I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 147.2 I care about him more than you do

“I don’t believe lovers should hide such important matters from each other, so I will tell him, but I also know I can’t send someone of Cheng Xiao’s status, age and position to jail. Of course, I also don’t plan on letting him go to jail. I don’t want to start a feud with you.”

“If it weren’t for Cheng Yu, I wouldn’t care about all this considerations. Even if I had to risk everything, I would ruin his reputation and even if I couldn’t put him in jail I would still make him pay the price accordingly. But if it weren’t for Cheng Yu, we wouldn’t have had any dealings with each other, so the only thing that connects us, is Cheng Yu.”

“For Cheng Yu’s sake, I won’t pursue this matter further and I won’t let him pursue it either, but I also hope you can keep your promise. Maybe next time I won’t be so lucky or maybe I’ll still be able to escape, but at that time, I will make him pay the price.”

“President Cheng, to be honest, just as you and your father don’t like me, I don’t like you or your family very much either. In my eyes, whether it’s you or your family, you’ve never been a plus for Cheng Yu. In fact, you are a hindrance to him. But since I love him and plan to marry him, I will try to understand and tolerate you. You look down on our love and think that our love is nothing. You love him more as a father, but have you ever tried to understand and tolerate us?”

“Have you tried to tolerate me like how I tolerate your father who hired a hitman? Have you tried to understand Cheng Yu like how I understand the difficulties Cheng Yu faces as both a lover and a grandson? Could it be that I’m really not afraid of death? Who isn’t? Is your promise really worth believing in? In the end, it’s just because I don’t want things to be difficult for Cheng Yu.”

“I care about him more than you do and of course, he also cares more about me. It’s that simple. You should be able to understand that.”

“I’m hoping that this is the first and last time. I’m willing to trust you, but I hope you’re trustworthy.”

After he was done speaking, Lin An Lan hung up.

Holding the phone, Cheng Feng sat quietly in his study.

He remembered the day he had met Lin An Lan again. He had been calm and collected as he sat opposite him, talking to him in a calm tone.

He hadn’t really thought that Lin An Lan liked Cheng Yu very much. If he did, he would have been with Cheng Yu years ago. Otherwise why else would he make his son love him secretly for eight years before finally turning around and condescending to look at him?

In Lin An Lan’s eyes, Jiang Xu had always been the most important, not Cheng Yu.

He had always stayed by Jiang Xu’s side, had grown up with him and had been his good friend. Cheng Yu could only look at him from a distance and even when he took the initiative to approach him, Lin An Lan wouldn’t pay much attention to him.

He probably, didn’t like Cheng Yu very much.

But now, Cheng Feng thought that maybe he was wrong.

Although he didn’t know what exactly had happened between them, what Lin An Lan had said was true: who wasn’t afraid of death? After experiencing such a dangerous situation, after almost dying in a car accident, he could still tell him calmly on the first day after escaping that he wouldn’t pursue it. He didn’t believe his promise, but he didn’t want things to be difficult for Cheng Yu.

Looking inwards, Cheng Feng realized he couldn’t do what Lin An Lan had asked, ‘tried to tolerate me like how I tolerate your father who hired a hitman?’ He was selfish. It wasn’t that he didn’t know that Lin An Lan was Cheng Yu’s lover, he just closed his eyes to his identity and didn’t acknowledge him as such.

And Lin An Lan didn’t acknowledge them either. He just didn’t want things to be difficult for Cheng Yu.

For the first time, Cheng Feng took a formal and serious close look at this person.

He had never truly loved anyone in his life. The ones he loved the most were Yu Hanshuang and Cheng Yu, however they were both far less important than he himself was. He didn’t understand what it was like for Cheng Yu to have been in love with Lin An Lan secretly for eight years, nor did he understand Lin An Lan, who knew everything and who clearly didn’t believe him or like him, yet was still willing to be with Cheng Yu.

He had lived for most of his life, enjoying the love of many people. He looked down on love and didn’t think it was important, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that he didn’t really understand love.

All he had ever sought, were the pleasures of a romantic relationship and the security of starting a family. He had never loved anyone passionately nor had he been loved passionately by anyone.

Those women who claimed to love him were only after his money, just as he liked them only for their looks.

Perhaps only Yu Hanshuang had truly loved him, not because of money or looks, but because he was Cheng Feng, her husband. But later on, even she didn’t love him anymore.

Neither he nor his wife were people who were particularly deeply affectionate, yet they gave birth to Cheng Yu, who was so affectionate and unreasonably passionate.

Perhaps this was fate.

Putting the phone on the table, he looked out the window. He only had one son, Cheng Yu, so no matter what Cheng Yu did, when it came to the issue of the inheritance of the Cheng family, he would support his son unconditionally.

Which was why he didn’t like what his father had said last night. Who, in the Cheng family was worthy of being compared to Cheng Yu?

His son was so outstanding. Other than him, who else was qualified to take over the large conglomerate that was the Cheng Group?

It had to be Cheng Yu, it could only be Cheng Yu.

He could put Lin An Lan aside for the time being, but nobody could touch Cheng Yu’s interests, not even his father.

After hanging up the call with Cheng Feng, Lin An Lan called Cheng Yu and asked him out to dinner.

Cheng Yu vaguely felt that something was off about this dinner, but he still informed Yu Heng and prepared to go meet him.

“Go ahead. I was originally planning to have dinner with you today, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” Yu Heng told him.


“Aren’t you going to ask me why I want to have dinner with you?”

Cheng Yu looked at him in askance, “With the way you’re saying it, is it good news?”

Yu Heng nodded, “Things on Wang Dong’s side have been resolved.”

“Really?” Cheng Yu was pleasantly surprised.

Yu Heng nodded.

Cheng Yu was overjoyed, “I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow. Big brother, you’ve worked hard. Wait for me.”

“Okay.” Yu Heng smiled, “Go ahead, Lin An Lan is waiting for you. Don’t keep him waiting for too long.”

Nodding, Cheng Yu left the company.

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