I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 91.1

Lin An Lan helped him put the ring on and Cheng Yu watched, his gaze soft after which he returned to his seat and began to eat his dinner.

The next day, the two of them cleaned Cheng Yu’s house.

When they were done cleaning the house, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were tired, so they ordered takeaway and leaned back on the sofa to rest.

Cheng Yu rested for two to three days and then went on a road show in another city.

Discreetly taking off his ring, he put it around his neck, and then tucked it into his jumper.

A lady at one of the stations noticed that he was wearing a necklace, but she couldn’t see it. Only that it was a thin, shiny necklace.

This was Cheng Yu’s last roadshow before the year ended. The remaining two roadshows were after the new year begun, after the movie was released.

After he finished the roadshow, he informed the crew about his plans for the rest of the year, politely indicating that he might not be able to attend.

Sun Meng also spoke to the crew about the roadshow before the end of the year and as the roadshow after the new year begun wasn’t included, the crew had no objections.

They all wished each other a happy new year and then left the hotel.

Sun Meng asked him, “Are you going home for New Year’s Eve?”

“Which year don’t I go home for New Year’s Eve?”

“What about your mother’s side?”

“Of course I’m going too, otherwise why would I tell the director that I’m not available?”

He hadn’t seen many members of the Yu family for almost a year, and New Year’s Eve was always the best time for an extended family to bond.

No matter how good or bad the relationship was, most families would get together during New Year’s Eve.

“You can take a holiday.” Cheng Yu said with a smile, “Before the 15th of the first month, you shouldn’t have anything else to do.”

“That’s quite good.” Sun Meng stretched his back, “I can finally go home too.”

“Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year to you too.”

Cheng Yu graciously gave Sun Meng and Wang Cheng a big red envelope.

Never having seen such a large red envelope before, Wang Cheng cheered loudly, “Cheng Ge, I’ll follow you for life, whoever lets go first is a dog!”

Cheng Yu: “…… After not seeing you for a few days, you’ve really gotten bold.”

Wang Cheng instantly changed his slogan, “Long live Yu Lan. Next year is also the year to fight for Yu Lan.”

Cheng Yu was immediately satisfied, “Take a break, pay attention to the group, don’t worry about the Super Talk.”

“Okay.” Wang Cheng gave him a salute.

Cheng Yu said goodbye to the two of them before rushing back home in his car.

As the year drew to a close, Lin An Lan noticed that Jiang Xu, who had been quiet for a few days, started to get restless again.

Before these two days, Jiang Xu had been maintaining his daily text messages harassing him three times a day in the morning, afternoon and night, but from the start of these two days, the number of times Jiang Xu sent text messages rose significantly, and he even changed his number to call him several times.

Once, he thought it was a delivery man but when he answered the call, he found that it was Jiang Xu which made him so angry that he hung up on the spot.

Listening to the familiar beep from his phone again, Lin An Lan didn’t even have to hazard a guess to know that it was definitely Jiang Xu.

It was almost New Year’s Eve and Jiang Xu wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with him. In previous years, they had spent New Year’s Eve together, so this year, Jiang Xu wanted to do the same as before.

This was also the reason why he had started to harass Lin An Lan more frequently in the last two days.

However, Lin An Lan didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve with him. He had already agreed with Cheng Yu that they would spend New Year’s Eve together, so if he added Jiang Xu to the mix, what did that count as?

Wasn’t that clearly giving Cheng Yu a hard time and making him upset?

Lin An Lan thought it wasn’t necessary. If Jiang Xu was alone for New Year’s Eve, it might be a little miserable, but since he wanted his father so much, he could go and find Cheng Feng to spend New Year’s Eve with, or at least watch Cheng Feng from afar.

It was better than him joining them.

He still cared in the end. Jiang Xu had seen Cheng Feng more than once behind his back, but hadn’t told him once.

If he had only met Cheng Feng once during their freshman year, he would have been able to say that he was only a first-time offender and be considerate and forgive him for the sake of his lack of family.

But from Cheng Yu’s words, after he had graduated from university and started his acting career, he still went to see Cheng Feng.

He himself knew it was wrong, that was why he didn’t tell him and why he denied it when he had asked him himself that day.

But Lin An Lan didn’t like this feeling.

Who would like to be lied to?

Especially after being lied to for so long.

Maybe the university Lin An Lan had been happy that his best friend hadn’t gone to his parents.

Thinking that he could grow up to be a very good person despite his ignoble origins.

But reality had slapped him hard in the face and from the beginning to the end, what he thought was just that –a thought –Jiang Xu had long since crossed that line, he just didn’t know it.

Sighing, Lin An Lan replied to Jiang Xu: [Stop texting me and go find Cheng Feng for New Year’s Eve. You’re his son, you guys are family, so you should spend New Year’s Eve together.]

Jiang Xu was so frightened by his response that he sent this back immediately: [I have no relationship with him and I really never saw him again. Xiao Lan, we have always spent New Year’s Eve together, always].

Lin An Lan ignored him again and seriously listed down the New Year’s Eve items he wanted to buy, planning to go shopping with Cheng Yu when he returned.

Cheng Yu returned a little late; it was already dark, and Lin An Lan had eaten.

“Have you eaten?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I have, what about you?”

“I’ve eaten too.”

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  1. LAL is so heartless… His implacable personality is a little distressing. Even though he knows that he used to love JX as his dearest friend, he is unwilling to trust his former self or reserve judgement. Perfection or nothing!

    I hope as part of his journey he learns to be more forgiving and value the people who love him more. •́ ‿ ,•̀

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