I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 163.2 Ending Chapter

Walking out, the distinguished guest who was to present the award stood in front of the microphone, holding an envelope and as he opened it, Lin An Lan’s heart leaped.

Fans in front of screens clenched their hands, praying non-stop.

When the presenter saw the list, he seemed to hesitate for a moment then laughed, “This time’s result is a bit special. I haven’t seen such a situation at the Golden Osmanthus Awards for a long time.”

Actors, directors and audiences in front of the screens were puzzled, then they heard the presenter announce seriously, “The winner of this year’s Golden Osmanthus Award for Best Actor— Lin An Lan…”

Unconsciously surprised, Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu subconsciously, who very happy, lifted his hands to applaud him, but Lin An Lan wasn’t happy.

He still would have preferred that Cheng Yu win the award.

Just then, he heard Cheng Yu’s name come from the stage— “Cheng Yu.”

He looked at the stage in astonishment, then saw the presenter for this year’s Best Actor, the handsome former best actor, say with a smile, “It’s actually a double yolk egg.”

Immediately overjoyed, Lin An Lan smiled as he looked at Cheng Yu.

Now it was Cheng Yu’s turn to be surprised. It actually…. turned out to be this way.

Getting up, he walked towards the stage with Lin An Lan.

The two received their awards one after another then Lin An Lan allowed Cheng Yu speak first. Cheng Yu thanked the director, the screenwriter, the organizer, the fans formally, then finally Lin An Lan, “Without Lin An Lan’s outstanding cooperation, I couldn’t have won this award, so I want to give special thanks to him.”

Lin An Lan waited for Cheng Yu to finish speaking before starting slowly.

His acceptance speech was longer than Cheng Yu’s, after all, this was his first time acting in a film, so winning this award made him somewhat emotional. In the end, he said, “Of course, the person I want to thank the most is actually Cheng Yu. If it weren’t for him recommending me to audition in the first place, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to stand here no, so thank you.”

As he said this, he turned to look at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Fans in front of their TVs covered their blushing faces, screaming nonstop in their fan group chat, “This is definitely a wedding scene!!! Definitely a wedding scene!!!”

“Too sweet! Too sweet! No matter how many people are around, I only look at you. So sweet!”

“The groom and groom have finished their speech, they can enter the bridal chamber!”

“I’ve archived this Golden Osmanthus Awards ceremony. I’ll dig it out from time to time for some sweetness.”

“These two are simply like a couple on their honeymoon, their gazes are amazing!”

“Yu Lan— the first pair to turn the awards ceremony into a wedding, too awesome! Too sweet!”

“I love it! I could watch this kind of awards ceremony a hundred more times!”

After Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu finished their acceptance speeches, they left the stage.

When the awards ceremony was over and the two walked out holding their awards, they weren’t surprised to be met with a barrage of questions from reporters.

“Winning Best Actor on your first film, Lin An Lan, what are your thoughts on this?”

“Are you planning to continue working in the film industry or return to television?”

“Cheng Yu, did you and Lin An Lan plan your acceptance speeches ahead of time? In the end, you both focused on thanking each other.”

“Lin An Lan just mentioned that you recommended him for this role. Did you think he was very suitable for Gu Shuyu at that time? Why?”

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu selected some questions then answered them politely before finally leaving the encirclement of reporters.

This time at the Golden Osmanthus Awards, the entire ‘Yun Yun’ crew reaped quite a harvest. With eight nominations and three wins, including Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Director, it was a pretty good achievement.

Compared to the reporters, netizens were more interested in analyzing the micro-expressions of the stars, especially since this year’s Best Actor award produced a double yolk egg, making many people’s expressions quite amusing.

“Hahaha, look at this one! He’s clearly very surprised. He probably didn’t expect there to be a double yolk egg.”

“And this one too, the look in his eyes is as if he’s saying, ‘It can still be this way?'”

“To be honest, I didn’t expect a double yolk egg either. No wonder the presenter hesitated at first. I hesitated too when I heard it.”

“Me too. The last time a double yolk egg happened was eight years ago.”

“Right, did anyone notice Lin An Lan’s expression? I just saw a slow motion screenshot from the next thread and I practically believe that Lin An Lan likes Cheng Yu.”

“I saw it too! Wow, it’s really too good for shipping. When Lin An Lan heard that he won, his first reaction was to look at Cheng Yu, with a surprised expression but there was no joy. Afterwards, when he heard Cheng Yu’s name, he started to smile. This is seriously not my imagination, it’s mainly because with this kind of reaction, it’s hard to explain without using the word like.”

“Ah ah ah ah, where’s that post? I want to see it.”

“Here’s the link, you’re welcome.”

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