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Chapter 55.1

Jiang Xu was reluctant. He had been wishing to see Lin An Lan every day for the past few days, and now that he had seen him, he couldn’t leave so soon.

“I’ll go later.” He said, “It’s late, so Cheng Yu wouldn’t be looking for you.”


“But I want to rest.”

“Are you tired?”

Lin An Lan nodded.

Jiang Xu felt sorry for him, but he didn’t want to leave, so he whispered, “Let’s talk, and then you can rest in ten minutes, okay?”

Will you leave if I say no?

Evidently not.

But, “What do we talk about?”

What did they have to talk about?

Jiang Xu approached him and asked, “Has Cheng Yu taken you home?”

“Not yet.”

“When is he going to take you home?”
“I don’t know about that either.”

Jiang Xu frowned, “Xiao Lan, you can’t just wait, you have to take the initiative and let him take you home, otherwise how long will you have to stay with him? Wouldn’t that be an advantage to him?”

Lin An Lan nodded cooperatively, “But I can’t be too proactive, or Cheng Yu will think I’m scheming, right?”

Jiang Xu lowered his eyes. This was also true.

“So I’ll just have to stay put for now and wait for the right time.”

“But when is the right time going to be?”

“I don’t know, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” Lin An Lan persuaded him, “I can’t provoke him at this time and let all our efforts and energy go to waste.”

Jiang Xu also struggled with this problem, so he didn’t say anything and just sighed in annoyance.

Lin An Lan saw the agitation on his face and thought that he should be regretting at this moment. Tch, after making up such a script, he was now going to turn back on it in a minute.

“Therefore we have to put up with it, you still have to keep your distance from me.” Lin An Lan stated what he wanted.

As Jiang Xu listened to his words, he felt that he was really doing his best for him and was considerate and thoughtful.

There would never be another person in this world who would treat him like Lin An Lan, who would always stand by his side and help him without expecting anything in return, without caring about gains and losses.

He looked at Lin An Lan and said sincerely, “Xiao Lan, you are the person who treats me the best in this world.”

Then can you stop trying to ruin your Xiao Lan’s marriage?

What good is it to you to let your Xiao Lan be a single dog?!

Isn’t it great that he has a boyfriend who loves him with all his heart?

“You’re my best friend.” Lin An Lan said gently, “So naturally I’ll be good to you.”

Jiang Xu hugged him at his words.

Lin An Lan: !!!

Shocked, Lin An Lan pushed him away.

Jiang Xu was caught off guard by this push and was a bit surprised.

Lin An Lan looked at him in shock, thinking in his heart, If you have something to say, just say it, what are you doing getting physical?

“You…” Jiang Xu looked at him, puzzled, his eyes full of confusion.

Lin An Lan was even more puzzled than he was. Why was he looking at him like that!

Weren’t they just friends? Did friends hug each other like this?

It wasn’t as if they hadn’t seen each other for a long time which would warrant that they should have to hug each other.

“Why are you hugging me all of a sudden?”

Jiang Xu said innocently, “I’m just a little excited, that’s why I hugged you.”

Then he wondered, “But you, why are you so reactive?”

Lin An Lan:…

Lin An Lan had a lot of questions, but didn’t know how to ask him without showing that he had lost his memory, so he said, “I’m not used to it.”

Jiang Xu was silent for a moment, then his mind came up with something to help him fill in the reason, “Is it because Cheng Yu sometimes hugs you out of the blue, so you’re not used to it?”

What are you thinking? What’s wrong with my boyfriend hugging me? I even open my arms and hug him.

But Lin An Lan nodded his head in a cooperative manner.

Jiang Xu laughed instantly, his tone full of mockery, “He really can’t wait, but it’s obvious. He has wanted you for so long, so now that you’re finally his boyfriend, he can’t let go of this opportunity.”

He suddenly thought of something and went to Lin An Lan, grabbing his arm as he asked agitatedly, “He didn’t bully you or take advantage of you, did he?”

Lin An Lan:…

Lin An Lan blinked. Bro, did you not consider this when you wrote the script?

If you had truly followed the script you compiled, you would have asked me this question the first time you saw me, wouldn’t you? If not how are you going to show the supposed care and concern you have for me?

That’s why, if you’re not a professional writer, don’t make up a plot, see, it’s so full of holes, I have to pretend I don’t see it.


He was really worried that once he told Jiang Xu that hugging was nothing much, and that they had even driven up to Qiu Ming Mountain several times, Jiang Xu would have to show that he cared for him by cutting him off from Cheng Yu now, and from then on, he would hover around him every day under the guise of being good friends.

It wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t worth it, so it was better to go with the flow so he would leave him alone.

Jiang Xu was relieved when he heard that, “If not then that’s good.”

If Lin An Lan had been taken advantage of by Cheng Yu because of him, he would have regretted it and hated himself.

But his Xiao Lan was never one to compromise himself, so if it ever came to that, he would probably leave without a care in the world.

Besides, Cheng Yu had liked him for such a long time that he wouldn’t force him or make things difficult for him in terms of intimate contact.

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