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Chapter 134.2 Cheng Feng’s malice, a prelude to Cheng Yu’s counterattack

When Cheng Yu arrived on set, he saw Lin An Lan filming, so he stood not far away quietly and watched him film for a while before the filming ended and it was time for a break.

Then he walked over to him and when Lin An Lan saw him, he smiled at him.

“Compared to yesterday, you’re a bit late today.” Lin An Lan said softly.

“I looked into some things, that’s why it took some time.” Cheng Yu explained. “About Meng Tingyun, he really has something to do with my father.”

When Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang heard this, they both turned to look at him.

“What has he got to do with your father?” Zhuo Siya asked, confused. “What is your father doing? And what’s the connection between he and Xiao Meng?”

Cheng Yu didn’t answer him. He only said to Lin An Lan, “Be careful these days. In two days, I’ll arrange a bodyguard for you. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Zhuo Siya: ??? Saying that and he shouldn’t worry? He was even arranging for a bodyguard and he was saying nothing would happen?!

What was going on with these two?!

Paying no attention to his agent’s confusion, Lin An Lan reassured him, “It’s fine. I’m on set now, so he can’t do anything here. Even if he wants to, he’ll have to wait until after I finish this movie and leave the set to make a move.”

“Even so, you still have to be careful.”

“Okay, I will be.”

Cheng Yu sighed, “I’m going home tonight, I’ll take care of this.”

Turning to look at him, Lin An Lan patted his hand, “I trust you.”

Nodding, Cheng Yu squeezed his hand.

During the noon break, Lin An Lan told Cheng Yu what Meng Tingyun had said to him.

Cheng Yu’s expression instantly became even more ugly, “He’s thought things through quite thoroughly.”

No wonder there was no record of Cheng Feng’s call on Meng Tingyun’s phone, but there was a record of his assistant’s call.

However, it was also normal. With Cheng Feng’s superior attitude, he doubted he would willingly lower himself to initiate contact with Meng Tingyun, so naturally he would have his assistant handle it.

However, he didn’t expect him to even think of Lin An Lan’s biological mother. He had really planned ahead.

“Previously, I thought he would wait until after you took me to see him before causing trouble. I didn’t expect it to be earlier than I’d imagined.”

“In order to prepare for a rainy day, when I went home for the New Year, I wore a ring which aroused his suspicion. Then, with a few words I said, I’m sure it made him very unhappy. So now that he has discovered that we’re together, in order to prevent what I said from coming true, he naturally would try to find a way to break us apart.”

Holding his head up in one hand, Lin An Lan looked at him curiously, “What did you say that you’ve scared him like that?”

Not expecting him to ask this, Cheng Yu didn’t know how to respond for a moment.

Lin An Lan laughed, “Tell me. Why, you can’t tell me?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yu said quietly, “It’s just that at the time I was thinking we wouldn’t be together in the future, so I said I would never get married or have children in this lifetime, and that just adopting from a relative to inherit was enough.”

His voice was low, but Lin An Lan heard him clearly.

He looked at Cheng Yu in surprise for a long time before saying gently, “I never said we wouldn’t be together in the future.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “En.”

“I also never said I wouldn’t marry you.”

Hugging his waist, Cheng Yu leaned close to his ear, “En.”

“But as for children, we’ll probably have to adopt one for real.”

“That’s also good.” Cheng Yu laughed, “We will just adopt one who is as smart and good-looking as you.”

Lin An Lan gave him a sidelong glance but thought that wasn’t a bad idea, “Alright.”

Cheng Yu kissed him, “So An An, don’t worry.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “I’m not worried.”

There was nothing for him to worry about. As long as Cheng Yu still loved him, then there was nothing for him to worry about.

The only people who could hurt him were those he cared about. He had never cared about Cheng Feng, so he had never felt that Cheng Feng could hurt him.

The only person he cared about was Cheng Yu.

However, remembering Meng Tingyun’s words, Lin An Lan didn’t know what stage Cheng Feng was at now. Had he really found his mother already?

After so many years, Lin An Lan had already buried her in his heart. He didn’t miss her or expect to see her again.

“Little flower,” He said quietly to Cheng Yu, “Don’t let me see my biological mother and don’t let her see me. I allow you to investigate her, but I don’t allow her to appear in front of me.”

Cheng Yu originally had no intention of letting his biological mother appear in the first place, so when he heard this, he was even more determined, “I understand.”

“Then that’s settled.”

For the rest, he couldn’t care less.

Kissing Cheng Yu, he said, “I wish you success in defeating the evil dragon soon.”

“And then marry the prince!” Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin An Lan chuckled, “And then become king!”

“And then marry the prince again!”

Lin An Lan: ….. It was obvious that in Cheng Yu’s heart, the only thing he cared about was marrying the prince.

He sighed, “We should focus on defeating the evil dragon first.”

“Don’t worry.” Taking his hand, Cheng Yu kissed the back, “Your highness, the prince, you can rest assured.”

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