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Chapter 112.2 The truth about the amnesia (one)

That night, Jiang Xu had had a little too much to drink and as they sat on the sofa, they chatted endlessly.

Then he got a message from his agent, saying that a luxury product he had talked to the luxury product company about had decided in the last two days to make Cheng Yu their endorser, not him.

Jiang Xu had thrown his phone away in anger, complaining angrily, “Why is he everywhere? Is he a housefly? He’s everywhere!”

Lin An Lan advised him, saying to him, “His status itself is his backing, you don’t have to compete with him.”

Jiang Xu’s anger didn’t go away after he heard him say this. Instead, it grew stronger as if a spoonful of oil had been thrown onto fire!

What status did Cheng Yu have? Wasn’t he just the son of Cheng Feng, the Eldest Young Master of the Cheng family?

But what about him? He was also Cheng Feng’s son, they should have originally had the same status.

Cheng Yu enjoyed Cheng Feng’s fatherly love, enjoyed the power and glory of the Cheng family, and yet he wasn’t content. He just had to appear before him to show off his money and power.

He had clearly entered the industry earlier than Cheng Yu, but he was now being overshadowed by him. Not because he was a bad actor or not good enough, but simply because Cheng Yu was richer, better able to create resources for himself and had more opportunities to meet good directors and producers.

There were no shortage of RMB players anywhere in the world, so which ordinary player could beat an RMB player? But clearly, he should have also been an RMB player.

Jiang Xu was jealous and resentful, angry and depressed.

He thought he could avoid Cheng Yu by entering the entertainment industry, but Cheng Yu was like a ghost that couldn’t be chased away, reminding him every day how pitiful and pathetic he was with his presence.

Jiang Xu didn’t understand. Why wouldn’t he just leave him alone?

Because of Lin An Lan?

But why would he want Lin An Lan when he already had so much? A father, a family, money, power, he already had it all.

Why was it always on his mind to try to take Lin An Lan away from him?

Why couldn’t he just leave him alone?!

He was so depressed, both depressed and angry, that the alcohol got to him and he came up with an idea.

Didn’t Cheng Yu want Lin An Lan?

Then he would make Lin An Lan the bait, make Lin An Lan pretend to be his boyfriend and then go home with him to meet Cheng Feng, so that Cheng Feng would see that the good son he thought he had liked men, and that he would have no descendant, that Cheng Yu would have no children of his own.

How could a family like the Cheng family allow their heir to have no offspring? When the time comes, Cheng Feng would either force Cheng Yu to be with another woman, making him unable to appear in front of he and Lin An Lan again or he would have to give up Cheng Yu and find a new heir for the Cheng family.

If it was the first one, then he would never have to see Cheng Yu’s disgusting face again and Cheng Yu wouldn’t be able to chase Lin An Lan like a dog all the time.

But if it was the second one, then Cheng Yu would no longer be the Eldest Young Master of the Cheng family and would no longer have the capital to appear wherever he wanted to or to see Lin An Lan whenever he wanted to.

He wouldn’t be able to interfere with his emotions anymore, how nice.

Jiang Xu thought this was a good idea. Although it would wrong Lin An Lan a bit, enduring it was worth it for their long term happiness and for Cheng Yu to not be able to harass them anymore.

Besides, if it were to happen that Cheng Feng would become disappointed in Cheng Yu and then recognize him for the sake of the continuation of the Cheng family, then he would have become the son of the Cheng family, and his and Lin An Lan’s future would become much better, and he would be able to give Lin An Lan many things that he needed but couldn’t get.

He looked at Lin An Lan, his eyes burning as he asked him, “Xiao Lan, do you hate Cheng Yu?”

Of course, Lin An Lan didn’t hate him, but Jiang Xu had just been angry at Cheng Yu for stealing his endorsement, so he didn’t want to make Jiang Xu angry again at this time, so he just said, “Not really.”

Jiang Xu was instantly much more reassured by his words.

Lin An Lan didn’t like Cheng Yu, and he knew that he had no enthusiasm for dating and had never been in contact with him, so to put it bluntly, Cheng Yu was just a classmate. He didn’t like him nor did he dislike him.

Moving closer to him, he asked him, “Do you never want to see him again?”

“I pretty much don’t see him now so it’s the same thing.”

“That’s different,” Jiang Xu told him, “We still hear his name now, we still see him on TV occasionally.”

“So what do you want?” Lin An Lan asked, confused.

Smiling slightly, Jiang Xu said, “Xiao Lan, go and meet him. I’m pretty sure he likes you. He has always been interested in you, so go and meet him, then pretend to accept his liking, be his boyfriend, then go back with him to meet his family and when you meet Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng will definitely not allow you to be together. By then, he would start monitoring Cheng Yu’s every move.”

When Lin An Lan heard the words that came out of his mouth, his heart went ice cold.

He looked at Jiang Xu in shock, his hand barely able to hold his glass.

Jiang Xu was still talking, “I know you’re going to be wronged for a while, but it’s just for a while. When you’re done meeting Cheng Feng, he’s never going to appear in front of us again.”

“Is there more?” Lin An Lan said calmly.

Jiang Xu thought about it, “Oh, Cheng Yu’s house seems to be on the 16th floor of the White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road. I checked earlier, I think he hasn’t moved yet.”

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