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Chapter 25.1

Li Qingzhou was talking to Ge Yue about his new comic –[Into the trap].

As the face template, or archetype of the super-intelligent villain in a business romance comic, Li Qingzhou was very concerned about the direction of the comic.

–He wanted to be tyrannically insanely cool! He wanted to be the boss who was most difficult to deal with in the whole comic!

[One leaf Qingzhou: There is no more pushing of wheelchairs. Very soon, Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. is about to launch a new intelligent power wheelchair]

[The wheelchair will first incorporate some of the systems from the car’s smart AI, with intelligent voice control, remote start, brakes…..]

Ge Yue waited for Li Qingzhou to finish then instantly sent a series of ‘panda shock.jpg’ emojis.

[I’m a Martian: Worshipping the big guy! Blocking you in the washroom was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! Puppy is grateful.jpg…]

Li Qingzhou: “…..”

That was really not necessary.

[I’m a Martian: But I’m going to start serializing this comic soon, probably before the electric wheelchair actually goes on sale…..]

[If the information about the smart electric wheelchair appears in the comic first, won’t it affect your company?]

[Will there be any accidental disclosure of secrets…..]

[One leaf Qingzhou:….. There are no secrets, and if the publicity is in place, it would be a very good marketing tool.]

[I’m a Martian: OK, I get it then…]


As a famous comic book writer, Ge Yue naturally had a lot of followers on his Weibo account. They were about nine million and approaching the ten million mark.

Not to mention, his previous comic [Sky Juvenile], was being prepared for film and TV. And with this in the works, it was expected to increase his fan base again when it aired.

After all, the Ge family mainly run Xingyue Entertainment Company.

–Being a second generation rich kid, Ge Yue had no qualms about going confidently through the back door.

The film and television production of [Sky Juvenile] was being handled by Xingyue.

And a new comic from him, [Into the trap] was scheduled to be published.

As the time got closer and closer, many fans were waiting in anticipation, wanting to be the first in line!

[[Sky Juvenile] is a hot-blooded comic. I heard that the new comic [Into the trap] is a romance with a business war theme….. I don’t know if my wife is sure to draw it well this time. I’m a little bit apprehensive…..]

[But no matter what, I’m still rooting for my wife! You can do it, you can do it!]

[Although I’m also a bit worried, my wife’s drawing style is delicate and the characters are super beautiful. I get satisfied just by looking at it, the plot doesn’t matter hehehe.]

[Picking my nose.jpg. I don’t know how my wife, a man, can draw in such a detailed style, but I wonder what he looks like.]

Before the serial started, the comment section was full of small talk.

–From talking about the new comic to talking about Ms. Mars Hill’s looks, to Xingyue Entertainment Company’s eye for a good deal and buying the movie rights when Ms. Mars Hill’s comic first became a hit.

They had heard that it cost a lot of money.

Mars Hill’s comics were mainly published on Weibo.

At first it was updated on the app, but then it left because of copyright issues and disputes.

However, Ms. Mars Hill had a lot of money, so the other party ended up losing the case.

The fans were chatting about past gossip when,

Finally, the new comic was updated — and it was five pages in one go.

In a split second, the fans went silent, then boiling over with excitement, flocked to the comments section of the new comic.

After reading it, the enthusiasm poured out.

[On the last page of the comic, who is the beauty that appears at the end?! The one in the wheelchair!!! I declare, he’s the best looking character in the whole comic!]

[That guy seems to be a villain…..]

[It’s the villain that makes the plot so good! Especially his ‘ride’, it feels so smart…]

[Did you guys not notice the line at the end of the comic….. Isn’t that the company that was all over Weibo a while ago talking about making smart AI cars?!]

[What company? I didn’t notice, I’m going back to read it again.]

[I’m a plant, I’ve just read it, what’s going on? The smart wheelchair from the comic can be produced? And it’s going on sale?]

[No way, no way, no way right…..]

[Comics into reality….. or reality into comics?]

[If it’s true, then I kind of want to buy one….. To be honest, I, I have a leg disability and can’t walk…..]

[Sis-in-reading, heartfelt hugs to you.]

[But how did our wife get the information about this electric wheelchair? Does he know someone who works for that company, or a researcher or manager or something?]

[I noticed that my wife drew out the explanation of the wheelchair in a very detailed manner…..]


Ge Yue nodded in satisfaction as he watched the buzz about the smart electric wheelchair pick up, and then he posted a new post advertising the wheelchair.

Not surprisingly, the response was even more enthusiastic.

At that point, Li Qingzhou asked Fang Xiyan: “Does this count as me having saved money on advertising?”

Fang Xiyan nodded: “It’s a good way to advertise. There are already a lot of people asking for information on the company’s official website.”

“But on which platform will the smart electric wheelchair be sold?”

Li Qingzhou answered, “For offline sales, we have to immediately contact major hospitals, pharmacies, medical equipment shops to supply them. As for online sales…..”

He took control of the wheelchair, went to his desk, turned on his laptop and said to Fang Xiyan: “This is the latest website I have created. I’ll send the the app as well as the website address to you.”

“Get someone to promote it later. From now on, the company’s products will be sold on this website and app.”

“Okay, got it.” Fang Xiyan responded.

With the buzz surrounding the smart electric wheelchair continuing to grow, the website and app were quickly put in place, just waiting for the company’s launch.

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  1. The start of this chapter confused me quite a bit. Who is Ge Yue?
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    1. He’s that one friend MC made. The guy blocked him in front of toilet, he wants to have MC as a reference for his comic’s villain. Also, ML’s friend? Cousin? I don’t really remember (⁠•⁠ ⁠▽⁠ ⁠•⁠;⁠)

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