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Chapter 35.2

Director Zhang, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were talking about the scene but just as they were getting to the crucial part, they heard the scream of girls coming from the corridor not far away.

Lin An Lan looked back at them and cautioned, “Keep your voice down, don’t disturb the patients upstairs and downstairs”.

He spoke gently and coupled with his outfit that showed his youthful vigour and looking like a high school student of 17 or 18, the fans and onlookers were instantly overwhelmed by motherly love. They nodded their heads and watched quietly, exchanging whispers.

After Director Zhang finished speaking, Cheng Yu went into the ward and Lin An Lan sat outside the ward, waiting for the shooting to start.

The fans outside the cordon were excitedly taking pictures of him with their cell phones and seeing this scene, Zhuo Siya gestured to Yang Wang to remind him and only then did the fans put their cell phones away and become less blatant in what they were doing.

But it was only less blatant.

Not long after, a new picture of Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu appeared in the fan space of Yu Lan.

They both look young, looking like 17 or 18 year old high school students.

Lin An Lan was wearing a white jumper and blue jeans, looking innocent and clean.

And in the sideways profile they got of Cheng Yu, he was wearing a black denim jacket and jeans, looking cool.

A small pair of scissors: I went to the hospital to visit my uncle and happened to meet Lin An Lan who is filming a movie and his co-star Cheng Yu. Both of them are so handsome! They are even more handsome than the ones I’ve seen on TV and movies before! And Lin An Lan is really nice, he even reminded everyone not to make noise, he’s so gentle, he’s so handsome, he’s so young! #LinAnLan #ChengYu #Yulan.

For a while, both Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s fan spaces were also full of shared pictures, but there weren’t many pictures of Cheng Yu, mostly double photos of him standing together with Lin An Lan, but basically all of them were side profiles.

However there were more pictures of Lin An Lan. Both of him standing and sitting and even when he turned around to say, ‘Keep your voice down, don’t disturb the patients upstairs and downstairs’, someone took a picture of his whole face.

The girls in the grooves squealed, licking his face through the screen happily, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, but brother is still as handsome as ever!”

“This youthful faced teenager, call him little brother, call him little brother!”

“It’s my son, heavens, he is too young, how come I didn’t have such a handsome senior in high school!”

“Today is also the day to shed tears for my little brother’s beauty.”

The girls in the groove were getting excited then they noticed that the phrase [Lin An Lan Cheng Yu] had made it to the hot search.

The girls in the groove: !!!!

The girls in the groove: ????

The girls in the groove:….

Like them, the Tulip girls next door went through three changes of emotion from shock to speechlessness, and finally rolled up their sleeves and decided to go all in on the hot search and get it over with.

Seeing them move, the girls in the groove, not to be outdone, immediately moved, scrambling to be first, afraid that whoever paid less would lose out.

Passers-by were surprised, “Lin An Lan Cheng Yu? These two are collaborating?”

The Tulip girls stepped forward to answer, “Yes dear, the drama ‘Yun Yun’ is being filmed so you can pay attention to it. In addition, Cheng Yu also has the following works, you can pay attention to it oh~”

The girls in the groove was also not to be outdone, “That’s right loves, the drama is ‘Yun Yun’ is still being filmed but Lin An Lan also has the following works which are also very good!”

In less than an hour’s time, this statement rose smoothly to number one with the combined efforts of fans and passers-by on both sides.

One of Cheng Yu’s fans mused, “I’m sure Sun Meng’s team is taking action, Cheng Ge doesn’t like to be in hot search with others, just like the one with Xie Hui last time, it was removed before it could even reach the top.”

“Definitely, but I think Sun Meng’s side haven’t found out yet, otherwise it would have been removed long ago. Cheng Ge has always been the only one, this kind of double hot search, at a glance you can tell that it was bought by Lin An Lan’s side, otherwise it his name wouldn’t be in the front.”

Lin An Lan’s fans thought the same thing.

“Cheng Yu’s fans are quite the schemers. Buying hot searches and putting our Ge first, please, when has our Ge ever been in a hot search with anyone else.”

“Although he hasn’t been up with anyone, he has been up with Jiang Xu.”

“Their good friends, its not the same!”

“But, but, instead of being on the hot search with Jiang Xu, it’s better to be on the hot search with Cheng Yu, at least Cheng Yu is a movie star. He’s much more famous and popular than Jiang Xu.”

“That’s true.”

The mushrooms under the groove, “? Why did you suddenly start talking about the good aspects of Cheng Yu, are you guys tulips?”

“Hahahaha, that’s not true, it’s just that the contrast is beautiful [covers face].”

“Let’s send a private message to Zhuo Siya, I hope he finds out quickly and takes it down. This kind of hype isn’t good for us either, but I guess it’s good for Yu Lan next door.”

“Just wait, it will be taken down. I have the impression that the non-Jiang Xu’s accidental double hot search will also be taken down quite fast.”

“I hope so.”

However an hour passed, two hours passed, three hours passed, but the phrase [Lin An Lan Cheng Yu] was still hanging high on the highest point of the hot search.

Tulip Girls: “Is Sun Meng….. asleep?”

Girls in the groove:” Did Zhuo Siya’s phone run out of battery? Or is he stuck in the mountains!”

“Why hasn’t he taken the hot search down yet!” The Tulip Girls and Girls in the groove questioned in unison!

Yu Lan fans never thought this hot search would hang around for so long.

“Heavens, am I seeing right? Doesn’t our Cheng Ge never allow other people’s names to appear together with his name? Every time someone else’s appears together with his in a hot search, that hot search will disappear in no time.”

“An An too. An An doesn’t like hot searches with other people’s names together except with Jiang Xu, but they were good friends before they joined the circle, however he and Cheng Yu weren’t friends right?”

“It’s probably the crew promoting it, after all, they’re still filming together.”

“But this hasn’t happened to An An before, it’s always him and the name of the character or drama he’s in.”

“Yu Yu too.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah, whatever, I don’t care. I’ll ship these two first, this is showing double standard!!! But I don’t care, I’ll ship them first!”

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