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Chapter 127.2 Cheng Yu’s plan, Zhou Yan comes to pick a fight

Lin An Lan was relieved to hear Zhao Peng Hai shout ‘pass’ and ended his scene with Meng Tingyun.

Even though Meng Tingyun was a newcomer, even though he was very fluent in speaking his lines in private, he was still inevitably nervous in the face of so many cameras in the studio and so had stumbled over a simple scene five times before finally passing.

Meng Tingyun bowed at Zhao Peng Hai then hurriedly followed Lin An Lan again, apologizing shyly, “Lin Ge, I’m sorry. I was too nervous that’s why I didn’t perform well, dragging you down for so long for nothing.”

“It’s alright.” Lin An Lan said politely, “It’s normal. You’re a newcomer and have no experience in filming, so it’s normal for you to be nervous.”

Meng Tingyun felt that he was really gentle. Looking at Lin An Lan, he whispered, “Lin Ge, you’re so nice. I’m so lucky to have met a senior like you in my first movie.”

He said it sincerely and happily, that Lin An Lan smiled back, sort of accepting his compliment.

Yang Wang looked at Meng Tingyun who had followed Lin An Lan back like a little tail to say a few words before leaving and laughed, “Lin Ge, he’s quite clingy to you.”

“He hasn’t done filming before and I’m the one who has the most scenes with his character in the movie this time. He’s asked me questions and I’ve answered them for him, that’s why he’s naturally and unconsciously close to me because I’m the only one that he’s sort of barely familiar with.” Lin An Lan explained.

Yang Wang nodded, “That’s because his luck is good. Not many seniors are as approachable as you are.”

Lin An Lan took a sip of water, “I’m just okay.”

Crouching down beside him, Yang Wang leaned in close and whispered, “But Lin Ge, I’m guessing Meng Tingyun probably has some status and background.”

“How so?”

“Li He’s role, being young, is with the main character even though the scenes are small, so there were many new male actors aged 16 to 22, or the more muddled kind of actors who auditioned for the role. Meng Tingyun wasn’t actually Director Zhao’s first choice, but in the end, he was the one who was chosen. I heard someone say that it was because an investor named him that Director Zhao finally decided on him.”

“Of course, these are all things I’ve heard, so they might not be necessarily true. I just remembered it, that’s why I’m telling you.”

Lin An Lan nodded slightly, “I understand.”

This kind of thing was actually normal. When children from rich families wanted to be stars, they would get their uncles or relatives to invest in a drama then give themselves a small supporting role. It was a common thing in the entertainment industry and not worth mentioning.

What’s more, Meng Tingyun was kind of open-minded and learned easily, without the kind of bullying and overbearing traits that came with people who added capital in order to join the crew, so he could also be considered worthy of this role.

“Buy me some snacks.” Lin An Lan picked up the script and flipped through it while saying to Yang Wang, “I’m a bit hungry and want to eat something. See if there are any delicious takeaways.”

“Okay.” Yang Wang immediately opened his takeaway app.

Then Lin An Lan asked him to place a large order after he had made his selection, intending to treat everyone in the crew to a snack.

After waiting for a while, the snacks were finally delivered and Yang Wang called a crew member to help him share the snacks with the rest of the cast. Xu Xiuying and Meng Tingyun even came over to thank him for the snacks to which Lin An Lan replied with a ‘You’re welcome’ gently. After they left, he continued to read his script.

But a short while later, Zhou Yan also arrived.

Zhou Yan was obviously in a good mood today as he was smiling when he saw him, “Xiao Lin, did you have that pastry delivered just now? It’s quite delicious.”

Lin An Lan didn’t like him very much, so he just said politely in a perfunctory manner, “Zhou Ge, it’s good that you like it.”

Zhou Yan sat down beside him, “I quite like it. Yes, we have a scene this afternoon, don’t we? So let’s practice some lines together first to save problems.”


When it came to work, Lin An Lan wouldn’t refuse.

Zhou Yan had obviously already memorized his lines, which was why he came to him empty-handed, so Lin An Lan simply put his script aside as well.

Zhou Yan asked him, “Xiao Lin, aren’t you going to read the script?”


Lin An Lan said calmly, “Let’s start.”

When he finished saying this, his expression instantly changed and he said with fierce eyes, “You killed her.”

Unprepared, Zhou Yan was taken aback by his expression, but quickly reacted, knowing that he was saying Li Hao’s lines. Adjusting himself hurriedly, he replied, “I didn’t.”

“You killed her.” Li Hao said emphatically, “You killed her, you killed your wife, my sister, with your own hands!”

Lin An Lan’s emotions rose to the forefront instantly.

Pressured by Li Hao, Zhou Yan’s emotions followed very naturally as he made non-stop excuses, “No, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want her to die.”

The two of them were so emotionally charged that some people unknowingly looked towards them and then were secretly surprised: They couldn’t believe that Lin An Lan’s acting skills were no worse than Zhou Yan’s. Zhou Yan had won the Best Supporting Actor award, but Lin An Lan was actually on par with him. No wonder Director Zhao chose him as the main actor.

Lin An Lan and Zhou Yan finished a scene, which eased their emotions. As Yang Wang had seen Lin An Lan say a long string of lines, he immediately handed him water, “Lin Ge, drink some water to moisten your throat.”

Taking it, Lin An Lan drank it with his head down.

Zhou Yan looked at him with some displeasure in his heart. He actually had his own selfish motives for taking this role. He was a good actor but had never been popular, so when he heard Zhao Peng Hai say that the lead role this time was Lin An Lan, Zhou Yan and his agent almost instantly thought of how to step on Lin An Lan to get to the top.

A traffic actor’s acting skills had always been a common problem, and with the fact that Lin An Lan had always acted in dramas before and that he was a movie actor, wouldn’t it be easy to beat Lin An Lan?

The only important male characters in this drama were him, Lin An Lan and Meng Tingyun, who played Li He. Meng Tingyun was a newcomer and Lin An Lan was a traffic actor, so he was the only one who was a real actor. Therefore, wouldn’t this highlight his excellent acting skills and make him stand out?

Zhou Yan and his agent had discussed the role in less than three hours then decided to take it. They had even come up with the name of the script– ‘Breaking Dawn’ box office hit, Zhou Yan acting skills overpower Lin An Lan!

If the movie exploded at the box office, he would brag about his performance; if it flopped at the box office, the public would only scold Lin An Lan for not being able to carry the box office.

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