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Chapter 26.2

He hugged Lin An Lan and asked him, “An An, you’re happy too aren’t you?”

Lin An Lan nodded his head.

Cheng Yu rubbed his forehead against his happily, calling out to him softly, “Wife~”

Lin An Lan replied with a low hum and hooked his shoulder, hugging him without saying a word, only joy overflowed from his eyes.

They had a very pleasant night and although they didn’t do anything but kiss and hug, they extremely satisfied.

Lin An Lan nestled in Cheng Yu’s arms and feeling his gentle, about to fall asleep, he called out ‘husband’ quietly and gently to him.

When Cheng Yu looked down at him, Lin An Lan had closed his eyes, “Good night, husband.”

“Baby, sweetheart, good night.” Cheng Yu kissed the top of his hair.

Lin An Lan smiled a little then opened one eye mischievously, looking up at him.

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, turning his head to blow out the candles.

“When we pack tomorrow, can we take the candles with us?”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Hubby is so nice, I’ll always love hubby the most.” Lin An Lan rubbed his neck.


“Really.” Lin An Lan kissed his chin, “I’ll always and forever like hubby the most.”

“You’re not lying to me?”

“Of course not.”

Cheng Yu hugged him contentedly, “Then I’ll be the happiest person in the world.”

“You will.” Lin An Lan thought in his heart — he would be a gardener for his little tulip for the rest of his life, taking care of him every day and making his little flower the best looking little tulip in the world.

“Because I especially, especially love my little flower the most.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu smiled unconsciously, responding softly, “I believe you.”

“I believe myself too.”

The two of them talked for a while then fell asleep.

The next morning before leaving the house, Cheng Yu sat on the bed and beckoned Lin An Lan over, “Let’s take a selfie together.”

Lin An Lan walked over, sitting down beside him.

Both of them sat upright, smiling slightly as Cheng Yu took a picture then looking at the ‘happy’ character on the wall, he said deliberately said to the camera man who followed him, “Take one for us, you’re a professional so you have good techniques.”

The camera man was so happy to hear his praise that he took the phone on the spot and even instructed in order to show his professionalism, “Lin Ge, Cheng Ge, you guys should move a little closer, yes, head slightly tilted, yes, yes, yes, good, hold that position, don’t move.”

When he was done, he handed the phone back and said proudly, “Look at it, there shouldn’t be any problem, except for that wedding character on the wall which makes it look a bit abrupt, but everything else is quite good. You guys should just photoshop it when you go back, editing out the ‘joy’ character behind you.”

Hearing his words, Lin An Lan looked at the picture on Cheng Yu’s phone, only to feel that the more he looked at it, the more it looked like a wedding picture.

It even looked more like the picture on people’s marriage certificates than the average one!

Who had a picture on their wedding certificate with their own ‘happy’ character?

They had it in their picture!

What Cheng Yu wanted was this effect, so he didn’t hesitate to give a compliment to his camera man, “Wonderful, Li Ge, as expected of a professional, this technique is just good.”

Li Ge said modestly, “It’s not bad, it’s just okay.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Alright, both of them were quite satisfied, so he’d let it be.

Of course, he was also quite satisfied too.

“Send it to me later.” Lin An Lan said, standing up to continue with his packing.

Lin An Lan gave the children one last day of lessons then stood in the school yard with them in the afternoon sunset for a picture.

The students laughed heartily and he smiled gently.

It was one of the most ordinary moments in their lives, and an extraordinary journey in their memories.

They would remember each other, yet they might also slowly blur each other’s faces in the course of time.

This was life.

After they finished the recording, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu followed the programme team, leaving the village.

Neither he nor Cheng Yu rested at the hotel in the city, instead they boarded the plane and flew back to X City.

Both of them were very tired after a long day of rushing, so they went straight to bed after taking a shower.

The next morning, Lin An Lan slept in until he woke up naturally, and just after he woke up, he felt Cheng Yu kissing him.

Lin An Lan was confused, “Why don’t you ever sleep in?”

Cheng Yu kissed the tip of his nose, “I don’t have this habit.”

Lin An Lan thought, he was really self-disciplined.

Although recording a variety show wasn’t tiring, it was torturous to be in front of the camera 24 hours a day.

So on the rare occasion that he didn’t have to face the camera, he relaxed, hugged Cheng Yu and rubbed himself into his arms, talking to him and staying in bed.

Naturally, Cheng Yu didn’t rush him. The two of them stayed in bed until 12 o’clock, when they finally sat up slowly.

Cheng Yu carried Lin An Lan to the bathroom, laughing and fooling around with him for a while before going to cook dinner.

With less than a week to go before the start of ‘Yun Yun’, Lin An Lan conversed with to Cheng Yu for a while then went into his study to print out the script.

Holding the script, he suddenly thought of something and walked back into the kitchen, asking Cheng Yu, “Do we have graduation pictures? I want to see our graduation pictures.”

“I have them.” Cheng Yu turned the fire down and walked out, “I’ll get them for you.”

Lin An Lan nodded, following him to the bedroom.

Cheng Yu pulled open his bedside table and took out a file bag which was full of his graduation pictures, from primary school to university.

He took out the high school one and handed it to Lin Anlan, “We were in different classes in college, so we couldn’t take the graduation photo together.”

Lin An Lan took it and looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar photo in front of him, seeing himself in the picture at a glance.

At that time, he looked a bit more youthful than now, youthful and young, like a diamond whose sharpness hadn’t yet been revealed, gentle and bright.

**Cheng Yu was standing behind him, wearing black short sleeves, with sword brows and starry eyes, clearly a very unruly looker, but with a soft gaze – his gaze was on himself, and he looked at him in silence, not looking into the camera.

But the Lin An Lan in the picture didn’t know, and neither did Jiang Xu, who was standing beside him.

Because they were both looking at the camera, flashing smiles at it.

This was their high school days. Cheng Yu looked at him, he looked ahead, Cheng Yu knew every moment of his life, but he didn’t know that there was such a person who was silently watching him.

Lin An Lan sighed then caressed Cheng Yu’s eyes in the picture gently. Between them, they had indeed missed too much time.

“I also have a separate graduation picture of the two of us, do you want to see it?” Cheng Yu asked him, his head tilted.

Lin An Lan was surprised, “We have a separate graduation picture?”

Cheng Yu smiled and nodded, “Of course, I went to a lot of trouble to get it.”

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