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Chapter 157.1 One Year Anniversary Gift

On the 24th of August, the tours for ‘Yun Yun’ officially kicked off, with Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu participating.

Seeing them, Fan Ruiwen teased, “You guys’ cp is quite popular these days. I bet once this film is released, your cp fans will increase even more.”

Lin An Lan smiled, “That wouldn’t be too bad.”

“Of course it won’t be bad.” Fan Ruiwen sighed with emotion, “I wish I had that many fans, even if they were just cp fans.”

She let out a sigh. Although she had decent resources, her fan base wasn’t large enough. Every celebrity wanted to be popular, and Fan Ruiwen was no exception, so like Lin An Lan and the rest, she hoped that this film would achieve great results.

“Please let me have more fans.” Fan Ruiwen prayed.

Seeing her like this, Lin An Lan comforted her, “You will. Your image in the film is so good, you’re bound to gain more fans.”

“I hope so.”

After a series of tours, it was finally August 29th.

That day, after the tour, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu flew back home.

As they opened the door, Lin An Lan suddenly sighed with emotion, “Around this time last year, I was standing in front of your house.”

Cheng Yu naturally remembered. He not only remembered this moment, he also remembered the surprise and excitement he had felt back then, “At that time, I could hardly believe my eyes.”

As he opened the door, he continued, “I was stunned. I didn’t know whether what you were saying was true or not, or why you would say that, but when you asked me if I was your boyfriend, I couldn’t resist, so I followed my heart and said yes. To me, I’ve wanted to be your boyfriend for a long time, so long that in my heart, you were already my boyfriend.”

Lin An Lan turned to look at him, “So, does today count as our one year anniversary of being in love?”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu smiled as he turned his head.

Their whole journey had started from when Lin An Lan had knocked on his door. That day, the beginning of their love, was the most memorable one for him so it naturally counted as their one year anniversary.

“How do you want to celebrate?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then said, “Let’s paint a picture together.”


Lin An Lan nodded, “A painting of us together. I’ll paint you and you’ll paint me. Even though my painting might not look great now, I think I’ll get better gradually.”

Cheng Yu had no objections to this, “But first, let’s eat. I’ll cook for you.”

“Aren’t you tired?” Lin An Lan smiled as he looked at him, “It’s better if we order takeout or go out.”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “This is the day you came to my house. How could we go out or have takeout? I’ll cook for you. I already had someone buy groceries earlier, I was planning to cook for you today.”

During their trip, they had only eaten takeout and hotel food and somewhat tired of it, Lin An Lan had mentioned wanting to eat his homemade noodles, so Cheng Yu had made sure to have noodles and vegetables prepared before their return.

Hearing him say this, Lin An Lan naturally agreed.

He followed Cheng Yu to the kitchen, “I’ll help you.”

“Don’t you want to rest first?” Cheng Yu asked.

“You’re not resting, so why should I? I’ll be your assistant.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu ruffled his hair gently, not refusing his warmth.

Lin An Lan washed the tomatoes and cracked the eggs, while Cheng Yu heated up the pan and stir-fried the tomato and egg dish. Then he boiled water to prepare the noodles.

Standing in front of the stove, wearing a black shirt that he hadn’t yet had the time to change out of, he put the noodles into the pot calmly then stirred them gently with chopsticks.

The heat from the stove blurred his handsome face slightly, adding a touch of elegance while also giving him an air of warmth.

Standing by the sink, Lin An Lan watched him intently as he cooked the noodles, thinking to himself, this was his new family now.

A family that, like his parents, would cook the meal he wanted to eat after a long day.

His heart felt heavy but was filled with a sense of stability and peace.

He opened his mouth, “Little flower, I’m going to change first.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Go ahead.”

Walking out, Lin An Lan looked back at him as he left the kitchen. His back was turned, his shoulders broad and his posture straight. He had offered his back to Lin An Lan, wanting to carry the happiness of their remaining lives together.

Smiling slowly, Lin An Lan turned around then went to the bedroom to change into his pajamas before coming out again.

Cheng Yu was still busy in the kitchen, so Lin An Lan took the opportunity to walk up behind him and hug him.

Lifting one hand to hold Lin An Lan’s, Cheng Yu turned his head to look at him and smiled.

Lin An Lan smiled back.

The two of them shared a bowl of stir-fried tomato and egg noodles. The dish was simple, but delicious. Lin An Lan remembered having mentioned to Cheng Yu during their tour two days ago that he was tired of eating takeout and wanted to eat his homemade stir-fried tomato and egg noodles. It had just been a casual remark, expressing that he wouldn’t mind any type of noodles, but now, he was already eating them.

At that time, Cheng Yu had said, “I’ll make it for you when we get back.”

Now that they were back, Cheng Yu hadn’t even changed out of his clothes before rushing to make it for him.

Sweetness springing in his heart, Lin An Lan cleaned the dishes up then said to Cheng Yu, “You go change your clothes and prepare the things we need for painting. I’ll do the dishes.”

Cheng Yu, who had always been reluctant to let him do housework did the dishes with him before going to change. After which he went to the study to find the materials for painting.

He hadn’t painted much since graduating, so only sketching tools were left. Oil painting materials, such as paints, were no longer around.

“Let’s start with sketching.” He suggested, “I’ll buy new paints tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan agreed happily.

Lin An Lan felt that sketching was quite nice too and since they would have more and more paintings in the future, having a variety of types would be great.

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