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Chapter 121.2 Yu Lan, Jianglin PK, Yu Lan cp wins!

Very well, Wang Cheng was a Yu Lan poison fan 1poison fan – a fan of one particular member of a pop idol band who denigrates and defames the other members, but in this case Wang Cheng only thinks that except Lin An Lan, no one is worthy of Cheng Yu.. Cheng Yu thought to himself that he, this assistant, was very clever at times like this.

After Lin An Lan finished going through the documents Zhuo Siya sent to him, he stretched out and leaned back in the chair.

Zhuo Siya: [Still haven’t found a script you like?]

Lin An Lan responded, [En, I will wait a bit longer]

Zhuo Siya: [That’s all we can do.]

Lin An Lan exited their chat box then saw that Jiang Xu had sent him a new message.

This time, the message was long and Jiang Xu had reviewed himself in depth, stating that he had recognized his mistake and that it would never happen again.

Lin An Lan read it patiently, thought about it, then in a rare move, replied: [It’s good that you know you did wrong, just don’t do it again and don’t send me any more messages, I’m very busy lately. I don’t have time and I won’t go see you.]

Jiang Xu: [Is it okay if I come to see you? Just ten minutes, we’ll just talk.]

Lin An Lan: [It’s not okay.]

After he was done saying this, he exited the app, not bothering with Jiang Xu again.

At the beginning of March, ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’ finally reached the island episode and Jiang Xu’s appearance managed to boost the show’s ratings and airplay, which were already increasing steadily again.

The moment Jiang Xu appeared in the preview, Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu’s cp fans were thrilled to see them together again after more than half a year, shouting in the group, “Jianglin is finally back together. If Jiang Ge doesn’t come out, the Yu Lan fans next door will really think they are the rightful empress.”

“Heh, when our Jianglin was on the rise, where was Yu Lan?”

“To put it bluntly, isn’t it just Cheng Yu’s sticking to him? He’s so great at sticking to people and An An treats him like that. How is he as happy as when he’s with our Jiang Ge?”

“After all, Jiang Ge and An An are old friends and Cheng Yu is merely an old classmate. Everyone knows, between classmates and friends, which is more important.”

“That’s right, if you ask me, Jiang Ge must have been invited by An An to be on this show.”

“It must be because Jiang Ge was jealous of Cheng Yu because he is always sticking to An An, that’s why An An invited him to be on the show to appease him. I knew just that An An still cares about our Jiang Ge the most.”

“Just wait. You Yu Lan fans should hurry up and cherish your last happiness, because it’s time for An An to tell them who his true love is tonight.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, I so want to watch it soon, I can’t wait!”

Jianglin fans were confident, while Yu Lan fans were full of worries.

“Heavens, the ashura field, I’m so scared.”

“I’m worried too. Will An An still pick Cheng Ge to form a team of two? Jiang Xu is a newcomer and An An’s best friend, so An An might pick him just to take care of him.”

“Stop it, stop it, I can already imagine it. If that happens, the Jianglin fans next door will be mocking Yu Yu for sticking to An An when obviously our Yu Yu and An An are a double arrow 2double arrow means two people like each other. and An An cares for Yu Yu. How can it turn into him sticking to him? Bah!”

“Isn’t that what they do? They think Jiang Xu is An An’s true love and that other than Jiang Xu, it’s all about the other person sticking to An An. What a joke. With Cheng Ge’s popularity and resources, does he need to stick to people? It’s Jiang Xu who is really sticking to others; he’s not as popular as An An and his resources are not as good as An An’s, but he still forces to be tied to An An.”

“I hope An An will continue to choose Cheng Ge. Although I know it’s impossible, I still hope humbly.”

“Ai, I just hope An An will at least hesitate and in the post-pick, say something about it, otherwise the tulip girls will be furious and think Cheng Ge has seriously given his love to the wrong person.”

“Woo woo woo, it’s too difficult for us Yu Lan fans!”

“It’s too difficult, woo woo woo.”

When the people on the forum saw this, someone quickly opened a poll post– ‘Who will Lin An Lan pick to team up with tonight for ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, Jiang Xu or Cheng Yu? Come in and vote!’

“I pick Jiang Xu. He’s been close to Lin An Lan since he joined the entertainment industry and they are both confirmed old friends.”

“Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan are the ones who are confirmed old classmates, so I think it’s Cheng Yu.”

“Wait, then does this mean that Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu know each other? If so, then why can’t Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu choose each other?”

“Upstairs you make a tiny bit of sense.”

“I still think it’s going to be Jiang Xu. Jiang Xu is a newcomer and he’s not familiar with the others because he just joined them, but he knows Lin An Lan. Lin An Lan will definitely not embarrass him, so he will definitely be chosen.”

“+1 upstairs.”

“Joining the queue, upstairs.”

“Voting for Jiang Xu. Sure enough, more people chose Jiang Xu ha ha ha.”

“Jianglin is still very stable, ha ha ha ha.”

“I’m with Cheng Yu, so I’ll sit back and wait for tonight’s ashura field!”

“The programme team is too good. The ratings will definitely shoot up tonight.”

Cheng Yu gave a mocking laugh as he looked on, then silently voted for himself.

“I still prefer Yu Lan. Yu Lan is obviously sweeter.”

Just wait, I’ll let you know tonight, which pair is the sweetest cp!

At 10pm, netizens who had been waiting for the show all day finally saw it officially air, and then they were filled with excitement to see the lightning fast face slap content. In the first round of mutual selection, Lin An Lan chose Cheng Yu without hesitation, and in the post-pick, didn’t show that he had wanted to choose Jiang Xu at all.

Netizens were shocked: “This …… this, he didn’t even feel tangled?”

“I thought Lin An Lan had a better relationship with Jiang Xu, but now it seems obvious that he has a better relationship with Cheng Yu.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I told you Yu Lan had a better relationship, these two are obviously sweeter.”

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