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Chapter 121.1 Yu Lan, Jianglin PK, Yu Lan cp wins!

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were at home for a few days when Sun Meng came to grab Cheng Yu.

“You’ve been resting for too long! Now that you are well and in a better mood and Lin An Lan is back and the sweetness of getting back together has been enjoyed for a few days, what excuse do you have!”

Cheng Yu: ……

Feeling helpless, Cheng Yu could only start a new busy schedule with Sun Meng.

‘8th Sunday Night’, a film that could be said to have completely exceeded the director and producer’s expectations, had already set a new record for the highest box office for domestic speculation before it was even released, successfully delivering a satisfying answer.

The producers were so excited that they decided to hold a special celebration party before the release, and this was why Sun Meng had come to grab him, for the celebration party.

Although Cheng Yu didn’t show up much for the post-year promotion, when he did, he mostly showed up in the form of vcr, but it wasn’t a problem, as he was usually well liked, so no one said anything, they just assumed he had a serious illness and that was why he couldn’t attend.

Therefore, the reporters at the scene were very concerned about his health, “When I watched the vcr earlier, I saw that you didn’t look too good and you also said you were sick. Are you better now?”

“I’m fine.” Cheng Yu laughed, “Thank you all for your concern and of course, thank you to the crew for allowing me to recuperate at home for my health’s sake and not participating in many activities.”

The producer hastened to say, “That’s a given, that’s a given. No matter what, your health is the most important thing.”

Tulips who were watching the live broadcast were crying with ‘woo woo woo’ sounds, heartbroken that their brother was sick for such a long time while praising the crew for their thoughtfulness, “Thank you, Producer Zhou, let’s work together again next time.”

“Kisses, producer Zhou is really nice.”

The reporter continued, “Apart from this movie, the variety show ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’ is also very popular recently and you and Lin An Lan are both doing very well in it.”

“Thank you.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“So have you ever thought about working with Lin An Lan on a film?”

“Actually we have already worked together. We did Director Zhang Lei’s ‘Yun Yun’ last year and if nothing else, it will be released this year, so you can look forward to it.”

The Yu Lan fans on the screen instantly screamed ‘ah ah ah ah’, “This year!! This year!! I’ll start saving up for movie tickets from now on!”

“It’s finally coming, I’ve been waiting for it to be released since it started filming last year!”

“I’m waiting for Yun Yun. I haven’t watched a Cheng Ge and An An scene before!”

Cheng Yu had to answer a few questions from reporters before it was time to switch to other lead actors, then he sat back to rest.

After the celebration party, Cheng Yu had an event to attend, so he rushed straight to the airport without having time to go home.

Fans were already waiting for him at the airport and when they saw him coming, they scrambled to hand him flowers and letters. Cheng Yu asked his assistant to take the letters but not the rest, waved, then went through the security check.

No sooner had he gone through security than Lin An Lan sent him a message: [I’m in your study attending to work issues.]

Cheng Yu replied, [When I come back this time, I’ll order a desk for you so it will be your study too.]

As Cheng Yu sent the message, the pearl flower pendant on his cell phone swayed slowly before the station sister’s 1Station Sister refers to fans who use advanced cameras to take pictures of idols camera.

The station sister felt it was strange as she looked at his cell phone pendant through the camera. If she remembered correctly, their brother didn’t like to use these gadgets?

On that day, Cheng Yu’s Weibo square was swept with all the Tulip sisters’ uncomfortable doubts about the pearl flower pendant on his cell phone after the return picture of his first appearance after the past year appeared. Where did this come from?

How come their brother suddenly had a cell phone pendant?

And a cute looking pearl flower pendant at that?

It didn’t fit their brother’s persona!

Someone on the forum also quickly started a post ‘Cheng Yu suddenly has a pendant on his phone, and it’s a flower made of pearls, is he dating?’

Someone soon continued the thread, “Got a picture? OP put up a picture, I want to see a picture!”

“It’s just a cell phone pendant, it doesn’t warrant all this right?”

“But Cheng Yu has never had a cell phone pendant before.”

“So what exactly does it look like? Can a kind heart please show this child a picture!”

“[picture] [picture] [picture] You’re welcome, it’s quite nice.”

“Cute!!! Does this one come in a similar model? I want to buy it!”

“I’m sure it’s available at a store, and even if it isn’t, it’ll be there after today.”

“It’s pretty, but it doesn’t mean he’s dating. Maybe he has it just because it’s pretty?”

“What brand? Give me a brand, I’m going to buy the same one.”

“I think it looks like a girlfriend hung it on for him. Something like that in itself is like something girls like.”

“Upstairs, there’s no brand. A tulip sister has spent the whole afternoon searching through all the luxury brands, but she couldn’t find this one.”

“F*ck, could it be that it’s specially made?!”

“F*ck, he’s not really dating, is he? Cheng Yu can’t be.”

“Didn’t he get sick after New Year’s and take a break? Maybe that’s when he fell in love!”

“No way! I don’t believe it! It’s just a cell phone pendant, don’t make up too much, okay?!”

In no time, the post had turned into more than ten pages, so much so that when Wang Cheng saw it, he was so surprised that he immediately forwarded it to Cheng Yu, asking him: [Ge, is it true? Lin Ge gave it to you?]

Cheng Yu smiled: [What do you think?]

Wang Cheng: [It has to be! It has to be! How could you accept such a gift from anyone else but Lin Ge? A phone is a private item, no one else is worthy of it!]

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