan slept until his own alarm clock went off, before he opened his eyes again, washed his face blankly, brushed his teeth and changed his clothes.

Then seeing the folded pajamas that Cheng Yu had put on the bed, he thought about it then put them away without putting them in the change of clothes pile.

Sigh, seeing as his little flower seemed to have been wilted by Jiang Xu’s crooked wind yesterday, it was better to give him more sunshine today.

Flowers, still needed more sunlight to bloom.

After Lin An Lan finished packing up, he left the room.

His scene with Cheng Yu was mainly in the afternoon and this time it was to be shot in the hospital.

Jing Huan’s mother was hospitalised and Gu Shuyu went to visit him after lending him money.

The crew contacted the hospital in advance and the fifth floor was chosen as the location. Ms. Qin Chunrong, who was acting as Xiao Jing’s mother, was already lying in a hospital bed.

Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan changed their clothes, got styled, put on make-up and appeared on the third floor.

When a group of young girls who were recuperating from being hospitalized heard that their idols were actually filming upstairs/downstairs, they rushed to the third floor with their cell phones in hand, wanting to see their idols’ real faces with their own eyes.

As a result, just as they got out of the elevator on the third floor, they were met by the security guards of the crew who pulled a cordon, allowing them to watch from a distance but not cross the cordon to prevent them from interfering with the filming.

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