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Chapter 161.1

The celebration party for ‘Yun Yun’ was scheduled for mid-October, after the fan meeting. At this time, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were at the peak of their popularity. As soon as they appeared at the fan meeting, they were met with deafening screams.

The host laughed and said, “Welcome, our three main actors.”

Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu, and Fan Ruiwen bowed to everyone and took their seats.

After chatting with them for a bit, the host asked Lin An Lan, “In the drama, both Jing Huan and Sun Xinxin are in love with you. If this were real life, who would you choose?”

Lin An Lan smiled and said, “Do I even need to think about it? I’d definitely choose the one played by Cheng Yu.”

The fans in the audience instantly started screaming.

Fans watching the live stream also went wild, flooding the chat with messages like, “Ahhhhhhhhh, so sweet! Yu Lan is just too sweet!”

“The more heartbreaking Goldfish is, the sweeter Yu Lan gets!”

“An An must really like Cheng Ge, absolutely!”

“Mom, I’ve shipped them again! My cp is just too perfect!”

Some of Lin An Lan’s haters couldn’t wait to jump out and mock him, posting, “He’s trying so hard to sell this romance, Lin An Lan is really putting in the effort to become famous.”

However, fans and onlookers quickly countered, “Wake up! Can he really choose Fan Ruiwen? Cheng Yu is his old classmate. If he didn’t choose his old classmate and picked Fan Ruiwen instead, that would be the real problem!”

“Lin An Lan and Fan Ruiwen are obviously not close. If he said he’d choose Fan Ruiwen now, she probably wouldn’t even know how to respond.”

“It’s just to avoid suspicion. It’s not worth mentioning as selling romance.”

In no time, the original poster was silenced by the criticisms, but they still felt indignant.

After Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu, and Fan Ruiwen finished the fan meeting, they went to the hotel with the rest of the crew for the celebration party.

The producers, directors, and screenwriters were all very happy. No one had expected the film to do so well at the box office. Everyone was excitedly chatting and discussing future collaborations.

“An Lan, Cheng Yu, you two wait for it. I’ll work with you again next time.” The producer said, patting Lin An Lan on the shoulder.

Lin An Lan smiled, “Okay, then I’ll thank you in advance.”

“Hahaha, it’s my pleasure, my pleasure.”

Cheng Yu didn’t speak. Although he was already planning to retire from the industry, he didn’t want to dampen everyone’s spirits by mentioning it now, so he just nodded slightly, making no promises.

Everyone drank champagne, chatted, and laughed for a while before finally dispersing.

Lin An Lan pretended to leave, but instead got into Cheng Yu’s artist car. Cheng Yu asked him, “Are you tired?”

Lin An Lan nodded. He was indeed tired and a bit sleepy, so leaning on Cheng Yu’s shoulder, he closed his eyes.

Hugging him, Cheng Yu covered him with a blanket. “Sleep for a while, I’ll wake you up when we get home.”

“En.” Lin An Lan replied.

Shifting his body slightly, he hugged Cheng Yu’s waist then started to rest.

Seeing this, Cheng Yu asked the driver to drive a little slower.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Wang Cheng helped open the door for them and bending, Cheng Yu carried Lin An Lan out of the car.

Opening his eyes groggily, Lin An Lan asked, “Are we here?”

“En.” Cheng Yu replied. “I’ll carry you back.”

“I can walk on my own.” Lin An Lan said, making a move to get down.

Cheng Yu tightened his arms immediately, whispering, “Be good.”

Seeing Cheng Yu’s insistence, Lin An Lan didn’t argue further.

Holding onto Cheng Yu’s neck, he laughed, “You like carrying me that much?”

“Is that a problem?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan shook his head, leaned against Cheng Yu’s chest, and whispered, “Then keep carrying me like this in the future.”

Lowering his head, Cheng Yu kissed Lin An Lan’s forehead with a smile, “En.”

“You’re not allowed to carry anyone else.” Lin An Lan suddenly said.

Cheng Yu laughed, “Who else would I carry?”

He looked at Lin An Lan with tenderness in his eyes. “I’m not even acting anymore. Who else would dare let me carry them besides you?”

That made sense.

Leaning against Cheng Yu’s shoulder, Lin An Lan promised, “I’ll also reduce the number of intimate scenes in the future. Don’t worry.”

“En.” Cheng Yu replied.

He carried Lin An Lan into the elevator and up to their apartment.

Taking out the keys, Lin An Lan unlocked the door and Cheng Yu carried him all the way to the bedroom.

And after he placed him on the bed, Lin An Lan hooked his arms around his neck and sat up to kiss him.

“Is this a reward?” Cheng Yu asked, pressing his forehead against Lin An Lan’s.

“It’s a hard work fee.” Lin An Lan laughed.

“Then I’ll collect a little more.”

After saying this, Cheng Yu leaned in and shared a long, passionate kiss with Lin An Lan.

As their emotions stirred and it grew late, they naturally engaged in more intimate activities. Afterward, lying in Cheng Yu’s arms, Lin An Lan drifted off to sleep.

Cheng Yu kissed Lin An Lan’s face, tucked him in, and then turned off the lights.

‘Yun Yun’ was in cinemas for three months and amassed a box office total of 4 billion before being taken off the screens.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by this box office success, and Lin An Lan’s commercial value increased once again. Many brands wanted to collaborate with him and invite him to be their spokesperson. Numerous producers and directors also sent him new scripts, hoping he would star in their projects.

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