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Chapter 115.2 Help me to put the ring back on

Cheng Yu was dazed for a while before he remembered that they had made up, that Lin An Lan didn’t blame him and that he had officially become Lin An Lan’s boyfriend. Cheng Yu looked at him carefully with a smile on his face, not waking him up and not saying anything. He just watched him cherishingly.

Lin An Lan woke up a little late and after doing so, found that Cheng Yu seemed to have woken up early.

It was strange. When he was alone, he would wake up quite early every day, but once he was with Cheng Yu, he would wake up late for no reason.

Lin An Lan wasn’t sure why that was, but it wasn’t a big deal, so he didn’t care.

As he continued to lay in bed with Cheng Yu’s hand still on his waist, Cheng Yu asked him, “You’re awake?”

It had been like the six months that they had been together. Natural and warm, ordinary and peaceful.

Lin An Lan loved this down-to-earth happiness with it’s little bit of fireworks in the atmosphere. Ordinary, yet sweet and soft.

He nodded his head then moved closer to Cheng Yu whose body was as warm as he remembered.

In the days after he left Cheng Yu, every time he thought about him, he would remember the warmth of his body. He was so gentle that all his mistakes had been hidden under the sunlight he carried.

He had no way of hating Cheng Yu. His world had just been through a rainstorm but when he looked up, he saw the sunshine. Though this sunshine wasn’t supposed to be here, it still gave him warmth.

Lin An Lan lay in bed for a while before he finally sat up then got out of bed to wash up.

Cheng Yu washed his face in the bathroom outside the bedroom and seeing that Lin An Lan hadn’t come out yet, thought to himself then took his cell phone out excitedly, ready to announce to the world the good news that they were together.

He opened his WeChat group with Xu Sheng and Hua Rong then sent the message: [Happy News!!!! An An and I are back together, An An has forgiven me!]

Cheng Yu: [Hurry up and congratulate me!!]

Cheng Yu: [And here you guys were saying every day that we wouldn’t work out. Haven’t we worked out? No difficulty is insurmountable if one is sincere!]

Cheng Yu: [Are you guys awake?]

Seeing that no one in the group was responding, he started sending out his own red love envelopes.

[I wish me and An An to grow old together]

[May An An and I be happy for a long time]

[May An An and I get married soon]


As soon as Xu Sheng turned on his cell phone, all he saw were a series of red envelopes. After staring at them for a bit, he found that they were all from Cheng Yu, all his love wishes for he and Lin An Lan.

This child hadn’t gone crazy because he was lovelorn, right? Xu Sheng was very worried. This rain of red love envelopes, was it that he was praying with great concentration?

Then he shouldn’t pray in their group, he should go to a temple!

Sighing, he scrolled up, then saw Cheng Yu’s initial message that he and Lin An Lan were back together!

Xu Sheng: !!!!

F*CK!! They could still get back together after all that!!!

With how rational Lin An Lan was, it was fine even if he didn’t kill him or sue him for deceiving him, but he actually made up with him and just accepted him?!

This was really true f*cking love!

Xu Sheng felt that he believed in love again!

To be able to turn a legal show into a love show, what was it if not true love?!

Xu Sheng: [Powerful! Awesome! Ah Yu, you are a role model of love for my group! Lin An Lan is much more good-natured and easy to talk to than I thought. And here I thought he not suing you in this life was him being the most gentle to you.]

Cheng Yu was very proud: [Of course. My An An was originally already exceptionally good-natured and very easy to talk to. But of course, it’s only limited to me!]

Xu Sheng: [Limited to you?]

Cheng Yu: [Jiang Xu lied to him and he simply just ignored him. Doesn’t this show that it’s only limited to me?!]

Xu Sheng: [!!! F*ck, is this the legendary double standard? This is seriously wonderful. Turning around after your downturn period, it’s finally your turn to be favored.]

Cheng Yu also felt that it was seriously very wonderful.

When he had previously watched Lin An Lan say that he would never see Jiang Xu again, he’d had the feeling that when the time came, he would be even worse off than Jiang Xu.

But now, he had not only come back to life, he and Lin An Lan were even together!

What a blessing. Cheng Yu thought to himself, he had never dared to dream of such a possibility!

Cheng Yu: [Cut the crap, hurry up and congratulate me!]

Xu Sheng: [Happy New Wedding! I wish that you two will be happy and prosperous! May you be together forever, don’t ever break up again!]

Cheng Yu: [We are not yet newlyweds.]

Xu Sheng: [With the state you’re in, you’re almost there.]

What nonsense are you saying when you know that it’s the truth!

Cheng Yu: [This is reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds!]

Xu Sheng: [Getting back together beats getting engaged, I get it!]

Hua Rong who appeared silently: [Yes, we all get it.]

Cheng Yu: [Where’s your congratulations?]

Yawning, Hua Rong sent: [Happy New Wedding, get married early, don’t break up again.]

Cheng Yu: [Don’t worry, there won’t be any more breakups! I won’t break up even if I’m beaten to death!]

Then that was good, Hua Rong thought to himself, because he knew that with the way Lin An Lan was, he would definitely not beat him to death.

Hua Rong: [It wasn’t easy, so just stay together well. It’s a rare occurrence that he’s even willing to forgive you. It’s seriously unexpected.]

Cheng Yu instantly puffed up: [It’s because of love! It’s because he loves me!]

Hua Rong couldn’t help but laugh: [I’ll order the song ‘Because it’s love’ for you. Fall in love well.]

Cheng Yu was about to say something else when Lin An Lan came out of his bedroom.

He immediately put away his phone then asked him, “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

“There’s no rush.” Lin An Lan said in response then took the medicine he had given Cheng Yu yesterday, “Take your medicine first.”

Cheng Yu could only sit down and take his medicine obediently.

After he finished taking the medicine, Lin An Lan grabbed a handful of candy for him as usual. Cheng Yu reached out to take them, but then noticed that underneath the brightly colored candy wrappers was the ring he had given Lin An Lan, looking plain and understated.

He looked up at Lin An Lan and saw that Lin An Lan was looking at him with curved eyebrows, “I had work before, so I took it off. But now that you’re here, put it back on for me.”

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